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Overview Of Silent Air Pump For Aquarium

September 14, 2019

Overview Of Silent Air Pump For Aquarium

an aquarium inlet pump is necessary when maintaining any artificial household pond. It fills the water with oxygen, which is required for the life activity of aquarium inhabitants and plants. But the trouble with many water pumps is that during direct operation they make a lot of noise. During the day, the monotonous sound is imperceptible, but at night it just drives many crazy. Trying to solve this problem, manufacturers of aquarium equipment have developed special models that are silent in operation. But how to choose the aerator from the many proposed?

Types of water pumps and the best models

By design, all aquarium inlet pumps can be divided into two types:

The essence of the work of the first type is that the generated air comes out under the action of the piston. These models differ in high performance and long service life. Because of their high power, they are recommended to be installed to enrich the air in large aquariums.

Membrane water pumps deliver air flow through special diaphragms. Such aerators differ in low power and low energy consumption. But this can also be attributed to the disadvantages, since they are unsuitable for enrichment in large aquariums, with a maximum volume of 150 liters.

But both of these types of aerators are united by the fact that they produce noise during operation, which is very uncomfortable. But on the basis of such a construct, water pumps were developed silent in the aquarium.

Consider the most reliable and popular manufacturers and their best models of such aquarium equipment.

Aerators for small aquariums

water pumps from Aqvel

This company has been on the market for over 33 years. And it is deserved among the top five manufacturers of aquarium equipment. And its model OxyBoots AP – 100 plus is considered the best air aerator for small aquariums at an affordable price. Specifications:

  • volume of enriched water – 100 l / h;
  • designed for aquariums from 10 to 100 liters;
  • power consumption – 2.5 W;
  • small sizes;
  • rubber feet smoothing out working vibration.
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Overview Of Silent Air Pump For Aquarium

The downside of the models under consideration is the absence of a flow regulator. But such a defect is not critical for use in small aquariums.

Polish domestic technology from DoFhin

Since 2008, this Polish company has opened its production in Russia. This suggests that its products are popular with us for its quality and durability. A striking example of this statement is the silent air pump for the model aquarium AP1301. Its characteristics:

  • power consumption – 1.8 W;
  • it is applied in capacities from 5 to 125 liters;
  • quiet operation, almost silent;
  • productivity – 96 l / hour.

Overview Of Silent Air Pump For Aquarium

But the disadvantages include its lack of equipment. Namely, the sprayer, check valve and hose to the aquarium must be purchased separately, which entails additional expenses.

water pumping device from Sicce

Their characteristics also distinguished water pumps from the AIRlight range as the best low-power, noiseless equipment for aquariums. All models from AIRlight have a unique improved design that produces virtually no vibrations. It is supplemented with legs that completely absorb it. Interestingly, when placed in a vertical position, all noises disappear.

Overview Of Silent Air Pump For Aquarium

All models have electronic performance tuning. You can also connect your device to several aquariums at the same time. But this is possible only if their total volume does not exceed the maximum allowed for each, namely:

  • AIRlight 3300 – up to 180 liters;
  • AIRlight 1800 – up to 150 liters;
  • AIRlight 1000 – up to 100 liters.

Aerators for large aquariums

Schego water pumping device

Schego is another popular company in its field that produces a wide range of high quality aquarium equipment. The best model for a large displacement aquarium is Optima. This is fully confirmed by its characteristics:

  • developed aquarium inlet pump for volumes – from 50 to 300 liters;
  • power consumption – 5 W;
  • there is an air flow regulator;
  • the ability to connect to multiple aquariums;
  • can be hung vertically;
  • productivity – 250 l / hour;
  • the device is equipped with stable legs that absorb vibrations;
  • easy filter change;
  • high-quality membrane.
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Overview Of Silent Air Pump For Aquarium

As for the shortcomings, there are no such ones in terms of design. But they can be attributed considerable cost. However, if we compare it with the quality characteristics and capabilities of the aerator for the aquarium, the price is quite reasonable.

Aerator from Collar

The undisputed leader in the category of the most silent and compact water pumps is the aPUMP model. A considered model has been developed with the following characteristics:

  • productivity – 200 l / hour;
  • the height of the column of produced air is up to 80 cm, which makes it possible to use it in high aquariums and aquarium columns;
  • noise level – up to 10 dB, this value shows that it is inaudible even in a quiet room;
  • built-in system of regulation of the air flow;
  • it is possible to replace the filter without additional tools and consult a specialist.

Overview Of Silent Air Pump For Aquarium

The only negative point is its price, but in some cases there is simply no better alternative to such aquarium equipment.

water pump from Eheim

One of the favorite brands among aquarists, who prefer quality and reliability, is undoubtedly this German company. Despite the fact that Eheim specializes in the development and production of advanced filters, their aerators are enviable in popularity. Especially the Air Pump 400 model. Its characteristics are:

  • productivity – 400 l / hour;
  • power consumption – 4 W;
  • designed for use in aquariums and colonies with a volume of from 50 to 400 liters;
  • the design allows you to connect the device to several containers at once, the total volume of which does not exceed the maximum usage tolerance;
  • there is a system for regulating the performance of each channel separately;
  • the greatest power head – 200 cm;
  • innovative nozzles that regulate the flow rate and bubble size are used;
  • A system of different placement has been developed: on anti-vibration feet, on the wall of a pedestal in a suspended state or on the wall of an aquarium.
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Such a model is fully equipped, namely it is attached to the hose in the aquarium and sprayers.

Overview Of Silent Air Pump For Aquarium

If we consider the design of the compress, it is directly reliable and durable. But from the point of view of cost, such a model is the leader among those proposed.

JBL Aerator Filters

The ProSilent line of aquarium equipment combines not only a device that enriches water with oxygen, but also an effective mechanical filtration system. Such models are designed for operation in aquariums from 40 to 600 liters and aquarium columns of various engine capacities.

Overview Of Silent Air Pump For Aquarium

Depending on the model, the noise limit is measured for the weakest at 20 dB and 30 dB for the most powerful. These are not the quietest water pumps, but still, their noise level is low enough not to create discomfort to the inhabitants of the apartment where he works. Also, the manufacturer warns that the noise level may increase over time due to lime deposits on the filter. But this problem is solved by replacing it.

All the above models are the best in the category of silent water pumps. But which one is better in a particular case depends on the properties and individual characteristics of your aquarium.