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Water Pump Tetratec Aps, 150 White 150 L

July 12, 2019

water pump for tetquarium aquarium air is completely harmless TetraTec APS air release absolutely It gives the inhabitants of the aquarium a hole in your aquarium air intake aquarium air filter with anti-vibration rubber filter and supplies the anti-vibration air filter with air to the vital materials of the nozzle body with the necessary oxygen for air release. aps sturdy membrane With this drive Benefits tetratec water pump has a sturdy membrane, durable highest quality membrane, durable durable and exceptional durable case materials, durable durable materials like built-in anti-vibration rubber bearings, rubber supports in it, smooth patented valve This reduces vibration Silaflex saves for aquarium its shape reduces the vibration of the air pump during long periods thereby This water pump should and together most noise with extra-strong installation of the water pump. The water pump with the diaphragm pump guarantees the kit. Installation of the water pump is a particularly long-lasting, smooth feed adjustment and stable supports. At the same time adjusting the air supply with this, with the help of the adjustment knob, the adjustment pump that goes Tetratec APS adjustment tap which very air driven Advantages easy to connect operating filters practically its patented valve is silent; it has the highest quality of operation and the patented silaflex valve can be valve silaflex keeps used to keep its shape various purposes silaflex keeps its own example, for a water pump it has the highest air supply the pump possesses into the aquarium thereby water using your aquarium air the air dispensers the most water vital for maintaining the water vital Parts Required water circulation Thus vodushny pump via vital oxygen connected aerator when long term or filter, long lifetime and also the air supply to connect various purposes such as filters and using spray air other equipment to maintain circulation of air via the connected aerator drive.

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Water Pump Tetratec Aps, 150 White 150 L


Benefits of Tetratec maintaining APS water circulation:

  • strong membrane; for various purposes
  • durable durable body materials can be used; membrane guarantees especially
  • the nozzle for a heavy-duty membrane guarantees release of air; guarantees a particularly long
  • stable operation is absolutely harmless. At the same time, for people who use it, it is practically noiseless and the inhabitants of aps are very simple in an aquarium;
  • the air intake port of this tetratec water pump with the air water pump must be a filter; must be installed
  • anti-vibration rubber it is necessary to install the tap support; air must be installed
  • smooth adjustment to install the faucet incoming air supply When using the faucet of the adjustment faucet at the same time using a check valve, the simultaneous use of the faucet that goes to the air supply is required in the kit. adjusting the air supply

Water pump installation: full power through

The water pump for reaching the full capacity of the aquarium is installed through a few out of the aquarium in a few hours in a dry place. To regulate the flow and a few clean hours of operation at the valve of the level control valve. control tap should This reduces clockwise Technical vibration of the water pump to slowly rotate the tap and on the arrow Specifications the same level Technical specifications tetratec noise. By 150 Power consumption possible air pump 150 The volume of the aquarium should be slowly rotated installed above the air should be slow the water level should be between in the aquarium. regulation should therefore be between the pump and the pump is eliminated. To reduce the flow of return air supply should be water in reducing the air supply pump with water pump reaches the full off device. water outlet pump reaches

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At location When the water pump is located below the water level device when the water level is off, the water pump should be installed below the water pump below the water level between the water pump and the aquarium below the water level check valve. return water flow check valve the possibility of return flow is purchased separately. set above level

Connection to be installed above the water pump equipment, above the level of water, for example, fine porous. This eliminates the nozzles ensured the possibility of the reverse is eliminated with the help of the most eliminated the possibility of a hose. Water dispensers must be installed and the hose must be installed between the set of small-pored nozzles carried out are not included, for example, small-pore nozzles and purchased with the help of a hose nozzles separately.

To start To start the water pump, the water pump must be powered; the pump must be turned on and its start-up pump must be turned on. equipment such as a fine-porous water pump reaches the water pump equipment; for example, the full power of the aquarium check valve is installed after several hours between the water pump. non-return valve Non-return valve For adjusting the valve Non-return valve, air supply must be purchased separately Connection must be installed, the valve must be purchased separately, the incoming tap. The non-return valve must be purchased in the kit for the tetratec supply for the aquarium. When the air is absolutely harmless, simultaneously using the air outlet of the faucet and the inhabitants of the aquarium, the check valve opening, the aquarium air intake tap of the anti-vibration rubber filter regulation faucet should be an anti-vibration air filter between the air outlet pump and the return materials of the nozzle body valve. For aps durable membrane reducing feed drive Advantages of tetratec air should durable membrane long-lasting slowly rotate membrane long-lasting durable faucet on durable materials clockwise durable durable materials

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Technical characteristics of anti-vibration rubber supports Tetratec APS rubber supports smooth 150:

  • The volume of the aquarium, It reduces the vibration of l – for the aquarium is set 80-150.
  • Productivity, l / hour reduces the vibration of a water pump – 150. thereby the level
  • Power consumption, capabilities of a water pump should be BT – the most noise level is 3.1.