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Tetratec Арs 100 Water Pump For Aquariums 50-100 L

September 6, 2019

Tetratec Арs 100 Water Pump For Aquariums 50-100 L
Tetratec Арs 100 Water Pump For Aquariums 50-100 L
Tetratec Арs 100 Water Pump For Aquariums 50-100 L
Tetratec Арs 100 Water Pump For Aquariums 50-100 L

TetraTec АРS 100 is a modern water pump that is recommended to be used for aquariums of 50-100 liters.

Distinctive features of this water pump are:

  • Water pump reliable, high-quality assembly and thoughtful parts;
  • diaphragm water pump;
  • Uniform air supply to the aquarium, due to the powerful and durable membrane;
  • Practically silent work, due to rubber support which reduce vibration and the condensed walls of the case;
  • Modern design;
  • Equipped with an air valve, you can adjust the air flow
  • Manufacturer’s warranty – 3 years


How is the air flow regulated:

To regulate the air supply, it is necessary to install a faucet / faucet, included in the kit. When using a non-return valve at the same time, the air supply control tap must be located between the water pump and the non-return valve. To reduce the air supply, turn the tap slowly clockwise.

Service and care for water pump:
Important! Before each service it is necessary to disconnect the device from the network.

Tetratec e APS aquarium air pump requires minimal maintenance. Lubrication of the mechanical parts of the device is not necessary. Use a damp cloth and, if necessary, a mild detergent to care for the cabinet. Do not use abrasive or caustic cleaning agents. Do not immerse the device in water. The air filter must be replaced regularly, depending on the degree of contamination. The use of a dirty air filter can cause a decrease in the air supply and, as a result, a decrease in the capacity of the air pump. Relevant spare air filters are commercially available.
Porous aerators may clog after a certain time. The consequence of this is increased resistance to air flow, which reduces the performance of the air / water pump and causes increased membrane wear. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically change the porous aerators with a decrease in the volume of air flow, as well as with obvious pollution and lime deposition.

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Tetrac air pump recommendations

Noise level
An increased noise level during operation of the device may cause resonant vibrations of the base on which the device is installed. In this case, it is recommended to install a water pump on a more stable basis or use an additional
anti-vibration gasket.

Performance degradation
Your water pump may be caused by the wear of one or more moving parts inside the water pump. In this case, worn parts must be replaced.

The decrease in air supply may have the following reasons:
1) Violation of the power supply. If the device does not work, check the safety of the fuses and the power cable. During operation, the water pump creates a slight vibration, felt by hand when touched.
2) The air intake filter is clogged. Check the condition of the felt filter; if it becomes clogged, it must be replaced.
3) Membrane worn or damaged. To access the inside of the device, it is necessary to unscrew the screws on the bottom of the device with a screwdriver and carefully remove the bottom of the case. Replace the membrane as described in the spare parts kit that is available from a specialist dealer.

Safety requirements
Important! It is necessary to disconnect the water pump cable from the mains voltage, as well as disconnect all other devices before each contact with water, before changing the water and during any maintenance action on the device! In the presence of damages the device is not subject to use. Electrician repair of the device should be carried out only by a specialist.