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Silent Air Pump For Aquarium How To Choose And Install

September 14, 2019

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Small-sized aquarium inlet pump – an essential accessory for keeping ornamental fish at home. His choice and proper installation will provide the necessary conditions for the life of aquatic fauna and flora. Manufacturers offer different types of water pumps, which means that there is a problem of choosing the optimal type of device. Let’s try to figure it out.

Why do you need a water pump in an aquarium?

The answer is obvious to everyone who has seen this device in operation: it increases the oxygen content in aquarium water. Water in a stationary state may eventually turn into a kind of swamp.

And, as a result, to the disease, and in the worst case to the death of the inhabitants of the aquarium. The air pump, supplying air to the water, enriches it with oxygen, creates air and water flows. This process is called aeration, and such water pumps are sometimes called aerators. Simply put, this is an air pump.

Types of water pumps

Aquarium microinductive pumps are divided into two main groups according to their device: diaphragm and piston.

The first type of pump delivers air through the movement of special membranes that allow air flow only in one direction. Such an aquarium inlet pump consumes very little power and works with low noise.

The main disadvantage of this device is low power. Aerator is not suitable for large containers. However, for example, for a 150-liter home aquarium, a small membrane silent water pump will fit perfectly.

Another type of aquarium aerators – piston vodushnye pumps. From their name it follows that air is pushed out with the help of a piston. These aerators are more expensive, but their advantage is high performance and durability.

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True, the noise level of piston vodoshnyh pumps is slightly higher than in devices of the first type. Such aerators are usually installed in large aquariums or columns.

Home aerators of both types are both powered by household electrical network, and from batteries. Each aerator kit includes a flexible hose from which pumped air comes out.

water pump from Sera.

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Silent Air Pump For Aquarium How To Choose And Install

Choice Questions

Aquarium equipment manufacturers produce a wide variety of low-noise aerators.

Schego water pumps

First of all, it should be noted the products of the German company Schego, which produces water pumps for home aquariums and columns of almost any capacity.

So, for a small 70-liter aquarium, a small-sized Schego Prima aerator with a capacity of 100 liters per hour and a power of 3 watts is suitable.

But for a decorative large-capacity water column, you can purchase a Schego W53M silent water pump with a capacity of 350 liters per hour and a power of 5 watts. It provides air to a depth of 5 meters.

Chinese Triton Aerator

One of the most common models of silent micro-air pumps. It has two aeration channels with a power of 2.9 W, which ensures reliable circulation of air and water in an aquarium with a capacity of up to 170 liters.

Equipment from Collar

Very convenient small-sized silent aerators are produced by the Ukrainian company Collar. The aPUMP water pump of this manufacturer is considered one of the most silent in the world. With a power of only 1.5 W, it provides reliable aeration of the aquatic environment in a 100-liter aquarium at a depth of 80 centimeters.

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Exeim water pumps

German company that manufactures only aquarium equipment. Among aquarists known for its noiselessness and quality. Quiet models include EXEIM 100, 200 and 400.

Aquael water pumps

The famous Polish manufacturer of aquarium technology did not ignore aerators. They are distinguished by an unusual appearance, good noise reduction. The most popular models of the line Oxyboost APR plus, and are positioned as absolutely silent.

Tetra aerators

What did not let this German company. This list can be started with different feeds and finished with whole aquariums. Not bypassed Tetra side and water pumps. Like Aquael, Tetra has developed an interesting design for its devices, making them not only ergonomic, but also beautiful.

These examples show that when choosing a silent water pump, it is necessary to proceed from

  • the size of the aquarium
  • power consumption of the device,
  • as well as the required depth of air supply.

Install the silent water pump correctly

Silent aquarium inlet pump is quite easy to install. The external aerator must be placed on the shelf or directly on the glass cover of the aquarium so that the length of the hose allows for aeration from the bottom up.

That is, the end of the spray hose (if any) was as close as possible to the bottom of the tank. Sprayer is advised to use to ensure that air bubbles are as small as possible. In this case, the process of enriching the aquatic environment with oxygen is more intensive.

Some models of the home silent air pump for the aquarium are equipped with suction cups. This is very convenient, as the aerator can be securely attached directly to the glass wall of the fish house. Of course, you must have a nearby power source (sockets).

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If the device is still very buzzing, you can equip it with a foam backing or hang it on a vertical surface. In such a position, the vibration is quenched more intensely.

Also, when choosing an aerator, it is better to pay attention to the presence of rubberized legs needed to absorb noise. In addition, heavy water pumps make less noise due to vibration absorption by their own weight.

How to use aquarium water pump?

There are several opinions when it is necessary to conduct aeration of water. For some aquarists, the silent water pump runs continuously without shutting down. Although the power consumption of the aerator is quite small, many owners of ornamental fish use the device on schedule: 2 hours of work, 2 hours break.

It is also advised to conduct aeration of water at night, with minimal illumination.

The choice of silent air pumps for aquariums is quite wide, and it is quite possible to purchase the most silent aerator. In this case, a quiet life will be ensured for both the fish and their owners.