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Water Pumps For Aquarium

August 6, 2019

Water pumps for the aquarium play a very important and necessary role. A closed aqua system needs constant aeration of water to provide vital oxygen to its inhabitants. Water pumps for the aquarium are chosen for a little noise and the required performance based on the volume and depth of the aquariums.

Electric diaphragm water pumps for the aquarium are single-channel and multichannel. If you have only one tank volume, of which 120 -168 liters, a two-channel water pump is quite suitable for you. In any case, buying water pumps for the aquarium should consult with the seller and read the recommended specifications and instructions.

Water Pumps For Aquarium

water pump two-channel "TRITON" 1902 (2 × 2 l / min)

Two-channel water pumps for aquarium for aeration of water.

– Voltage: 220 V

– Pressure: 0.02 MPa

– Productivity: (2 × 2 l / min)

– The volume of the aquarium: 120-168 l

If you have a fish farm from several large aquariums in this case, you will need a more powerful water pump. You can solve the problem of aeration of several aquariums using tees splitters for hoses. You need to know that water pumps significantly reduce their performance in deep aquariums, as well as if the sprayers are very dirty.

Using water pumps for aquarium is not entirely appropriate compared with mechanical filters. The reason for this is a suspension that is present in the water and settles on the leaves of the plants, giving the aquarium an untidy look. Immediately it should be noted that air-lift filters are ineffective compared to mechanical ones.

In general, the aquarium is better to use mechanical filters. A working mechanical filter can be adjusted, so that the water flow will mix with air and enrich the water with oxygen, and the water in the aquarium will be constantly clean and clear.

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Water pumps are more suitable for spawning and nursery aquariums, where calm water does not damage caviar and fry. However, in the rearing aquariums, the suspension is not rarely accumulated and the biological balance is disturbed, which will always be easy to restore if you use the correct aquarium layout scheme.

According to this scheme, a common aquarium is installed on the upper shelf of the rack. Below are established nursery aquariums. The installed common aquarium above the nursery makes it easier to work when changing water in nursery aquariums, when water from above can be drained through the hose.

The huge benefit is that you drain the water with a healthy biological environment, which will heal and restore the biological balance in the nursery aquarium. When transporting fish, you must use autonomous water pumps for aquarium, powered by batteries. Such water pumps for an aquarium give a reliable guarantee that you will safely bring your fish to the destination.

Atom-2, – water pumps for aquarium on batteries for enriching the water with oxygen on the road or during a power outage. Single-channel without performance adjustment has a simple design, ensures reliable operation for a long time.

Perfect when transporting fish.

Included without spray gun and air tube.

Manufacturing company: Atman.
Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
Performance adjustment: 1.
Optional: on batteries.
Battery type: R14.

Silent water aquarium pumps

In fact, silent water pumps for the aquarium (diaphragm, valve) do not exist. Any water pumps for the aquarium, whether they are of foreign or domestic production, emit noise. True to compare them with counterparts of the first editions of the AEN type is not necessary.

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To save yourself from the annoying noise of a water pump, you need to foresee a place where the aquarium will stand. It is not advisable to place a water pump in the bedroom. If during the day the noise of the water pump may not be noticed, then at night, when all the noise is amplified, the noise of even the lowest noise water pump will roughly get you.

Otherwise, to get rid of the noise of the water pump in the bedroom you will have to move the aquarium to another room, which is very laborious. You can turn off the water pump at night, but it is not recommended to do this when the heater is turned on or the overcrowded aquarium.

If you have a not quite sensitive dream, then the installation of a mechanical filter, whose noise even at night is barely audible, can save the day. Another possible way to get rid of the noise is to install a water pump in the hall and hold the air hose from it already in the bedroom.

Water pumps for an aquarium can increase the noise due to dirty sprayers, as well as a tightened hose clamp with a constant power control, because the greater the load on the water pump, the greater the noise. To replace a contaminated sprayer, you must always have a replaceable one, but if the sprayer is made of stone, it can also be cleaned.

To do this, put the spray gun on the burner of the gas stove and heat it red-hot, then let the spray gun cool down completely. Usually after this treatment the sprayer works as good as new. Ceramic sprayers must be dried. But even if it is impossible to eliminate all possible causes of noise amplification completely, it will never succeed.

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How to install an air pump for an aquarium

A strict rule during the installation of a water pump is to install it above the water level in the aquarium. If the water pump is below the water level, then after it is turned off, it can suck up water, which becomes very dangerous during its further operation, and there is a threat of flooding the apartment, therefore, you need to install the water pump above the water level.

It is not difficult to install a water pump above the water level. To do this, you need to drive a nail into the wall and fix a water pump on it. Sockets should be at such a distance from the aquariums that in the event of the flow of the aquarium water on them does not fall. It is forbidden to place the water pump on a shelf or cabinet and even more so above the aquarium, as the water pump vibrates during operation and may fall.

At the time of purchase, choose water pumps that match the voltage of your network, as well as the performance corresponding to your aquarium. Powerful water pumps, in small tanks, create too much air flow, which can be reduced only by the hose clamp, which creates additional load and noise, and also the electric motor overheats, which is not safe.