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The Most Silent Air Pump For An Aquarium

July 29, 2019


The main classification divides water pumps for aquariums into such groups: diaphragm, piston and pumps. They differ in the principle of work, the power of noise and price.


The principle of operation is the movement of the piston, through which the air is pushed out. Rotational movements of the piston shaft become oscillatory. Such changes help to achieve the desired air supply. This is an ideal air pump for an aquarium, which is located in the bedroom, because it produces a minimal amount of noise, but it is more expensive than a membrane one.
The advantages are:

  • durability;
  • almost silent work;
  • high performance;
  • can be used for large aquariums.

The disadvantages of these devices are as follows:

  • high energy costs;
  • great value.


The principle of operation is the movement of air from the chamber connected to the membrane due to pressure drops, which is created due to the magnet oscillations.
Pluses of this device:

  • low energy consumption;
  • easy repair;
  • cheapness.
  • low power;
  • loud noise during operation.

Quite recently, silent water pumps for the aPUMP aquarium have appeared on the markets. In addition, it is possible to saturate water with oxygen using conventional aquarium pumps or aero-lift filters.

With all the variety of models of devices, their main drawback is the noise they make. If the aquarium is in the bedroom, the noiseless operation of the device is one of its most important qualities. Unfortunately, a completely silent air pump for an aquarium does not exist, since the principle of any kind of apparatus is based precisely on vibration.

Step by step instructions for making

How to make an air pump for the aquarium with your own hands? In fact, this task will cope any. The easiest way to create it is based on a pear or a camera.

Simple option

To create this design, take the air tank, for example, the camera from the wheel, tubes and clamps from droppers, pump and tee.

  1. Cut the tube from the dropper into three pieces. Make one of them a little longer – it will be lowered into the container.
  2. In a long section, with a cigarette lighter, solder the edge and make a lot of holes at its tip with a needle. To prevent the duct from floating up, tie a small weight on its tip. Put the clip on the same piece.
  3. Connect all three segments of the tube with a tee, fasten them with clamps.
  4. Attach a pear or a pump to one of the two segments, and an air tank to the other. Caution: on the hose that goes to the pear, also secure the clip from the dropper.
  5. Pump air through the pump into the air tank, shut off the inlet flow. A long hose with holes drop into the aquarium and open the output stream with a clip from the dropper.
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Your device for the supply of air in the reservoir is ready. You can adjust the flow with the help of a clip from the dropper. It is necessary to pump a couple of times a day – it all depends on the size of the air tank.

  1. Take a small plastic bottle, an electric motor, a cooler, a dropper tube, glue. You will also need wires, batteries and a jack for them, the power button. Cut the bottle in two halves.
  2. Using a soldering iron, attach the wires to the motor, and attach the cooler to it. The resulting device is secured with superglue inside the bottle.
  3. Attach a tube with a sealed end and a lot of small holes in the bottom to the neck of the bottle.
  4. Attach a button and a battery socket to the wires and close the half of the bottle with the second part of it.

The device made in this way will help out not only on the road. He will help a lot when turning off the lights in the house.

12 volts

When self-creation based on the electric motor, it is desirable to use a 12 volt motor. Then in case the lights are turned off in the house, you can even connect it to the car battery. Under normal conditions, it works from the electrical network using a power supply.

Attach an ordinary eccentric to the motor shaft, attach a pump to it – for example, a syringe or an improvised device. The shaft will move the piston, and it will pump air.


Homemade air pump for the aquarium can be quiet. To do this, the usual fixture just need to hang inside the jar. To do this, make three holes in the lid: one for the duct, the second for the wire, and the third for the hook on which you hang it. Assemble the design and use on health.

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In fact, a completely silent water pump is a legend. But this method will significantly reduce the volume of this device.

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For the manufacture of a simple mechanical air blower will require:

  • automobile pump (suitable also hand, bicycle);
  • silicone tube (a great option is a dropper tube);
  • three-way tap;
  • device for clamping the tube (you can use the clip from the dropper);
  • hose clamps;
  • car tire (for a small aquarium up to 80 liters enough sports ball).

The assembly is very simple. For this you need:

  1. Pull three silicone tubes from the three-way tap (fixed on the tee with hose clamps).
  2. Connect one to the pumps.
  3. Insert one more into the ball or car camera (one of them should be taken from the nipple).
  4. In the remaining tube, solder the free end and make several small holes around it (it will serve as a spray). So that the tip does not pop up, a small load should be tied to it.

The operation of the device is as follows: the pumps pump air into the chamber, after which the clamp on the tube is released a little, and the air slowly starts to be released through the sprayer into the aquarium (the clamp can adjust the feed rate).

Advantages and disadvantages

The main disadvantage of a self-made mechanical water pump is that for its operation it is necessary daily (sometimes several times a day) to pump up the chamber to the pumps. Another disadvantage is the impossibility of using such a device in large aquariums. Leaving the unit for several days without supervision will also fail.

The advantages of a water pump are as follows:

  • Noiselessness Unlike piston and membrane vodushnyh pumps, it does not create any sounds, and therefore the aquarium can be put in the bedroom.
  • Independence from power supply. Even if the house is turned off electricity, it will not affect the livelihoods of the fish.
  • Durability. Due to the lack of electromechanical units, the life of such a unit is almost unlimited. The only maintenance will be to lubricate the pump (once every few months or less).

Making a water pump at home

There are several methods for making a homemade water pump for an aquarium.

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Take an electric motor, it is recommended to take with a power of up to twelve W (in the case of a long power outage, such an engine can be connected to a car battery), and connect it to the power supply. The eccentric is attached to the surface of this engine, setting a small pump in motion. This method allows you to make a silent air pump for the aquarium.

If the noise is not the principal point, then you can apply another method of manufacturing a water pump. In addition to the past elements, an electric magnet will be needed. A small magnetic starter, which will operate at a frequency of 50 Hz from 220 W voltage, can play the role of an electromagnet.

For the most part, aquariums are always located in rooms where people spend most of their time. And therefore it should be remembered that the quality of the aerator for the aquarium should not be neglected, since its work is round-the-clock and the load on it is not small. If you made a water pump that makes excessive noise, such as with an electromagnet, then you should consider placing it in a closed space (for example, in a long duct).

Beginners should be aware that an aerator that was made with their own hands should create a moderate supply of oxygen to the aquarium water. And for this you should calculate in advance the power of the engine used. And as mentioned earlier, you should use a water pump with a power not exceeding 12 watts.

The Most Silent Air Pump For An Aquarium

But the owners of the round-shaped aquarium need to know that very powerful equipment in such an aquarium has a very negative effect on the vital activity of the fish. All this is due to the fact that the circulation of water will be very fast.

It is also necessary to remember the fact that when placing a large number of plants in the “house” for fish, it is not at all necessary to turn on the water pump during the daytime. In the daytime, the oxygen supply will be carried out by the plants, but at night they themselves will absorb it on a par with the fish and therefore the presence of a water pump will be a necessary attribute.