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Water Pump Aquael Oxyboost Plus 100 Code 1295

August 6, 2019

Water Pump Aquael Oxyboost Plus 100 Code 1295

  • The diaphragm pump (water pump) is designed to aerate the water in aquariums, as well as to operate airlifts and bottom filters (counterfeit).
  • AQUAEL company began its history 30 years ago with the production of membrane water pumps.
  • In the anniversary year of 2014, AQUAEL launches an updated line of water pumps OXYBOOST on the market.
  • OXYBOOST Plus stands out for its modern design, high quality workmanship and high productivity.

The lineup includes four models:

The numbers in the designation of models correspond to the maximum performance of devices. The 100 Plus and 150 Plus models are single-channel, while the 200 Plus and 300 Plus models have two independent air channels.

The 150 Plus and 300 Plus water pumps are equipped with a capacity regulator that allows you to change the air flow rate. The regulator is designed as an ergonomic handle located at the top of the water pump.

The new OXYBOOST Plus water pumps are distinguished by their stylish design and compact size. The legs of the devices are made of soft rubber, effectively absorbing vibration.

In the manufacture of high-quality aerators OXYBOOST PLUS, the most modern production technologies were used, which made it possible to create high-performance vodshny pumps with low power consumption.

It should be emphasized that our products are manufactured in the European Union: the full production cycle is carried out at the AQUAEL factory in Poland in the city of Suwalki.

To create a unique image of the underwater world, we recommend using the AQUAEL AIR LIGHTS diode illuminated sprayer together with the water pumps.

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