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We Build An Air Pump For The Aquarium With Your Own Hands – Instructions

August 9, 2019

In recent years, modern aquarium lovers have discovered hundreds and hundreds of new exotic species of fish on the market. And unlike the usual goldfish or telescopes that can live in a saucepan, some exotic species require special conditions.

Who, why?

A cheap analogue can “please” various incidents, such as pouring out all the water from an aquarium as a result of interruptions in electricity or just on a whim. And no one guarantees you that in the same year you will not have to change a couple of such devices.

If, for example, an aquarium with a water pump is in the bedroom, then it is unknown if you can sleep in their company. Some water pumps make a rather impressive sound.

And hands can

Coming to the question of a water pump with their own hands, the undoubted advantages include:

  • financial component.
    We will assemble these devices at home almost from scrap materials. Consequently, it is quite cheap;
  • repair and replacement of nodes.
    In the same way as we assembled the device, we will be able to repair it as well. Accordingly, there will also be no need to purchase a new device;
  • noise level.
    With the help of shock-absorbing materials and fasteners, we will reduce the vibration in the device to the maximum;
  • power.
    Under a different volume of water, we will be able to create an individual, suitable power vodushny pump.

There are a lot of advantages in the manufacture of a water pump and they are quite significant.

Getting started

In order to assemble the first water pump, we need to prepare some materials.

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We Build An Air Pump For The Aquarium With Your Own Hands - Instructions

Instruction from the magazine for the manufacture of water pump.

For the manufacture of our design we need:

  1. Plastic bottle cap.
  2. A piece of rubber.
  3. Wooden plank for the base.
  4. Plastic tube
  5. Small motor.
  6. Power Supply.
  7. Old plastic card.
  8. Balloon.

For mounting and gluing all this, we still need hot glue.

To begin with, we take a plastic cover, from which we take out the seal from the inside.

  • mark out 2 holes with a marker or felt-tip pen and use scissors or a drill to make holes in the marked places. The hole diameter should be such that a plastic tube is placed there;
  • we take rubber and cut out from it a detail resembling a horseshoe. Using glue, glue it inside the lid so that one of the holes is completely closed with an elastic band, and the other is open. It is necessary to glue only the "horseshoe legs". The hole that covers the gum will serve to take air into the drum, and it should open slightly;
  • Next, we need to make this very drum, or air distributor. On the outside of the cover you need to put on a rubber ball and cut it so that the edges do not extend beyond the edges of the cover. Cutting off trim the edges and fasten with tape around the circumference;
  • from a plastic card you need to cut a round part, the diameter of a little less than the internal diameter of the cover. On the one side of the resulting plastic "coin" we glue the plastic stick from the "chupa-chups" right in the center of the butt. With the other side of the “coin” we glue to the rubber part of our drum;
  • Further, we need to make an imitation of the rocker mechanism. To do this, we cut off a small thickness of a piece of glue for the gun. The adhesive in the cross section is round and we have a plump “tablet”. In this “tablet” we make 2 holes: in the center and closer to the edge. The hole, which is in the center, is designed to be worn on the rotor shaft of our engine, so try on immediately and do not make it too big. Our part on the shaft should sit very tight. In the second hole we will sell a piece of metal wire;
  • We attach the engine to our wooden base and try on the future arrangement of the drum, so that the wire protruding from the “tablet” on the motor shaft intersects with the plastic tube from the “chupa-chups” on the drum. They must intersect at a right angle (90 degrees);
  • in the place of intersection of the wire and tube from Chupachups we drill a hole and insert the wire inside. Cut off an extra piece of pipe and fasten the drum on a wooden base.
  • Take the power supply for the engine at 12 volts. Connect the wires from the power supply and the engine to each other.
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We attach the tube to the hole in the drum and your first water pump in the aquarium is ready.

Do not be noisy!

How to make an air pump for an aquarium with your own hands also silent?

Silent air pump for the aquarium will be obtained if you get rid of the maximum number of vibrations in the design. To do this, you can glue a layer of rubber on the underside of the wooden base and fix the engine and the drum more securely.

You need to place the water pump so that all the hoses and wires from the device pass through the nylon cover, in which the corresponding holes are prepared in advance. The key point of this method is that inside the can the water pump should hang in the air without touching the bottom, lid or walls of the can.

Not always more expensive means better!

An example of a homemade water pump for an aquarium.

  1. Easy to assemble.
  2. Cheap design.
  3. Elementary adjustment, maintenance or repair.
  4. Low price.
  5. You can achieve a fairly low noise level.

All this suggests that do not be afraid to create equipment for your reservoirs. So you can create equipment, directly for the needs of a specific water capacity, without spending extra finances.