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What Are Water Pumps

August 7, 2019

What Are Water Pumps

Top Sales – HPumps Mini Water Pumps

Absolutely silent – no longer need to invent anything to reduce vibration and noise, no more boxes and foam rubber, no need to turn off water pumps for the night.

The smallest – you do not need anything to clean the cabinet, no long wires and tubes. A water pump can be simply attached to the rear window of the aquarium with a suction cup.

Use in aquariums with a depth of more than 60 cm, use in water columns up to 1 m deep.

Everything in the set – the water pump itself, air hose, sprayer. Do not buy anything, unpack and use immediately

Now on the market are water pumps of three types:

Water piston pumps differ in high performance and reliability. Such water pumps are installed at a high density of fish landing or to saturate large volumes of water with oxygen. For example, a piston water pump model BOYU ACQ-012 ( with a capacity of 170 l / min can be installed in a tank with more than 10 tons of water. Another use of such water pumps is to install on aquarium stands with a large number of aquariums. The distribution of oxygen in individual aquariums is done with metal flutes.

Membrane Water Pumps most often found on sale and are not very expensive. Membrane water pumps, this is the main choice of aquarists. Membrane water pumps come in many shapes, colors, sizes, but they have one technology for air supply. To reduce the noise level, many manufacturers make minor changes to the materials and housing of water pumps. Membrane water pumps can be with one or more outlets: the SC-3500 with one outlet and its older brother SC-7500 with two outlets. On one outlet, you can connect a conventional air spray, and the second decorative spray.

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Water pump performance

The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a model of a water pump is performance. The instructions indicate this parameter as a certain number of liters / hour, liters / minute or milliliters per minute. This means how many liters of air a water pump can supply in a certain amount of time. It is possible to calculate the capacity of a water pump using the averaged formula: 1 liter of air per 1 liter of water. Those. if in the instructions of the aquarium vodushnogo pump performance 2l / min, then this model is suitable (2 liters of air 60 minutes) for a 120 liter aquarium. The formula is very averaged, and each aquarium should be considered individually. Depending on the situation in each particular aquarium, it is sometimes necessary to reduce or increase the supply of oxygen. Aquarium pumps with variable power come to the rescue. For example, the S-4000B model ( has four outlets and an air supply regulator. For your convenience, the approximate displacement of the aquarium is already indicated in the description of the water pumps.

Power aquarium water pump

The more powerful the water pump, the greater its performance. This characteristic is described in the descriptions as a certain number of watts (W). Here, only common sense and nothing else – in a huge aquarium with a demanding oxygen content, fish need a powerful water pump, a small 1.5 W water supply diaphragm pump simply cannot cope with the task. A small nano aquarium has nothing to acquire a huge piston water pump with a capacity of 100 liters per minute. Given that water pumps work around the clock, all 365 days a year, it is worth thinking about the cost of electricity.

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Top of the brightest models of water pumps

The most powerful and productive

Use in volumes of water more than 10 tons

Reliable and convenient at the minimum cost (a little more than 300 rubles)

Suitable for aquariums up to 120 liters

Built-in rechargeable battery allows you to save aquatic organisms during power outages

Automatic transfer of power to the battery

Two outputs and performance adjustment

Essential for supplying fish with oxygen during transportation or power cuts.