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The Best Powerful Water Pumps For Aquariums

September 12, 2019

Why do you need a water pump?

As you know, all living things in nature, whether they are in the ocean, sea, river or lake, need enough oxygen.

During the day, plants produce oxygen, and at night they are also its consumers, releasing carbon dioxide. Under the influence of various factors, the layers of water are mixed, and it is enriched with oxygen. But such a natural process occurs only in large natural waters, with a large surface area of ​​water. In a small closed system, like aquariums for a house, water is quickly saturated with carbon dioxide, which is detrimental to its inhabitants.

What is the way out of this situation? Acquisition of aquarium water pump! This device constantly supplies oxygen to the aquarium and, mixing layers of water, saturates them with oxygen and ensures uniform temperature. The presence of a water pump in an aquarium also makes it possible to destroy the bacterial film that forms on the surface of the water.

In addition, a powerful air pump for an aquarium can also have a decorative effect in the form of bubbles infinitely running along the back wall.

How to choose a water pump?

How to choose an air pump for an aquarium of continuous continuous operation? It all depends on How much does your tank have? It is for this indicator that we select the water pump of the desired capacity. Calculate it simply: you need to multiply the displacement of the aquarium by 0.8. Such performance per hour per liter of the volume of the aquarium will be quite sufficient.

However, each aquarium is individual, and in some cases, the oxygen saturation rate can be reduced to 0.5 l / h, and if there are many fish, we recommend increasing it to 1 l / h. Also, the indicator of oxygen saturation depends on what kind of fish you are going to contain, what this indicator is in terms of their habitat in nature.

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Which water pump is better?

The Best Powerful Water Pumps For Aquariums

SunSun ACO-professional water pump

In our catalog you can find different water pumps for the aquarium – internal and external. The first ones are less noisy, since the engine is in the water, and the external ones are better because they do not take up space in the aquarium itself.

Our range includes diaphragm and piston water pumps. Piston models more powerful, however, and the noise level at work more than the membrane. Air supply to devices of this type is carried out with the help of a piston. Piston water pumps have a longer service life, but their price is higher than diaphragm ones. Membrane models they pump the air with the help of a rubber membrane, so they are practically noiseless and they are cheaper. Their disadvantages include low power – most often they are used in aquariums up to 200 liters.

The Best Powerful Water Pumps For Aquariums

water pump SunSun ACO- 007,008,012,818,016

In addition, for you we will select single-channel (with one choke for air supply), two-channel or multichannel water pumps. Single-channel models are selected for small aquariums, and multichannel models for large ones.

Responsible choice

Choosing a water pump, you should pay attention to the presence of air supply adjustment. It is better to choose those models in which the adjustment allows you to do it smoothly.

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