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We Tell About The Manufacture Of Air Pump For The Aquarium With Your Own Hands

September 9, 2019

Many people, some of whom are even keen on aquarism, do not quite understand what a water pump is. For them, it seems to be some incredibly complex machine created for industry. That is why when someone talks about creating a water pump for an aquarium with his own hands, it causes some confusion. And meanwhile, it should be said that in creating an aquarium water pump with his own hands, so that he qualitatively injects air into the aquarium water, no big deal. In this article we will analyze how to make it and whether it is needed at all.

Why do you need an air pump in the aquarium

Everyone, not even big fans of aquarium fish, know that these creatures breathe air, only in a special way, through the gills. They absorb water with oxygen dissolved in it, separate it from the liquid and absorb it. Therefore, if you do not have a lot of oxygen in your tank, your pet will not be very comfortable. And this is at best. At worst he may even die.

While the water pump is a special subject, the main task of which is to take air from the environment and “inject” it into the water where your small fish is. In the wild, the same happens mainly due to the wind, which provokes a rather strong movement of air streams, but in your apartment you cannot constantly drive air, therefore you must install a water pump.

We Tell About The Manufacture Of Air Pump For The Aquarium With Your Own Hands

Types of water pumps

Thousands of models and types of water pumps were made by various engineers from many countries of the world, but in their structure they are divided only into two of the most extensive types:

  • Piston – very strong and sometimes able to carry the air in a container with water up to two hundred liters. You definitely do not have such volumes, besides, piston water pumps make quite a lot of noise, because every piston movement that pumps air into the water is accompanied by a very sharp, loud and unpleasant sound. Obviously, you probably don’t need this type of water pump.
  • Membrane vodushnye pumps are more compact, almost no noise, although they can not boast such an incredible efficiency as the piston. However, it certainly will be enough for you. They are divided, in turn, according to the type of installation on the internal and external, as well as on the power supply for those working on batteries or on the electrical network of your home.
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Making your own hands

In order not to get confused while creating a homemade water pump, you should know the basic principle on which it works. Its essence lies in the fact that first the device takes the air in itself, and then, in small portions, injects it into your water tank. It is the way it works that the water pump, created by itself, will differ from the one that was made at the factory.

The video shows one of the production options

How does a homemade water pump in general will inject air, because he doesn’t, in theory, have any mechanisms to do this. Yes, this, of course, is true, but here the same principle of operation will be used, as for example in a soccer ball or an automobile tire. Some people even use the ball to create a pseudo-water pump, but we will adopt a more understandable method, albeit a bit less simple.

So what do we would need:

  • a chamber made of rubber (not so on which one is removed or in which one sits, but one in which air is pumped in);
  • pedal hand pump, which are commonly used for automotive or bicycle wheels;
  • three-way faucet (tee);
  • the so-called “system”, that is, a thin tube of bending plastic, which is usually used to put droppers. It must be necessarily with a clip.

Now pull the three tubes off the tee. The first will go to the pump, the second – to the ball or rubber chamber, and the third, made from a tube with a clip, will become a hose from which air will flow into our aquarium.

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Be sure to stop the end of the tube with a cork, and make several small holes in the tube itself (you can use a needle to do this) to get air out of them. Also, be careful about the tightness of the whole structure. Air from it should go only those places that you have planned. You can also watch a video where various masters teach you how to make these devices.

The principle of operation of the water pump created by your own hands will be curious enough: first, in order to collect the air we need so much, a tube will be used that leads from the pump to the chamber. Further, when all the air has been collected and the chamber is crammed to capacity, this tube stops working and the tube from the chamber to the outlet tube begins to function. At the same time, the speed with which the air will go out is regulated by a special clip. It is best to make the water output as slow as possible, but in practice you will find out for yourself what speed should be ideal.

Well, in general, everything is ready. It is worth mentioning, once again, that this water pump does not pump air into itself. You need about two or three times to pump air into the chamber, and generally keep track of how much oxygen is left. This also opens up the next drawback, which is that you cannot leave your fish unattended for at least a couple of days if there is no one to pump air, naturally.

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Another production option

Bonus: how to make a filter for the aquarium cooler do it yourself

With the purchase, you yourself will understand, but how to make a filter with your own hands – we will understand here.

There is, of course, a huge number of filters, including homemade ones. But today we will analyze the simplest possible structure that you yourself can do in less than half an hour.

To do this, take the most ordinary clay bowl, put a mixture of nylon thread and quartz sand into it, then install the most ordinary funnel into this bowl and insert into it the hose from which the air should come out, as shown in the figure below.

We Tell About The Manufacture Of Air Pump For The Aquarium With Your Own Hands

This way and the truth is extremely simple, however I do not guarantee its special reliability. There is a bit more complicated way, but it causes a little more confidence.

We Tell About The Manufacture Of Air Pump For The Aquarium With Your Own Hands

For it, you need to get a porous stone and attach it to the hose. This may seem rather complicated, however, if you use special silicone for fastening, you will succeed in everything.