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July 31, 2019

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Often, the inhabitants of the domestic underwater world do not have enough oxygen, in this case comes to the aid spray for the aquarium.

Work process

An air pump through elastic tubes under pressure delivers air streams into the aquatic environment. The presence in the design of valves makes it possible to regulate the process of feeding.

In order to supply and distribute oxygen evenly to the air supply tubes, sprayers and filters are fixed (if the volume of the aquarium is large enough, several pieces can be used). They are made of abrasive material, one of which is a grinding stone.

They are located at the bottom of the aquarium, in the working process they release a large number of air bubbles. Rising from the bottom, create a kind of plume, the lower layers of water evenly mixed with the top.

The smaller the bubbles, the faster the oxygen enrichment process. Rising to the surface and bursting, they violate the integrity of the bacterial film, which allows to accelerate the process of oxygen supply.

An aquarium spray provides an opportunity to equalize the temperature and enrich the aquatic environment with oxygen. As a rule, the filters are tried to be placed near water heaters, the movement of warm water is much faster.

an air pump for an aquarium makes it possible to create in the artificial reservoir the most favorable conditions for the maintenance of the inhabitants of the underwater world.

Often, aquariums are installed in the room where they rest. Considering these details, purchase a silent water pump. The device works in constant mode.

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Main types of aerators

  1. Vibration.
  2. Piston.
  3. Electric.
  4. On batteries.
  5. Internal.
  6. Outdoor

Selection of a water pump

In order to choose the right model, you will have to consider the following factors.

Power – is determined by indicators that will directly depend on the aquarium. For a volume of more than one hundred liters, a piston model would be ideal. During the absence of electricity it can be connected to the battery.

The presence of the adjustment system will give you the opportunity to change the power of the air flow.

Noiselessness – this will allow you to rest easy, despite the fact that these devices work around the clock.

The air pump for the aquarium, which operates in silent mode, is produced by the famous companies SCHEGO, EHEIM, JBL.

Famous water pump manufacturing companies

SCHEGO company produces water pumps of the classic model and configuration. These are powerful and silent devices with high-quality dense filters. They perform a protective function, preventing dust particles from entering the sprayer system. The main advantage is a silent workflow. The design has loops for fixing on a vertical plane.

A large number of subspecies creates a difficulty when choosing a model. On the advice of aquarists the most popular systems:

The number of air channels in all models is the same. The difference in power. Aquarium water pump model “SCHEGO prima” the most powerful 5W, performance up to 250 liters / hour.

Water Pumps, Aquarium Sprayers

EHEIM is a famous German company that produced a silent water pump. Its design includes a two-channel system, power mode, which regulates each channel autonomously. Additional attachments, suction cups and air hoses go to the kit.

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The aquarium water pump of this model is divided into three subspecies. The difference in power, volume bandwidth and the availability of channels.

Water Pumps, Aquarium Sprayers

When choosing a water aquarium pump, pay attention to the following data: capacity / hour, capacity, pressure, filters, mode control system and channels.

JBL has developed and launched the most silent ProSilent models. The most complete equipment made the air pump of this series the most demanded.

It includes: a hose with a nozzle spray, two outputs with a system of regulation and a single valve. The model is used to saturate aquariums with oxygen up to 400 liters.

At the moment it is the most silent device. It is not difficult to buy a water pump, the price of which depends on the data of technical characteristics.

Installing a water pump

Installation of the water pump is very simple. First of all, determine its location. This can be any plane in the aquarium. It is located above the water surface. If you decide to fix it below the water level, you will have to install a check valve. water pump, the price of which depends entirely on performance and power, is required to choose strictly in accordance with the parameters of the aquarium.

If during the work process noise will create certain inconveniences, install it on foam rubber. This will significantly reduce the sound effect.

Clean the water pump in a timely manner, since clogging reduces work productivity. The presence of pollution increases the noise level.

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