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Why Do You Need An Air Pump In The Aquarium

July 22, 2019

In order for the water kingdom to please its inhabitants and owner, it is necessary to equip it properly. One of the components of this configuration is a water pump. What is its function in the fish house? How to choose it, and what to consider? We learn in detail.

Why is it needed

Living beings always require optimal living conditions for active life and well-being. Aquarium fish are no exception. They constantly need oxygen. But often the aquarium does not have enough water surface and the number of plants necessary for oxygenation. That is why the best solution is to purchase additional devices that saturate the water. This function is performed by a water pump. Here are his tasks:

Why Do You Need An Air Pump In The Aquarium

    Providing aeration. The oxygen bubbles rising from the device additionally saturate the water with oxygen.

Variety of choices

Such devices are also called aerators. Most of them are vibratory machines. The principle of their operation is based on the creation by an alternating current of an electrical network of an alternating magnetic field.

Why Do You Need An Air Pump In The Aquarium

Novice aquarists should be guided in how to choose the right water pump for arranging your aquarium. After all, the market is saturated with a huge range of such products. To understand the choice is not easy.

First of all, we must understand that each such device is designed for a certain amount of water. It is necessary to choose it, proceeding from its thickness. A powerful water pump is needed only for aquariums with a large volume of water. How to correctly focus on the performance of the device? Calculate it simply. It is necessary to multiply the displacement of the aquarium by 0.5 So, on a one-hundred-meter fish house you need an aerator with a capacity of 50 l / h.

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For home fish houses often use submersible devices with lighting. They are installed inside the tank. This gives the fish house aesthetics, decorative. At night, a room with such a fish house is filled with a soft light.

If the owner has a need to urgently transport the fish, then a water-powered pump is used. Such a device will be indispensable in situations where power outages are often practiced in the home or office.

If we talk about external water pumps, they are good for aquariums because they are compact, do not clutter up space, are conveniently mounted and easy to use.

Today, small and silent water pumps for the aquarium are very popular. They are recommended to be used in those containers whose volume does not exceed 200 liters. That is, they can be used in the most popular metropolitan fish houses. Such devices are recommended to be included in the morning and in the evening. There is no need for the device to work all day. Such mini-water pumps are actively used for decorative purposes, because many people are attracted by the appearance of flowing oxygen bubbles.

In large aquariums, water pumps create optimal, close to natural conditions for waterfowl.

So, the purpose of the water pump is to saturate the water space with oxygen. Today, an alternative to such a device is the saturation of water with dissolved oxygen using the so-called oxidizers. The principle of their action is the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. One refueling stolitrovogo aquarium with such an oxidizer lasts for 2-4 weeks.