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How To Make The Air Pump For The Aquarium Quieter

July 22, 2019

How to reduce the noise of a water pump

Listen to the sound coming out when the air conditioner is off. If the noise comes in the form of a monotonous buzz, then at the initial stage of wear the pulley bearing is noisy. Can also be tightened drive belt. Then check the belt tension, as well as all fasteners of the water pump and the integrity of the bracket.

Check how easily the shaft of the water pump rotates. Turn off the engine and disconnect the power to the electromagnetic clutch. Manually rotate the shaft of the water pump by the disc hub.

Check the microcracks on the mechanical seal and the front shaft seal of the water pump for refrigerant leaks.

Look at the wear of the pulley and pressure plate – it should be uniform. If uneven – then there is a skewed pulley.

Determine if there is extraneous noise while the water pump is running. This will indicate a malfunction of the water pump. This can happen when the system is refilled or underfilled with unprofessional or untimely maintenance. Also check the condition of the air conditioner fan and the level of condenser cleanliness – is it clogged?

See if there are dents on the freon duct that limit its throughput. Also check for dents condenser. Please note that the thermal expansion valve must be open. All of these factors can lead to poor circulation of the refrigerant.

Pay attention to pressure drops, incl. and minor suction and discharge. Look at the work surface of the water pump, its natural wear. Diagnose the water pump. Determine the health of the valve group vodshnogo pump. In case of malfunction, replace parts.

Check the fault of the motor-water pump. Remove the start-protection relay cover and directly relay. Measure the resistance between the casing and the feedthrough contacts. Connect two test leads respectively. If the device shows not a break, but resistance, then the water pump is faulty.

The most silent air pump for an aquarium. Silent air pump for aquarium do it yourself

Breeding aquarium fish only at first glance seems to be a simple exercise. In fact, this event is quite troublesome, because of silent pets requires special care and the creation of special conditions as close as possible to the natural. Before you release the fish in the aquarium, you need to purchase the necessary equipment: a filtration system and water lighting, a device for thermoregulation and, of course, a water pump for aeration and mixing of water. It is about him will be discussed further.

How To Make The Air Pump For The Aquarium Quieter

Silent air pump for aquarium

An air water pump is an apparatus designed to provide aeration of water, enriching it with dissolved oxygen. This device for a home aquarium is a must, as the glass pond is a closed space in which the fish may not have enough oxygen.

The principle of operation of the water pump for the aquarium

The operation of the device is as follows:

  • Submerged pumping tubes intensively release air bubbles that enrich the water with oxygen molecules. The air pressure is regulated by special valves and clips.
  • When the device is operating, ripples appear on the surface of the water, which increases the interaction area between water and air, which contributes to additional water saturation with oxygen.

A water pump mixes layers of water in an aquarium, preventing its flowering and deterioration. The operation of this apparatus is called aeration. Its main purpose is to provide the most favorable habitat for fish and preserve their health.

For aeration of the aquarium, air nozzles are attached to the airway tubes, most often made of a white grinding stone or abrasive substance. Located at the bottom of the aquarium, they emit many air bubbles, creating a very beautiful decorative effect.

How To Make The Air Pump For The Aquarium Quieter

The smaller the size of these bubbles, the greater their total area, which is more favorable for aeration of the reservoir.

Do not use a water pump all the time. It is enough to turn it on twice a day for 20 minutes. In the summer, when the air temperature rises, the water also heats up and spends oxygen much faster, so the device should be turned on more often and for a longer time.

Varieties of water pumps

Aquarium inlet pumps are of several types. The most common and well-known for a long time are:

Quite recently, silent water pumps for the aPUMP aquarium have appeared on the markets. In addition, it is possible to saturate water with oxygen using conventional aquarium pumps or aero-lift filters.

With all the variety of models of devices, their main drawback is the noise they make. If the aquarium is in the bedroom, the noiseless operation of the device is one of its most important qualities. Unfortunately, a completely silent air pump for an aquarium does not exist, since the principle of any kind of apparatus is based precisely on vibration.

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Diaphragm water pump

Air supply in such a device occurs through the movement of special membranes, which work only in one direction. The device consumes a little electricity. In addition, it is a relatively silent air pump for an aquarium.

How To Make The Air Pump For The Aquarium Quieter

Its main disadvantage is low power. Such an aerator for large containers will not work. However, in a home aquarium up to 150 liters of a small membrane device can be put.

Water piston pump

It is also a silent air pump for the aquarium. The air in this model is supplied with a piston. Such devices have a long service life and high performance. Due to their high power, they can be used in large aquariums.

Both types of home aerators are powered from a household power supply or from batteries. Each device comes with a flexible hose for pumping air out.

Recently, the competition piston devices made piezo-device. This is the most silent air pump for the aquarium. However, he also has a drawback – he is thin and does not put in a tank more than 200 liters.

Aquarium pump

To saturate the water with oxygen is often used aquarium pump. This small device has 2 functions – water saturation with oxygen and its purification. Pump acquire for large aquariums. This device does not make much noise as it is immersed in water. The only thing is that a light specific whistle publishes a tube for drawing air from the surface. But this problem can be solved. In modern models, pump tubes are provided with a cap. If you change its position, an obsessive noise can be significantly reduced and even get rid of it.

How To Make The Air Pump For The Aquarium Quieter

How to choose a water pump

The most important indicators of aquarium water pump:

  • power;
  • noiselessness;
  • durability
  • price of the device.

For aquariums located in the bedroom, choose an air pump for the aquarium silent air. For large tanks, you need a high power unit.

How To Make The Air Pump For The Aquarium Quieter

For medium-sized aquariums fit any model. The most popular and common brands are JBL, Aguael, Hagen, Tetra.

The smallest and most silent air pump for the aquarium is aPUMP, manufactured by COLLAR and intended to supply water with the most vital and necessary element – oxygen. Used for containers from 10 to 100 liters and a height of water column up to 80 cm.

How to reduce the noise level of a water pump

Consider ways to make an aquarium air pump silent.

  • Styrofoam;
  • dish sponge;
  • foam rubber;
  • instruments.

We open the housing of the water pump, we study its structure and the location of all the details. The cause of cod may be a membrane that is in contact with some convex part. Carefully do the undercut of the protruding part of the case or cut out the area that prevents the membrane from moving freely.

To reduce the noise of the device can be, if you put a dish sponge under it, which will absorb the sound.

Also, the water pump can be installed in a soundproof box or wrap it with foam rubber and secure with rubber bands.

How To Make The Air Pump For The Aquarium Quieter

The cause of the instrument noise may be clogging or weakening of the internal parts. To fix the situation will help his cleaning and fixing loose details.

Making a silent air pump for the aquarium with your own hands

If you know the basic principle of the device, you can assemble it yourself. First, the water pump takes the air in itself, and then gradually feeds it into the aquarium.

In order to assemble such a device, you must prepare:

  • rubber chamber;
  • manual or pedal pump;
  • tee (three-way tap);
  • plastic tube from a medical dropper, always with a clip.

For the manufacture of a water pump from the tee, we take three tubes: the first to the manual (or pedal) pump, the second to the rubber chamber, the third made from the tubing with clamp, will be used as a hose from which air will flow into the aquarium. We end up closing the end of this tube with a cork, and in front of it we pierce several small holes with a needle in the tube itself. Exactly from them air will go out. It is important to ensure that all connections are tight and reliable.

The principle of operation of such a self-made water pump is the following: first, a tube leading from the pump to the chamber will be used to collect air. Then, when the air is collected and the chamber is filled to capacity, this tube will stop working, and another one leading from the chamber to the outlet tube will start functioning. With the help of a special clamp you can adjust the air velocity, which will go outside. It is best to make the air flow as slow as possible.

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How To Make The Air Pump For The Aquarium Quieter

In principle, the water pump is made by hand. The disadvantages of such a device include the fact that the battery should be pumped periodically. For normal aeration of an aquarium with a volume of up to 100 liters, such pumping is performed approximately twice a day. Therefore, a homemade water pump can not be left unattended for a long time.

Noise aquarium inlet pump?

Hello dear aquarists!

How To Make The Air Pump For The Aquarium Quieter

quiet aquarium inlet pump

Any aquarist knows that the aquarium inlet pump is an artificial aquarium light, because without aeration, the water in the aquarium turns into a swamp very quickly.

But there is one vile feature in the aquarium water pump: it hums very much during operation. And if you turn it on at night, then you are guaranteed a sleepless night!

Is it possible to make the work of the aquarium water pump silent? Can. What exactly? Here you will learn about this by reading the article to the end. So!

In order not to be in trouble in this matter, do the following: measure with the tape measure the length, width and thickness of the water pump. Record the measurement results on a piece of paper. And now add two centimeters to each result.

Here are these results obtained and pick up the box. And if you do not find what is already ready, then take the trouble and do it yourself. (it is very easy to make a box. You make four walls of wood, and then you nail a plywood bottom and a cover on the top. Here you have a ready-made case).

Suppose you already have the box you are looking for. Great, now it remains to make a few additions to the inside of the box.

Put the water pump housing into the box and decide which way the wires go. When you decide, then take a jigsaw and make a neat cut in one of the walls of the box (there you will pass the wires from the case).

Remove the water pump from the wooden box and set it aside. Now take the felt and upholster a wooden box with it from the inside: felt is an excellent sound insulation.

Now put the housing of the water pump in the box, pull the wires through the cut and close the box. Include. All the noise is gone! You do not have to worry: when working inside the box, the housing of the water pump does not heat up.

By the way, thanks to felt, the vibration of an aquarium water pump is significantly reduced, and this significantly increases the time and quality of its work.

If you have not “caught up” with something, then re-read the article twenty times in a row and turn on your imagination – then everything will turn out. Personally, I made such a “vibration isolator” in 30 minutes (although I had all the necessary “gadgets”).

In any case, friends, dare and everything will work out for you.

This is all about reducing the noise of the aquarium water pump.

All the best to you and to new meetings!

Build your own air pump for the aquarium

Home / Fish / Maintenance and care / We build our own air pump for the aquarium

In recent years, modern aquarium lovers have discovered hundreds and hundreds of new exotic species of fish on the market. And unlike the usual goldfish or telescopes that can live in a saucepan, some exotic species require special conditions.

Who, why?

A cheap analogue can “please” various incidents, such as pouring out all the water from an aquarium as a result of interruptions in electricity or just on a whim. And no one guarantees you that in the same year you will not have to change a couple of such devices.

If, for example, an aquarium with a water pump is in the bedroom, then it is unknown if you can sleep in their company. Some water pumps make a rather impressive sound.

And hands can

Coming to the question of a water pump with their own hands, the undoubted advantages include:

  • financial component. We will assemble these devices at home almost from scrap materials. Consequently, it is quite cheap;
  • repair and replacement of nodes. In the same way as we assembled the device, we will be able to repair it as well. Accordingly, there will also be no need to purchase a new device;
  • noise level. With the help of shock-absorbing materials and fasteners, we will reduce the vibration in the device to the maximum;
  • power. Under a different volume of water, we will be able to create an individual, suitable power vodushny pump.
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There are a lot of advantages in the manufacture of a water pump and they are quite significant.

Getting started

In order to assemble the first water pump, we need to prepare some materials.

How To Make The Air Pump For The Aquarium Quieter

Instruction from the magazine for the manufacture of water pump.

For the manufacture of our design we need:

  1. Plastic bottle cap.
  2. A piece of rubber.
  3. Wooden plank for the base.
  4. Plastic tube
  5. Small motor.
  6. Power Supply.
  7. Old plastic card.
  8. Balloon.

For mounting and gluing all this, we still need hot glue.

To begin with, we take a plastic cover, from which we take out the seal from the inside.

  • mark out 2 holes with a marker or felt-tip pen and use scissors or a drill to make holes in the marked places. The hole diameter should be such that a plastic tube is placed there;
  • we take rubber and cut out from it a detail resembling a horseshoe. Using glue, glue it inside the lid so that one of the holes is completely closed with an elastic band, and the other is open. It is necessary to glue only the "horseshoe legs". The hole that covers the gum will serve to take air into the drum, and it should open slightly;
  • Next, we need to make this very drum, or air distributor. On the outside of the cover you need to put on a rubber ball and cut it so that the edges do not extend beyond the edges of the cover. Cutting off trim the edges and fasten with tape around the circumference;
  • from a plastic card you need to cut a round part, the diameter of a little less than the internal diameter of the cover. On the one side of the resulting plastic "coin" we glue the plastic stick from the "chupa-chups" right in the center of the butt. With the other side of the “coin” we glue to the rubber part of our drum;
  • Further, we need to make an imitation of the rocker mechanism. To do this, we cut off a small thickness of a piece of glue for the gun. The adhesive in the cross section is round and we have a plump “tablet”. In this “tablet” we make 2 holes: in the center and closer to the edge. The hole, which is in the center, is designed to be worn on the rotor shaft of our engine, so try on immediately and do not make it too big. Our part on the shaft should sit very tight. In the second hole we will sell a piece of metal wire;
  • We attach the engine to our wooden base and try on the future arrangement of the drum, so that the wire protruding from the “tablet” on the motor shaft intersects with the plastic tube from the “chupa-chups” on the drum. They must intersect at a right angle (90 degrees);
  • in the place of intersection of the wire and tube from Chupachups we drill a hole and insert the wire inside. Cut off an extra piece of pipe and fasten the drum on a wooden base.
  • Take the power supply for the engine at 12 volts. Connect the wires from the power supply and the engine to each other.

We attach the tube to the hole in the drum and your first water pump in the aquarium is ready.

Do not be noisy!

How to make an air pump for an aquarium with your own hands also silent?

Silent air pump for the aquarium will be obtained if you get rid of the maximum number of vibrations in the design. To do this, you can glue a layer of rubber on the underside of the wooden base and fix the engine and the drum more securely.

You need to place the water pump so that all the hoses and wires from the device pass through the nylon cover, in which the corresponding holes are prepared in advance. The key point of this method is that inside the can the water pump should hang in the air without touching the bottom, lid or walls of the can.

The same quiet device can be assembled on batteries. This device can help you out not only when transporting fish, but also if there are power outages in your home.

Not always more expensive means better!

An example of a homemade water pump for an aquarium.

  1. Easy to assemble.
  2. Cheap design.
  3. Elementary adjustment, maintenance or repair.
  4. Low price.
  5. You can achieve a fairly low noise level.

All this suggests that do not be afraid to create equipment for your reservoirs. So you can create equipment, directly for the needs of a specific water capacity, without spending extra finances.