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Why Is A Check Valve Required For An Aquarium?

September 4, 2019

Aquarism is a growing habitat in our homeland — a hobby (and for some — a lifetime) associated with creating, modeling and improving an entire aquatic ecosystem with your own hands for one aquarium.

This hobby requires hard work and a certain amount of technical know-how, since creating a closed ecosystem and maintaining its livelihood is impossible without specific equipment.

An indispensable mechanism is the solenoid valve of the air pump, which controls and regulates the operation of the air supply system.

Features and Purpose

The CO2 supply system is an essential attribute of an aquarium in which there are plants, because without which they do not receive enough oxygen and begin to wither. It goes without saying that it is needed by the “inhabitants” themselves – the fish.

For the CO2 maintenance system, two important components can be distinguished: the solenoid valve for the aquarium and the check valve.

The solenoid valve is used for the CO2 aquarium system to regulate the supply of carbon dioxide, as the need for plants in CO2 is only in the daytime (well, or directly connected with the aquarium lighting system).

Structurally, such an aquarium valve is a body on which the valve is located. It either opens the gas supply, or it blocks it, if necessary.

The mechanism is actuated by an electromagnet (a coil with a winding on which an electromagnetic field is created when current is applied).

Why Is A Check Valve Required For An Aquarium?

Another task is performed by an aquarium check valve – it is designed to prevent water from entering the inside of the CO2 pump.

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The fact is that (as we remember from school chemistry) CO2 is highly soluble in water, unlike air.

And, accordingly, the water can perfectly move along the CO2 supply pipe, and much higher than the level of the aquarium itself. Well, the ingress of water inside the water pump is extremely undesirable.

Check valve for water pump in aquarium

This is precisely the difference between the aeration system (where there is no need to install a check valve for an aquarium pump) and the CO2 supply system, where it is needed.

Valve device

The device of the check valve of the water pump is very simple: a tube having a valve and having a capacity only in one direction.

With proper movement of the flow, the damper opens (since it can open only in one – the right – side).

But if the pressure on it disappears, or arises, but applied from the opposite side (i.e., if the flow direction changes), the damper will immediately close, thus blocking the cross section of the assembly.

The solenoid valve for the aquarium has the following main characteristics:

  • voltage;
  • operating pressure;
  • the number of outputs for thread;
  • thread;
  • length Width Height.

The main indicators of the above characteristics vary from the volume of the aquarium, which is necessary to ensure the supply of CO2.

The second valve for the aquarium, most often, is part of the CO2 system, but in its absence it can be purchased.

The nuances of choice

The market is full of offers of this kind – now many people have an aquarium like at home, as well as offices or offices. And there are both domestic and foreign companies for sale.

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You can select among the whole set:

  • Aqua Szut;
  • Tetra;
  • Atman;
  • Ferplast;
  • ODE;
  • Camozzi (Italy);
  • Eheim;
  • Dennerle (Germany);
  • Hagen (Canada).

A number of them are popular in many countries.

Aquarium check valve

For example – the solenoid valve for the Camozzi aquarium (Italy) today is most prevalent among aquarium enthusiasts, due to its quality and durability.

The price range of solenoid valves is quite large, but it all depends on what kind of end product the buyer wants to receive.

You can buy an Camozzi aquarium valve (Italy) for 5 or 255, but when buying, you should take into account all the influencing factors: the volume of the aquarium, additional equipment to be used, the number of inhabitants, the number of plants.

It is also easy to buy a check valve for the Camozzi aquarium (Italy), especially considering that its cost most often moves between 1 for a “Chinese” and 10 for a quality “European” with a name.

It all depends on how much you will not regret paying for such a product. Models Camozzi (Italy), having good quality, will cost about 3-4.

Creating a valve with your own hands (video)

The nuances of editing

Now we mention how to properly install such an important mechanism with your own hands.

It should first of all be noted that it is irreplaceable only if the water pump in your aquarium is located below the water level (for example, in the nightstand, under the aquarium).

The very process of installing Camozzi (Italy) looks something like this:

Why Is A Check Valve Required For An Aquarium?
  1. The hose through which air enters is cut. This can be done at any place. It is advisable – before the hose enters the aquarium itself.
  2. After checking the direction of work (there must necessarily be a mark on the body indicating how exactly the installation is required to be done by hand), the valve is installed at the incision sites.