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Making An Air Pump For The Aquarium With Your Own Hands

August 10, 2019

Continuous saturation of water in an aquarium with oxygen is a necessary condition for creating a comfortable environment for fish habitat. For these purposes, you can make an air pump for the aquarium with your own hands, which will provide oxygen to the water. In the process of its work, small air bubbles are formed, which, rising up, enrich the aquatic environment.

Characteristics and equipment of the water pump.

Making An Air Pump For The Aquarium With Your Own Hands

One of the main characteristics of a water pump is the noise level that accompanies its operation, that is, the lower it is, the better. This is due to the fact that the increased noise level may prevent the owners from sleeping at night and simply annoy them. Having performed the air pump for the aquarium with your own hands, you can minimize the sound effects of the water pump. First of all, you should know which parts are part of the aquarium water pump, there are few of them:

  • engine;
  • water pump;
  • eccentric transmission mechanism.

Also note that the engine power should be at least 50 watts, otherwise the pump will not work efficiently.

Thus, the design of the pump begins with the fastening of the tongues of the valves inside the housing. Gasket and nut is used to fix the diaphragm on the body. The motor is connected in the following sequence. First of all, the plate is attached to the mokhovik from the sides.

For this you can use 2 screws. In this case, the axis is the node through which motion is transmitted. The flywheel must be on the engine shaft. The presence of two slots on the plate provides the necessary eccentric transmission, due to which the axis moves.

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Materials for the manufacture of water pump.

As a material for the manufacture of the flywheel, bushings, as well as parts of the pump should be made of duralumin, and its processing must be performed on a lathe. With the help of an anvil and a hammer, dural washers are converted into plate washers. For the manufacture of the diaphragm, you can use a rubber sheet, the thickness of which should not exceed 1 mm.

It should be noted that the air pump for the aquarium silent must contain a box at the acoustic interchanges. Thanks to this device, vibration effects are minimized, which will be reflected on the nearby furniture or floor.

As a box, you can use a thick porous tissue or other material similar in physical properties.

Cloth can also be used to seal the joints when the lid is closed, and polyurethane foam is an excellent material for the manufacture of legs. To ensure ventilation of the water pump, it is important to leave small gaps when connecting power and hose.

The principle of operation of the simplest water pump.

Making An Air Pump For The Aquarium With Your Own Hands

Also, in order to make a simple air pump for an aquarium, you can use a ball or a rubber chamber with your own hands. Air pumping occurs due to the action of a rubber bulb. For communication, as a rule, tubes made of silicone or vinyl chloride are used, air is supplied to the sprayer through them.

When using this water pump, air is forced 1-2 times a day. This stage is the final in the process of making a water pump with your own hands. Now it is important to remember the rules of its operation, including the basics of safety, and also not to forget to periodically clean the aquarium.

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The operation of a water pump is extremely important not only for fish; saturated water with oxygen also contributes to the maintenance of the vital activity of aquatic vegetation. And the process of making a water pump with your own hands, of course, will bring a lot of pleasure to the master.