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Why Do You Need An Air Pump In The Aquarium, What Are The Types, How To Clean And Care For It

August 3, 2019

For normal functioning of the aquarium and proper habitat of aquatic individuals, it is necessary to properly equip the tank.

Aquarium fish constantly need oxygen, therefore, this problem must be solved with the help of aids.

Plants grown on the bottom or surface of the tank are not capable of providing the proper amount of oxygen, so a high-quality air pump for the aquarium comes to the rescue.

How to choose a silent pump?

The main criterion when choosing a pump becomes its noise level during operation. The silent water pump is a pledge of a quiet supply of oxygen for fish, which is important if there is a small child at home who is in need of daytime sleep.

Why Do You Need An Air Pump In The Aquarium, What Are The Types, How To Clean And Care For It

If the water is constantly in a fixed state, over time it will become a standing swamp, giving off an unpleasant smell.

Such conditions for the maintenance of fish are not acceptable, therefore, it is recommended to purchase a quiet and reliable pump.

The main selection criteria for the device:

    Device Type: piston or membrane.

The latter option works on the principle of passing air through a membrane, which allows it to move in one direction and does not cause noise.

However, this type of pump has low power. In a piston device, the air is pushed out with the help of a piston, due to which oxygen is supplied with a small noise level.
Select a brand. Today, water / water pumps are offered by manufacturers such as Aquarium Systems NeWair, Ferplast, Hydor and others.

Products made by German manufacturers are widely popular for their high quality.
Type of instalation. The pump can be attached outside and be external or work directly inside and be submersible.

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This criterion determines the level of noise: the internal pump will be quieter.
Type of battery. Variants of devices are produced in two types – on batteries or on a 220 V power supply.

The first type is convenient in that it can always be moved to another place of the room along with the aquarium. network powered water pumps are more powerful.

They are suitable for small and for a large tank. The product package contains check valves and sprayers.

The cost of this option is high, however, peace of mind, silence in the house and the lifespan of the fish is more expensive.

How to install a pump with your own hands?

Make a silent water pump with your own hands. This will require wooden boards, screws, polyurethane foam, aluminum sheets and washers.

A lathe will be required for manufacturing, so if the listed tools and materials are not available, it is better to purchase a ready-made electric pump for pumping water.

Note! It is necessary to use the instruction for assembly and installation of the water pump supplied.

If it is missing, use the tips below.

The Barbus air water pump, named after the aquarium of the same name, perfectly proved itself.

Before you install the pump on the tank, check – it must be disconnected from the network. It is recommended to turn on the device into the socket only after full fixation.

Fixing the water pump on the aquarium is quite simple. First you need to fix its outer part on the tank.

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To do this, place it on a special shelf or place it on the lid of the aquarium.

Some water pumps for fish have suction cups, which allows you to securely fix the device on the side wall

The outer part of the circulating device must be positioned so that the hose and sprayer are at the bottom.

This is important for the continuous provision of aeration. Experienced aquarists recommend using a pump sprayer to reduce bubble sizes.

Depending on the type of device, they can be round, oblong, dual-channel or standard.

This determines the type of installation. Self-made water pump is fixed in a similar way.

How often should work?

To maintain the normal functioning of the fish, it is important to properly use the water pump.

Why Do You Need An Air Pump In The Aquarium, What Are The Types, How To Clean And Care For It

Many fish lovers are interested in how to make the pump work silently if it is constantly buzzing? The answer is simple – it must be correctly installed.

Consider how the device works and its frequency of use:

  1. During feeding fish filter and vodoshny pump better off. Then the food will not get stuck in the far corners of the tank, rot, worsening the aquarium microflora.
  2. water pump must be periodically removed for cleaning. Cleaning should occur as far as contamination occurs; if this is not done, an unpleasant odor will form.
  3. Pump With a voltage of 12 volts will be relevant for large aquariums, so it will work more than a mini pump. Such a unit is recommended to be cleaned more often.
  4. Many wondering how often to turn off the tank and whether it can be turned off at night.
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The answer lies in the behavior of fish: if it is noticed that individuals swallow air from the surface of the water – oxygen blowing is obligatory.

It is necessary to know how to take care of the water pump: during cleaning it is important to pay attention to each element of the unit so that during operation there will be no breakdowns.

Important! Newbies in breeding fish are often interested in the question, how long should the water pump work?

The work of the product should be carried out around the clock to avoid the appearance of harmful bacteria.

For transportation of fish over long distances, you can use a manual water pump – this is a homemade version of the product, capable of supporting aeration at any time.