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What Is The Air Pump For The Aquarium, How To Choose, As Well As How To Do It Yourself

August 1, 2019

Experienced aquarists know what an aquarium water pump is for. This device is used mainly in large in volume tanks, where a large number of fish lives.

The pump greatly facilitates the livelihoods of waterfowl pets, making care of them easy and relaxed.

To choose a quality silent pump, you need to understand the models and characteristics of products.

Modern manufacturers are trying to produce products that meet all requirements. In addition, you can make an air pump for the aquarium with your own hands.

Pump for aquarium: what is needed

It is quite simple to explain the necessity of the presence of a pump in an aquarium: this device is equipped with a special pump for pumping water.

Water must constantly circulate, providing the fish with optimal conditions for living inside.

What Is The Air Pump For The Aquarium, How To Choose, As Well As How To Do It Yourself

Consider the main criteria for the need for a pump in the aquarium for fish:

  1. The water pump serves as a device for the enrichment of water in the tank with oxygen. This component is necessary for fish for a normal life.
  2. The bubbles coming out of the pump allow water not to stagnate in one place. If the water in the large aquarium was constantly standing, the fish could not function normally.

Food, particles of waste products – all this settles daily at the bottom of the dwelling of waterfowl. A water pump allows water to circulate constantly, which prevents it from rotting.
The pump creates ripples on the surface of the water, allowing the air to interact with water and saturate it with oxygen.

Thanks to aeration, the water pump mixes layers of liquid, preventing it from becoming rotten.

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  • The presence of a water pump for large aquariums is becoming relevant. To care and wash the container with water every day does not seem real, so the piston will perform this work for the person.
  • Aquarists argue that the pump should work around the clock, so fish owners are advised to choose a quiet option so as not to disturb the peace of the household at night.
  • How to choose the best

    Not always the fish are the most unpretentious pets. Often, they also need to create comfortable living conditions.

    What Is The Air Pump For The Aquarium, How To Choose, As Well As How To Do It Yourself

    Consider the criteria – how to choose the best aquarium inlet pump for pets:

      Variety. All pump options can be divided into vibratory and piston.

    The former are also called membrane membranes because of the presence of a special membrane along which magnetic oscillations are transmitted.

    Pumps of this type are affordable, but noisy, have a small resource. Piston models have high power and quiet operation, but they are expensive.
    Type of food. There are models on batteries – they are suitable when electricity is frequently disconnected, as well as models from a 220v power supply – they work from a wall outlet.

    Options for batteries designed for 4-6 hours of battery life.

  • Noise level. Before buying it is recommended to check the noiselessness of the pump personally: it is better to do it in a quiet room.
  • Power. The more powerful the pump, the more energy it will consume. Models with a voltage of 12 volts are perfect for large tanks.
  • Performance. This indicator describes how many liters of water and air can overtake the unit. The larger the aquarium, the greater should be the performance.
  • The volume of the aquarium. Manufacturers of water pumps advise to pay attention to this characteristic when choosing a pump.
  • The number of channels. Depending on the number of circulation channels, one pump can be installed in one or several aquariums.
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    In addition, the pump should be chosen according to the method of attachment: submersible or external. Submersible is installed on the depth of the aquarium, external – mounted outside, leaving the air spray on the surface of the water.

    Important! When buying it is worth paying attention to the model with the filter – although they are more expensive, but they will provide water purification.

    Models without a filter are also relevant – they are suitable for small aquariums.

    The air pump Barbus, suitable for tanks up to 50 liters, performed well. Also pay attention to the company Aquael, Tetratec, Schego.

    How to install a water pump and care for it

    To install the aquarium aerator yourself, you need to follow a few rules. Also, do not forget about the care of the product – in a timely manner to wash and clean from the remnants of food.

    Note! It is recommended to wash the aquarium itself once a week – depending on the volume.

    Larger options are allowed to rinse with water pumping once every 2-3 weeks.

    Answering the question how much a pump should work, the opinions of aquarists are divided. Some claim that the unit should be turned off at night, others insist on round-the-clock work.

    What Is The Air Pump For The Aquarium, How To Choose, As Well As How To Do It Yourself

    Consider how to install and care for the product at home:

    Mark with a marker the place where the aerator will be fixed.

    It is better to do this near the heating element: so the warm water will instantly mix with the cold, creating the optimum temperature.

    Secure the pump in position using suction cups or special fasteners. To ensure a minimum of noise during operation, place a thin foam rubber at the joints with glass

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    The main care consists in high-quality and timely washing of the aerator.

    During feeding, the unit should be turned off so as not to contaminate the water additionally. Over time, it will be necessary to change the filter.

    Homemade pump do it yourself

    In order not to be confused as to whether it is better to have a diaphragm or piston pump, it is recommended to take matters into your own hands by making a homemade air pump for the aquarium.

    This option will be the most reliable and affordable.

    For work, you will need a closed container, an engine with a power of 3-5 W, hot melt glue, charging with a power unit, 2 tubes of ball-point pens, a scissors and a drill with a thin drill.

    What Is The Air Pump For The Aquarium, How To Choose, As Well As How To Do It Yourself

    We proceed to the procedure:

    • In the tank, you need to make 2 holes to insert plastic tubes – they must be perpendicular to each other.
    • Bottom need to make a hole for the engine core.
    • You need to make blades out of plastic pieces, then the engine is inserted.
    • The container is closed, the wires are connected to the power unit, the water pump is being tested.