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What To Do When Turn Off The Electricity

July 30, 2019

Turned off the electricity: how to save the aquarium? Alas, sooner or later any aquarist faces this issue. Well, if he is experienced, then he knows what to do. And if this is a novice? Here is a new article for aquarists.

So, in almost any aquarium, as a rule, the three main electrical appliances are:
1 – lamp
2 – filter
3 – water pump


What To Do When Turn Off The Electricity

Light – the least of the "evil." In a few hours (and even days) without lighting in the aquarium, even in the herbalist, nothing irreparable will happen. Plants will not die, the fish even more. So because of the light you can not worry.


What To Do When Turn Off The Electricity

This is serious. But here, as they say, options are possible. Consider them.
As a rule, if aquariums up to 100 liters, they install internal filters. In larger volumes, the external units set. But anyway principle save of filters single
Immediately before turning off the electricity (or the night before, if you are working), turn off the filter, rinse it thoroughly, cover it with a lid, and leave it outside the aquarium in a cool place (not in the sun or near the battery). The filter should be empty, that is, without water, but all substrates in it will be wet. In this form, the filter can be kept “alive” for quite a long time, up to a week, and large canister exterior can last up to one and a half months.
If the shutdown is planned for a relatively short-term (say, up to 6-8 hours), then the filter can be thoroughly re-washed and re-connected to the aquarium (or immersed in the aquarium if it is internal).
If the shutdown is long (12 hours or more), the filter must be removed / disconnected.
Naturally, the above schemes are not a rigid dogma, since there are many factors that matter, but in general, you need to stick to them. If you have doubts, it is better to ask about your specific case on the forum, be sure to indicate term of life aquarium , him displacement , quantity in him fishes and of plants

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If you have a herbal aquarium, that is densely planted with plants and with a small number of hydrobionts, then you can do nothing at all in such an aquarium – the filter in such a system is kept clean for months, there is nothing to wash. Even if a small release of decomposition products occurs during the power up (the bacteria that die in the filter substrate) are killed because of the lack of oxygen, this will not shake the biosystem in such an aquarium – the grass will also say “thank you” for additional feeding.

Of course, it is advisable during a power outage or not to feed the fish at all, or (if it’s a species that is contraindicated for a prolonged hunger strike – gold, for example) to minimize feeding.

water pump

This is the most serious problem, because if without a filter you can still somehow survive, then without air supply (read oxygen), no. Especially if you have a densely populated aquarium, or an aquarium with large fish. Or "two in one" – densely populated by large fish. This is the most difficult case (the processors and divorces are a separate conversation, we will not consider them here, as people who are seriously engaged in breeding do not explicitly refer to beginners). Again, you can not bother in a sparsely populated herbalist – nobody suffocates there.
But in other cases, you will be helped by either water-powered pumps or an oxidizer. So, if your region often suffers from power outages, you need to stock up on the above devices in advance.

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In short, a power outage is unpleasant, but solvable. Contact at forum, ask – we will help!