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Water Pump For Aquarium Do It Yourself

August 3, 2019

Water Pump For Aquarium Do It Yourself

Water Pump For Aquarium Do It Yourself

Water Pump For Aquarium Do It Yourself

Choosing an air pump for the aquarium

An air pump, or a water pump, is an apparatus that provides aeration of water, enriching it with dissolved oxygen. For a home aquarium, this is a necessary device, since the glass pond is a closed space in which all fish and plants may lack oxygen. In the natural environment, water is saturated with oxygen during the movement of water. At night, the plants pass oxygen, and release CO2 (carbon dioxide). Not always enough plants in order to provide the fish with oxygen, for their full life you need a water pump.

How does oxygen flow in a closed environment?

In the water pump there are tubes for oxygen supply – through them it enters the water. Air pressure is regulated by special valves and clamps. To effect aeration of the aquarium, several nozzles must be attached to the air tubes, which are usually made of an abrasive substance or a white grinding stone. Being at the bottom of the aquarium, the sprayers emit a lot of air bubbles, creating a beautiful decorative effect. These bubbles are very fond of guppies, danios, neons, scalar and mollies.

The smaller the size of the bubbles, the greater their total area, which is favorable for intensive aeration of the reservoir. Aquarium pump you need to choose a powerful (from small bubbles – strong pressure). Air bubbles at the surface burst, resulting in the destruction of the bacterial film, and there is an improvement in aeration. In addition, the bubbles mix all layers of water, aligning its temperature in the aquarium.

See how to install a water pump in an aquarium.

Varieties of aeration equipment

Air pump for aquarium are of two types: piston and diaphragm. If you want to choose a device for aeration that makes little noise, then a piston water pump will do. When you need several water pumps, you can choose two types at once – piston and diaphragm. The first can be included at night, the second – in the daytime. To avoid strong noise, you can put foam under the water pump. Otherwise, you will have to move the device to another room and take it to the aquarium using a strong air duct. However, this risk requires a very powerful reservoir.

You can choose a membrane water pump if you want to save energy in the house. Such a device is allowed to be connected at once to several aquariums, it has a long service life, it does not need to be repaired often. The disadvantage of such a device is that it makes a lot of noise. Unfortunately, there are no silent water pumps – the principle of their work is based on vibration. A water pump that is under water will not be so noisy, but it will work around the clock. You can put the aquarium in a separate room, where no one sleeps – then you can connect a membrane aerator to it.

The aquarium pump will help to create coordination of air flows in tanks of different capacities, and will help to carry out water supply to the filter, also is the driving element of a filtration. The pump has 2 functions – it saturates water with oxygen and cleans it. If you have a large aquarium, it is advisable to purchase a pump that will help ensure the circulation of water in the pond, which is very useful for all its inhabitants. This device does not make a lot of noise, because it is placed in the water, not outside.

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If you are not satisfied with the quality of branded air pump for the aquarium, you can do it yourself. However, such a device will work well only if you have the skills to create such mechanisms. Self-made water pumps can cause a short circuit in the water, which is very dangerous for life. Waterproofing in this case – a very necessary part of the aerator.

See how to make a water pump with your own hands.

Choosing an aerator for home pond

Today sold different models of aerators for domestic ponds. It is important that the water pump has sufficient power (0.5 liters per hour per 1 liter of water). The high power aerator is capable of working with a ceramic spray that delivers small bubbles, which is also useful for aquarium inhabitants.

Brands aquarium water pumps:

    The most famous manufacturers of aquarium equipment: compact Aquarium Systems NeWair, Resun, Tetratec, Hagen Marina, JBL, Ferplast, AquaEL, BiOrb, Hydor and others. German brand water pumps are in high demand.

  • Ferplast is an Italian company specializing in the manufacture of aquarium mechanisms. Aerators of this manufacturer are not very noisy, and inexpensive.
  • German aerator Schego – has a strong capacity, pumps over water with a height of 200 cm. You can adjust the power, the efficiency of the device is high.
  • Eheim is one of the most silent water pumps, with high quality sprayers and tubes attached to it.
  • How to make a water pump in the aquarium with your own hands :: do-it-yourself aeration of the aquarium :: Equipment and accessories

    Tip 1: How to make a water pump in the aquarium with your own hands

    Breeding aquarium fish only at first glance seems to be a simple matter. In fact, this is a very troublesome event, as silent pets require special care. For them, it is simply necessary to create special conditions as close as possible to the natural ones. For example, a water pump, which is an integral element of any aquarium, is necessarily used for aeration of water and its mixing. You can do it yourself, which saves a significant amount of money.

    You will need

    • – boards of 20 mm;
    • – screws;
    • – polyurethane foam;
    • – duralumin;
    • – dural washers;
    • – rubber sheet;
    • – lathe.


    1. The air pump for the aquarium consists of three main parts: the pump, the transmission mechanism and the electric motor, the power of which should not be less than 50 W to ensure normal operation of the pump. To make the pump, glue the tongues of the valves located in the inside of the case.

    2. To create the engine on the side surfaces of the flywheel using two screws with an axis, attach the plate. The axis will serve as a transmission unit worn on the motor shaft. The axis is moved by a plate with two slits, which also affects the magnitude of the eccentric transmission.

    3. Using a lathe from duralumin make bushings, flywheel and all components of the pump. From duralumin washers make disc washers. For this you can use an anvil and a hammer. Aperture can be made from a small sheet of rubber, the thickness of which should not exceed 1 mm.

    4. To create a silent water pump, you will additionally need a box at acoustic interchanges, the use of which eliminates the likelihood of vibration and sound transmission from the elements of the water pump to the floor or table, on which the aquarium stands.

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    5. To make a box with boards, make a lid and a box, then fasten them with screws. Cover the bottom of the box with foam rubber. Glue the cover with a cloth so that it closes as tightly as possible. The legs of the box can be made of foam polyurethane. To create a ventilation, close the hose and the hole intended for the supply line of the water pump, but not very tightly.

    Tip 2: How to make a water pump

    Many people, as a rule, from among motorists, quite often had to deal with the need to find “at hand” such specific enough equipment as a water pump. With it, you can tint the car, pump up the tires, blow the carburetor jets, without disassembling it completely – in general, the necessary thing in the national economy! This article will discuss how simple and not expensive to make a water pump with your own hands.

    Consider what parts actually consist of the simplest version of such a device, at the same time I will explain some of the nuances of their choice:

    1. A water pump is a device for forcing air. Making it yourself is quite difficult – it is cheaper to borrow from other equipment and, as personal experience suggests. In the role of "other equipment" can be a water pump from any old refrigerator or a Soviet truck with air brake system (ZIL, GAS, etc.). The advantage of a cooling pump is that, as a rule, it is already equipped with an electric motor (usually single-phase) with which it is put into action. Disadvantages – rather low performance (with long work can overheat and burn the engine) and not the convenience of interfacing with other parts (no threaded connectors). Automotive water pumps have great performance and running time, but complicate the task by installing a separate electric motor (high enough power) and, often, equipment of a separate lubrication system. Advantage – the relative ease of interfacing with the engine (via a belt drive) and the rest of the equipment (through standard tubes and fittings).
    2. The receiver is a reservoir for forced air. In addition, it serves to smooth out air pulsations caused by a water pump. If your water pump has a high capacity receiver, you can take a small one, and vice versa (of course, within reasonable limits). As a tank, it is most convenient to use car receivers (they immediately have a safety valve for relieving excessive pressure) or a body of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers (the drawback is heavy). Both options are easily mated using threaded connections.

    To make the water pump as an necessary additional equipment, you can specify an emergency air relief valve (so that the receiver does not break), an electric motor on-off device (so that when the pressure is high, the water pump and the engine do not do any extra work). The latter is relatively inexpensive on the market already in finished form.
    The main thing in the independent production of a water pump is to clearly understand what you want to end up with and not forget about ensuring the safety of working with high-pressure units.


    When using a water pump, do not forget to observe safety measures. In no case do not lower it into the water and be sure to turn off the network when you want to open and clean the aquarium.

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    we create the air pump for an aquarium

    Aeration is the process of saturation and enrichment of water with oxygen. Such a process is extremely necessary in aquariums, especially large ones. In order to create aeration, an air pump for the aquarium is necessary. It gives small bubbles, which, rising, top, saturate the water with oxygen. One of the necessary conditions for a water pump is that it should work as quietly as possible, if not silently. Since aquariums are often located in rooms where people sleep most of the time, it must work constantly, especially at night, when plants do not emit oxygen.

    air pump for the aquarium, self-made – the best solution for those who do not want to put up with noise. But first you need to know what it consists of.

    The eccentric gear mechanism, pump and motor are the main parts of the water pump. The engine must have a power of at least 50 W to ensure normal operation of the pump.

    So, how to make an air pump for an aquarium and what is needed for that? To construct a pump, it is necessary to glue the tongues of valves in the inner part of the body.

    Using a gasket and a nut, press and fasten the diaphragm to the body. Now take up the engine. On the side surfaces of the flywheel you need to attach the plate with 2 screws, having an axis. The transmission node is the axis.

    This flywheel is put on the engine shaft. The magnitude of the eccentric transmission affects the plate with two slots that allow you to move the axis.

    From duralumin need to turn on the lathe bushings, flywheel and pump parts. Using an anvil and a hammer, plate washers should be made of duralumin washers. From a sheet of rubber one millimeter thick, mount the diaphragm.

    To make the aquarium air pump as silent as possible, you will need a box at the acoustic interchanges. This will help to neutralize vibration and sound transmission from the parts of the water pump to the floor, bedside table or table. Twenty millimeters thick boards should be made from the lid and box. Then fasten them with screws, and put foam on the bottom. Thick porous fabric is quite suitable for acoustic isolation, floor cleaning cloths are a great alternative to this. The cover needs to be glued with a cloth in order for it to close tightly, and make legs out of foamed polyurethane. In order for the water pump to have ventilation, the hose and the supply hole must be closed, but not tight.

    You can construct a simpler air pump for an aquarium, for example, using a ball or a rubber chamber. A rubber bulb pumps air through PVC tubes or silicone, and air is supplied to the sprayer. Using such a water pump, air is injected 1-2 times a day.

    And now our silent water pump is ready, now you need to remember to take precautions, do not lower it into the water, be sure to disconnect from the network if you want to open it or clean the aquarium. A water pump is essential for the inhabitants of the aquarium, including the plants in it. Creating such a necessary thing with your own hands will give you a lot of pleasure.