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How To Make An Air Pump For The Aquarium Do It Yourself

August 13, 2019

In order for your fish to live happily ever after, it is not enough to pour water into the aquarium and pour food there regularly. The organization of the existence of the underwater world at home suggests the existence of a number of additional technical devices.

In this article we will talk about what a water pump is, what it is needed in an aquarium and whether it can be made independently from scrap materials.

What is the need for an air pump in an aquarium?

The need for a water pump, or aerator, for an aquarium is due to the fact that the latter is an enclosed space. For this reason, there is a lack of oxygen in it, which, in turn, adversely affects the health of the inhabitants (and fish and plants) of your artificial reservoir.

The way out of this situation is to install a device designed to saturate the water in the aquarium with oxygen.

Air water pumps for aquariums

Before you choose an air pump for an aquarium, you should study the features of its various models. From each other they are distinguished by the principle of operation, power, noise performance, as well as price.

water pumps are divided into the following types:

A diaphragm device, also called a vibration device, causes the air masses to move from the chamber connected to the membrane. In this chamber, due to oscillations of the magnet, pressure drops are formed. The advantage of this design is the low consumption of electrical energy and reliable operation.

Such a device is relatively inexpensive, moreover, it can serve several aquariums at once. The lack of a membrane aerator can be attributed to low power and noise during operation.

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Water piston pump performs its functions due to the movement of the piston, pushing the air. In this case, the rotational motion of the roll is converted into oscillatory. This process leads to the injection of adequate air flow. The main advantage of this type of device is its noiselessness.

At the same time, it is durable and has high performance, which makes it suitable for use in large containers. However, it consumes a lot of electric energy, and it is not cheap.

Aquarium pump is a small device designed to clean the water and saturate it with oxygen. Get it usually for large containers. It does not make a loud noise, because it is immersed in water during work. But the tube of air leaks from the surface creates a barely audible specific whistle.

Modern models of pumps are supplied with a plug for such a tube, by means of which the whistling sounds can be made quieter and even eliminated altogether.

How To Make An Air Pump For The Aquarium Do It Yourself

The scheme of the water pump for the aquarium

air pump for aquarium do it yourself

Consider how you can make a pump for the aquarium with your own hands. For this we need the following materials:

  • rubber chamber;
  • pump (manual or pedal);
  • three-way crane (tee);
  • plastic tube with a clip (for example, from a medical dropper).

So, for the manufacture of a pump aeration device to each exit of the tee should be attached to the tube: the first of them goes to the pump, the second – to the rubber chamber, and the third (for which just need a clamp) will be used as the air supply hose.

The end of the last tube is firmly plugged with a cork, in front of which several small holes are pierced directly in the tube (with an awl or needle). These holes are designed to exit the air masses.

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Important! All connections must be reliable and tight.

The aerator assembled in this way will function as follows. Initially, a duct is used to collect air, which leads from the pump to the rubber chamber.

When the air fills this chamber to failure, the tube will no longer perform its function, but it will be the turn of the operation of the other – leading from the chamber to the exit from the device. Using the clamp you can adjust the speed of the air outlet to the outside. It is advisable to make the air flow slower.

How To Make An Air Pump For The Aquarium Do It Yourself

Aquarium with fish

Silent water pump

Now let’s talk about how you can modify the factory product in order to make it almost silent. For this we may need:

  • Styrofoam;
  • sponge for washing dishes;
  • foam rubber, etc.

First of all, you should open the housing of the water pump and examine its device, as well as the layout of all the elements. In the particular case, the cause of the increased level of noise emanating from the vibrating pumping device may be the contact of the membrane with another part of the device.

To eliminate this defect, it is sufficient to accurately file or cut a section that interferes with the free movement of the membrane.

It is also possible to reduce noise performance by placing a foam sponge under the device, which will contribute to sound absorption. For a water pump, you can build a soundproof foam box or wrap it with foam rubber.

How to install a water pump in the aquarium? (air pump to aquarium)

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The air pump to the aquarium must also be properly installed. To do this, consider some of the nuances.

  • Connection must begin with the choice of location. It can be placed both inside the tank and on the lid of the aquarium or next to it.
  • Internal installation can be carried out both above the water surface, with partial or full immersion. In the latter case, the installation of the check valve is mandatory.
  • It is advisable to install an aquarium heater near the water pump. This neighborhood will allow you to quickly mix the heated and cold water.

Important! Do not forget also to systematically clean the device and aeration. Its clogging contributes to poor performance and can lead to failure. In addition, the contaminated instrument works with a high noise level.

Air sprayer for aquarium do it yourself

By the way, you already know how to create the simplest sprayer – we mentioned this in the process of talking about making a water pump. The function of the small holes at the end of its feed tube is precisely the spraying of air.

Tip! If a tube with holes is placed under the ground along the back wall of the aquarium, in addition to its main function, it will also perform a decorative one, creating an almost meditative continuous stream of tiny bubbles.

Spray nozzles can also be made from any porous materials that will not release harmful substances into the water. Such materials can be abrasive stone or some wood species. Before creating the sprayer, they must be thoroughly boiled in water. Such a nozzle should be perfectly fit to the output tube.