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Why Do You Need An Air Pump In The Aquarium, What Are The Types, How To Clean And Care For It

July 30, 2019

Today hobby and breeding aquarium fish has become popular. But not all novice aquarists know what a water pump is for, and how to install it correctly for normal operation.

The air pump for an aquarium is called an aerator.

Without this device, water is polluted by waste products, dust and debris. If there is no water pump in the aquarium, the polluted water will cause the occurrence of diseases in aquatic creatures.

How it works: air enters the tank through the tubes installed at the bottom of the aquarium.

When ingested, air is converted into bubbles that enriches water and destroys films and debris on the surface. Air pressure levels the temperature in the tank.


  1. Adjustable (manual).
  2. Unregulated.

Adjustable aerator can be:

  1. Electronic. These devices are convenient, but impractical. The electronic board heats up quickly.
  2. Mechanical.

Separate type of aerator – This is a water pump with overlapping of the lead tube

This is the most popular option among aquarists. Regulation of oxygen supply occurs due to valve overlap.

The unregulated water aerator has several disadvantages:

  1. The inability to control power.
  2. Noisy operation of the device.
  3. Large power consumption.

Table: Varieties

Membrane aerator is powered by electricity. The electric device is hardy, consumes a small amount of electricity.

It is powerful, but very buzzing, so not everyone wants to install it in a residential area

Aerators are divided by feeding method. Electric work from a network (220 V). There are devices that run on batteries.

They are expensive and are used by people in rare cases (power outages, frequent trips with fish).

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Such water pumps have low power, they make a lot of noise all the time. On average, the battery lasts for 5-6 hours.

Why Do You Need An Air Pump In The Aquarium, What Are The Types, How To Clean And Care For It

Water pump installation consists of:

  1. Aerator
  2. Air supply hose.
  3. Spray bottle.
  4. The valve.

It is worth remembering that the filter and the aerator are different things. The aerator "delivers" oxygen, and the filter purifies the water.

For cleaning, you will need to remove the filter and disassemble it into the following parts:

  1. Motor with blades.
  2. Filter element
  3. Cap.

These elements are washed under running water, then the filter is collected again.

How to choose a silent pump?

Buying a water pump, it is better to give preference to a piston. How to choose a silent aerator depends on the volume of the aquarium itself.

For a large aquarium, a two-channel circulation pump is selected for better atomization.

For a small round aquarium, it is better to choose devices with low power, in order to avoid strong air circulation.

Criterias of choice:

  1. Availability smooth adjustment of air.
  2. Power. The required capacity is calculated by the formula: 0.5 liters per hour per 1 liter of water.

So for an aquarium over 100 liters, choose a device with a capacity above 50 liters per hour, and for tanks over 300 liters, choose water pumps with a capacity of 150 liters per hour.

  • Manufacturer. Choose brands that give a guarantee and have proven themselves in the global market.
  • How to install a pump with your own hands?

    Before you install a device for pumping water, determine the installation location:

    1. External installed above the water surface. Often the installation takes place in a special compartment outside the aquarium.
    2. Submersible installed directly into the aquarium itself. Devices to glass fasten by means of suckers (go in a complete set).
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    Step-by-step instruction:

    1. Make a cut in the hose.
    2. Install the check valve with an arrow from the aerator.
    3. Put the ends of the hose on the device.
    4. Run the tube into the tank.

    It is recommended to install a water pump from the outside to make it easier to care for the device.

    Comparative characteristics of water pumps

    How often should work?

    How long the aerator should work depends on the size of the aquarium and its decorative part:

    Why Do You Need An Air Pump In The Aquarium, What Are The Types, How To Clean And Care For It

      At large the number of plants to work the device should be at least 2 times a day for 5-6 hours.

    Plants emit carbon dioxide, so when the oxygen deficiency fish just suffocate within 7-8 hours.

  • Little ones in size, aquariums are enriched with less oxygen (3-4 hours).
  • For the night turning off the device is not recommended.
  • Homemade water pump

    Aerator can be made with your own hands.

    Why Do You Need An Air Pump In The Aquarium, What Are The Types, How To Clean And Care For It

    Necessary materials:

    1. Plastic bottle cap.
    2. Plastic tube
    3. A piece of rubber.
    4. Wooden plank.
    5. Motor.
    6. Hot glue.
    7. Balloon.
    8. A plastic card.

    How to make a homemade mini – aerator step by step:

    1. The seal is removed from the cover. In the center there are 2 holes for the tubes.
    2. The tubes run into the holes made.
    3. From rubber cut the seal in the form of a horseshoe, stick on the bottom of the cover.
    4. The balloon is cut, stretched on the lid, fixed with tape.
    5. A circle with a diameter of 5 ruble coins is cut out of a plastic card. Glued to the lid. A wooden stick is attached to the cut out element.
    6. Cut off a piece of the tube. We make two holes into which the motor and wire are inserted.
    7. The motor is mounted on a wooden board, we connect the tube.