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Selection Of The Most Silent Water Pump For Aquarium Device Brand, Performance, Price, Overview

August 16, 2019

The purpose of the water pump for the aquarium and its principle of operation

Aquarium inlet pump – a device that contributes to the enrichment of water with oxygen. The operation of the device is as follows:

  • a water pump tube submerged in water, with an intensity, releases air bubbles that saturate the water with oxygen molecules;
  • When the device is operated, ripples are created on the surface of the water, increasing the interaction area of ​​air and water, which additionally contributes to the enrichment of water with oxygen.

The unit mixes the layers of water in the aquarium, preventing it from deterioration and flowering. The operation of the device is called aeration. It is designed to provide a favorable environment for fish habitat and preserve their health.

Do not use a water pump all the time. It will be sufficient to turn it on twice a day for 20 minutes. When the air temperature rises, the water also heats up and spends oxygen more quickly, so in the summer time aeration should be carried out more often and for a longer time.

The first type of devices releases air flow using a special piston. Such water pumps have a long service life and high performance. High power allows you to use them for large aquariums.

Membrane models of aerators release air using membranes. Such devices have low power, but they also consume much less energy. They can be used for containers of no more than 150 liters.

How to choose an air pump for the aquarium

The most important indicators for the aquarium aerator are: noiselessness, power and durability. The cost of the device is also an important indicator when choosing a model.

For aquariums that are in the bedroom, you should choose models of aerators with a minimum level of noise. For high capacity aquariums, high power units will be needed. When buying, please note that the power may be slightly lower than that indicated on the package.

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Beginner fish breeders can use, for medium-sized aquariums, any of the popular and popular aerator models. JBL, Hagen, Aguael, Tetra devices will do. Models of lower price range have a shorter service life.

As a backup, you should buy a portable aerator on the battery or batteries, so that the fish could get a portion of oxygen in any situation.

Best High Power Water Pumps

Schego Optimal. This water pump is quite popular among fish breeders. It is used for aquariums with a capacity of 50-300 liters. The performance of the model is 250 l / h, and the power indicator is 5 watts.

The device has a regulator of air flow and due to weak vibration, it creates the minimum amount of noise. Using a splitter will allow you to connect the device to two or more aquariums. The water pump is mounted on stable legs or suspended in a vertical position.

Eheim. This is a high quality aerator from the German manufacturer. The model contains two channels and produces up to 400 liters of water per hour. It is used for aquariums with a capacity of 50–400 liters, has a regulator of air flow and a power of pressure of 2 meters.

The instrument package contains the parts necessary for connection: a spray bottle with a regulator of the size of air bubbles and a hose 1 meter long. The model differs in silent work and consumes power in 5 W.

JBL ProSilent. Devices of this brand include a series of five models with performance indicators of 50-400 l / h. The electricity consumed by the devices is 2.3-5.5 watts. The flow in the presented models is not regulated, but you can choose the type of aerator for the required aquarium capacity.

Specially designed legs and a silencer provide a fairly quiet operation of the water pump. The instrument package contains everything that is required for installation. The price of the model is an average of 2350 p.

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The best portable type water pumps

Hagen Marina. This device is battery based. With it, you can transport the fish, providing them with an adequate supply of air. The device is useful when turning off the electricity or in case of a malfunction of the stationary water pump.

The complete set has a hose and sprayer. Batteries type D, in the amount of two pieces, are purchased separately. The unit capacity is 50 liters per hour. The model is compact and convenient to use, and also has a low price, but due to weak power, its capabilities are rather limited. Price vodshnogo pump is about 700 p.

The best model of the water pump in quality and price

Aquael OxyBoost. Reliable and easy to use aerator at an affordable price. Rubberized legs in the construction contribute to the absorption of vibration. The model produces 100 liters of water per hour and consumes 2.5 watts of power.

Selection Of The Most Silent Water Pump For Aquarium Device Brand, Performance, Price, Overview

There is no air flow control function, but this does not interfere with the instrument’s ideal operation in small aquariums. The device has a compact size and can serve for a long time, but rather noisy at work. The unit price is an average of 650 p.

DoPhin AP 1301. Convenient to use small size water pump. It consumes 1.8 W of energy and produces up to 96 liters of water per hour. Suitable for aquariums with a capacity of up to 125 liters, has a low noise figure. Additional equipment for installation is not included. The model has an affordable price – 500 p.

Tetra APS. Qualitative type of aerator capable of working in aquariums of 5–100 l. The power consumption of the aerator is 2.5 W, and the performance indicator reaches 100 l / h. The noise level at work is reduced due to the features of the structure and rubberized support.

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It is possible to regulate the flow of air. Additional equipment in the form of a hose, check valve and spray no. The model has a unique design and several colors. The advantage of the device is: low noise, low price, durable membrane. The price of the device is about 1200 p.

Silent air pump for aquarium

For small-capacity aquariums, the JBL ProSilent a100 model is suitable. A special silencer is built into its design, which allows you to safely use the unit even in the bedroom.

A popular model of a silent aerator is a Triton product. This water pump has two channels and provides good circulation of water and oxygen in aquariums up to 170 liters in volume. The German models of the silent water pumps Eheim have high-quality hoses and nozzles included.

A quiet water pump can be made with your own hands, slightly changing the already existing device.

To work with the device will require:

  • instruments;
  • Styrofoam;
  • foam rubber;
  • dish sponge.

If the water pump has a simple device, you can disassemble it yourself by reading the instructions for use. You must open the case and examine the device and the location of all components. The source of the cod of a water pump can be a membrane in contact with any convex part.

To reduce the noise during operation of the device, you can put a sponge for dishes under it. A thicker sponge will better absorb sound. You can also install a water pump in the soundproof box. Instead, you can use pieces of foam or foam. The material is wrapped around the body of the water pump and secured with rubber bands.

Noise may also be caused by clogging of the water pump or weakening of the internal components. In this case, you need to disassemble the device, clean it and fix loose parts.