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Silent Air Pump For Aquarium

July 26, 2019

The leader of the test was still a little popular, but already sold in a Collar water pump – aPUMP. Aquarists rightly noted on the forums, this aquarium inlet pump is so silent that it is almost unheard of. Measurements have shown that the noise level is much different from that declared by the manufacturer to less than 35 dB, although to a much better side – only 7 dB. Note that 2 dB is the permissible noise level in the soundproofed recording room, and 5 dB is the noise level in a muffled room. The device is designed for use in aquariums up to 200 liters and is indeed currently the smallest and most silent water pump in the world. At the same time, the airflow pressure created by the aPUMP pump allows it to be used for high aquariums with a height of water column up to 80 cm! The use of the patented technology has made it possible to achieve an all-time low noise level – in an aquarium, the height of the water column 50 cm is less than 10 dB.


When creating air pumps of the Eheim AIR PUMP range, the designers concentrated on the node providing air movement — a special rubber was used for the membrane, on which magnets were installed, which made it possible to dispense with such a noise source as the armature movement. The campaign paid much attention to the hull design – noise-suppressing technologies were applied. The method of positioning the water pump also contributes to reducing the noise level – it is suspended in a vertical position and the vibration is not transmitted to such resonating surfaces as, for example, the table top. The enclosed diffuser for air spraying allows you to adjust the size and flow of bubbles, so that this source of noise from the bubbles bursting on the surface. The measurements showed a noise level in the range from 18 to 21 dB, depending on the power of the water pump, which corresponds to the noise level that creates a quiet whisper at a distance of 1.5 meters.


One of the quietest filter aerators offered on today’s market for aquarium water pumps and which you, like all the models mentioned here, you can buy from – is released by the JBL campaign – these are the JBL ProSilent line of air pumps that fully meet the need for aeration or mechanical water purification using airlift filters in aquariums of various volumes – from 40 to 600 liters. The measurements showed a noise level of 20 dB for the smallest JBL ProSilent a100 water pumps (from 40 liters to 150) and 30 dB for the most powerful JBL ProSilent a400 (up to 600 liters), which corresponds to the permissible level of extraneous noise in recording studios. The manufacturer notes that over time, the noisiness of the water pump may increase due to clogging of the pores of the spray gun with lime deposits and due to the fact that the air-filter pad placed in the lower part of the body becomes clogged with dust, and the air pump has to work in a super-standard mode. It is easy to get rid of this noise simply by replacing or clearing the gasket and sprayer.

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The same level of noise with JBL ProSilent, showed water pumps company Sicce. The special design in which the legs of the water pump are made completely damps the vibrations that occur in the apparatus, therefore, when placed in a horizontal plane on a solid surface, resonant noises do not arise. It is also possible to hang the water pump in a vertical position, which further reduces noise.

At aquaMole, you can purchase a quiet AIRlight aquarium water pump:

– Sicce AIRlight 1000 for man-made reservoirs up to 180 liters;

– Sicce AIRlight 1500 for high quality aeration of aquariums up to 100 liters;

– Sicce AIRlight 3300 – for aquariums up to 180 liters, there is an electronic power control and two air outlets made of stainless steel.


A little higher is the noise generation in the air pumps of the models of the line APS of the famous German campaign Tetra. In the course of design development, engineers took into account all the shortcomings of the previous series of models and supplied the new devices with special noise-absorbing chambers, the case was made of a denser material and installed unique to date membranes of super elastic rubber. All this allowed us to create a quiet air pump for the aquarium.

The smallest Tetra APS-50 air pump in the range, designed for aeration of aquariums from 10 to 60 liters, produces noise at a level of 25-26 dB, which corresponds to the noise allowed in recording studios. Somewhat noisier Tetra APS-400, designed to aerate aquariums up to 600 liters. The noise level is 35-37 dB, which corresponds to the noise of quiet rustles in a large audience.

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On the forums of aquarists, you can find complaints that the Tetra air pumps of the previous series are quite hot during operation. In the new vodushnogo pumps, this disadvantage is completely eliminated, which, together with the ultra-modern excellent design that is unusual for vodoshnyh pumps, makes them a desirable acquisition.

Silent Air Pump For Aquarium


Aquael campaign air pumps of OXYBOOST and OXYPRO lines. Previous models of water pumps of this company often aroused complaints of aquarists about their noise, but they put up with it because of the high performance of the devices. In new models, the noise was reduced due to the design features (double walls and noise absorbing materials), the use of more elastic rubber as a blower and a unique magnet design. Today, these water pumps are a good combination of high performance and low noise. The Aquael OXYPRO 150 water pump, for example, at 35 dB noise level can pump air at a depth of 2 meters. Naturally, aquariums of such depth are quite rare, so the water pump does not work at full rated capacity, which further reduces its noise.


The low level of noise was shown by the 35-dB Ferplast campaign’s AIRFIZZ line pumps when fully loaded, and the placement in the vertical position reduced the noise level to 32 dB.


Of great interest are air pumps of the German campaign Schego. Formed on the basis of the Schemel campaign known since 1949 & Goetz GmbH & Co KG, this company has proposed a line of models of water pumps that strike with their unpretentious appearance – a simple rectangular transparent case that makes visible all the internal stuffing of the device and gives the impression of creating a homebrew master. The more pleasant were the results of testing – these powerful water pumps, designed to aerate aquariums from 100 to 300 liters, turned out to be quieter than Tetra’s design products. The legs on which the air pumps are installed are rather small – however, the special material from which they are made is enough to completely quench the vibrations. The noise of the most low-power SHEGO PRIMA 100 water pump, designed for aquariums up to 100 liters 30 dB, and the most powerful, for aquariums of 300 liters SHEGO M2K3 is 37-40 dB, which also does not exceed the permissible level of extraneous noise in recording studios.

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The same noise was shown by the water pumps Mistral 300 and Mistral 200 from Aquamedic. The massive body of cast aluminum, specially selected rubber for the legs dampens vibrations and, as a result, the noise of these powerful (300 and 200 liters per hour) aquarium membrane vodushnyh pumps. The level was only 38 dB for the more powerful Mistral 300.

Silent Air Pump For Aquarium


Quite low-noise and models of water pumps Fluval Q2 of the company Hagen, which manufactures devices designed for the aeration of aquariums from 40 to 600 liters. The smallest water pumps emit noise at 35 dB, and the most powerful, for aquariums, 600 liters Fluval Q2 up to 45 dB, which correspond to the noise of the night street when there is no movement on it. Such quiet work with a steady constancy of the air flow, the designers managed to achieve through the use of multi-chamber and double walls with special partitions.


The Atman EP water pumps turned out to be more noisy – almost 40 dB, which corresponds to the noise level of a quiet muffled conversation, although this is exactly the noise level set as a sanitary standard in rooms from 23.00 to 7.00 hours.


The Chinese Minjiang NS 44-45 dB water pumps turned out to be even more noisy, and this is the noise level of a quiet conversation, although, if we take into account that these are quite powerful water pumps, for example, the Minjiang NS 7200 model, shaking 500 liters of air per hour, and quite inexpensive (on average 18-20 dollars), for someone such a choice will seem optimal. In favor of acquiring such a water pump and the fact that it runs on batteries and your fish will not be afraid of emergency or planned power outages.