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What Kind Of Fish Don’T Need Air

August 1, 2019

What fish live without air in an aquarium? There are no phenotypes that would not need oxygen at all. For these purposes, both atmospheric and liquefied oxygen is required. As for the air, which is concentrated in the aquarium water, not everyone needs it.

Lack of oxygen

There are only a few phenotypes for an aquarium for which a small percentage of atmospheric gas is not critical. They are characterized by endurance, ease of care.

What Kind Of Fish Don'T Need Air

Experienced aquarists distinguish several phenotypes for which the percentage of air in the aquarium water is not critical.

  • Representatives of the family of bindlings (catfish, some loaches). Aquarium fish enjoy atmospheric air. For absorption, it rises to the upper layer of water, after which it gradually descends to the substrate.
  • Labyrinth phenotypes that can breathe liquefied gas. In these species, a special respiratory system, which is presented in the form of a gill maze. At the same time, they absorb air masses in the same way as previous species.

Beginners are interested in which fish can live without oxygen. After learning about the above phenotypes that do not need oxygen, they almost completely block access to air. This entails the death of the fauna in the tank.

What kind of fish live without air in a large aquarium?

Experienced aquarists emit a family Mnogoperovyh. After all, they survive, both on land and in water masses. Fish have a unique swim bladder, with which they swallow and store a certain amount of oxygen. Over time, they re-rise to the top layer of the tank.

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What Kind Of Fish Don'T Need Air

Some families, which are classified as hydrobionts, in portions of air mass in the intestine. If they fill the intestines, their movement through the reservoir is accelerated. Such fish do not require special maintenance, although compliance with the basic conditions is mandatory.

Labyrinth species

If fish of the labyrinth family are chosen, then such conditions are created for them:

  1. The temperature of the liquid in the tank is 24-26 degrees.
  2. For the bottom of the tank choose dark-colored substrates. With the help of such a soil, the attractiveness of representatives of the fauna is distinguished.
  3. The presence of vegetation, algae. Planting shady plants is carried out in a specific order. Higher views are located at the rear wall. The central part is filled with moss and fern. This event, which requires some preparation, is carried out carefully.
  4. For dressing use dry, vegetable and frozen feed. Periodically injected chopped vegetables, yolk. Experts recommend introducing plant foods with established regularity.

What causes a lack of air?

The absence of an aerator and a water pump leads to such problems and difficulties:

  • Phenotypes move closer to the upper layer.
  • Small and large individuals bulging gills.
  • They consume less feed.
  • The immune system becomes less active.
  • Doom

What Kind Of Fish Don'T Need Air

It is impossible to completely block access to air masses, since it leads to the death of phenotypes. But novice aquarists can keep those species that are suitable atmospheric oxygen.

How to determine the amount of oxygen in the aquarium water?

In order to check if the fish have enough oxygen to breathe, you need:

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Having determined which fish require diluted or atmospheric oxygen, the tank is supplemented with aquarium aerators. Such devices are installed in containers, if sent on a long trip.

After installing the aerator lift the tank lid. Such actions are necessary for the introduction of atmospheric air mass.

The dependence of oxygen on the volume of drugs, temperature

To restore, get rid of the infection using drugs, increase the temperature in the tank. This triggers a reduction in oxygen in the aquarium fluid. In order to compensate for the disadvantage, carry out the installation of aeration installation.

For additional restoration use filtration installations. They purify water from impurities, organic residues.

For filtration, installations are used by which the layers of aquarium water are mixed. For large containers, aerators are also used, which include powerful filters.

What Kind Of Fish Don'T Need Air

Air stones

Even if phenotypes have a unique respiratory system, tanks with them are completed with aeration and air pumping equipment. With the help of such installations, the lack of oxygen masses is replenished. Periodically, the substrate in the tanks siphonate.