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How To Make An Air Pump For An Aquarium

August 10, 2019

How to do to how to make an air pump for an aquarium. air pump for aquarium do it yourself?

A water pump provides aeration, so necessary for the well-being of plants and fish. First of all, it is necessary in large aquariums; It is advisable to use it in aquariums with a large population. If we are talking about a “pond” in which literally a couple of fish live, then the question of a water pump can not be raised – for such aquariums the work of a water pump will not bring visible results.

The main claim that is made to the connected water pumps is their noisy work. Many craftsmen tend to take control of the problem in their own hands – a homemade air pump for an aquarium can be much quieter than its industrial counterpart.

It is possible to solve the problem of excessive decibels by acquiring a more expensive model, experimenting with power, if the design of a water pump provides such a function. But it is important to remember that there are no completely silent aquarium water pumps, such is the design of this device. And to sleep in one room with a working water pump for many, it soon becomes impossible.

How to make an air pump for an aquarium

For those who do not want to put up with sleepless nights, skillful aquarists create their own, virtually silent, homemade versions of water pumps.

For example, for vibrating vodushnyh pumps will need some spare parts. The water pump consists of an electric motor, a pump, and an eccentric transmission mechanism. Some of these parts (for the pump, flywheel and bushings mounted on it) are machined from the duralumin plate. The membrane is cut out of rubber, the engine for a homemade water pump should be at least 50 watts.

A simple air pump for the aquarium can be done using a rubber camera – even a soccer ball will do. Air pumps pump rubber bulb. Silicone or vinyl chloride tubes should be used to supply air to the sprayer. Air using such a water pump is forced once or twice a day.

air pump for the aquarium AND EVERYTHING THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW.

Why do you need a water pump in an aquarium?

The answer is obvious to everyone who has seen this device in operation: it increases the oxygen content in aquarium water. Water in a stationary state may eventually turn into a kind of swamp.

Remains of vital activity of small fish, grain of feed, dust, small debris, film on the surface, lack of oxygen can all lead to an unfavorable state of the aquatic environment.

And, as a result, to the disease, and in the worst case to the death of the inhabitants of the aquarium. The air pump, supplying air to the water, enriches it with oxygen, creates air and water flows. This process is called aeration, and such water pumps are sometimes called aerators. Simply put, this is an air pump

How To Make An Air Pump For An Aquarium

.The main requirements that must be placed on the device when choosing it

Often the aquarium is in the same room where people relax. Therefore, for the aquarium it is better to choose a silent water pump. This device operates continuously. To reduce the noise level of the device, you can remove it into the cabinet. But then you need too long duct. Therefore, it is worth thinking carefully before making the water pump silent, by isolating it. It is better to purchase a silent device at once. The air pump for the aquarium is the most silent. Water pumps should have a smooth adjustment of the air flow. Such a device can be easily adjusted to a different number of filters and nozzles. The power of the water pump is calculated on the basis of the following parameters: 0.5 l / h per 1 l of water. This is the way to solve the question of which water pump is better suited for a specific tank capacity. For a large aquarium (over 100 liters) use a piston water pump. For such an aquarium, it is better to take a device with low-voltage power (12 volts). In the event of a power outage, it can be connected even with a car battery. You can make a quiet water pump using old equipment yourself. So, in order for a home-made device to work as quietly as possible, you will need a wooden box and a box from under the film. In this case, a quiet water pump is obtained by compensating the shock wave with a jar. The very same self-made water pump hides in a wooden box.

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Also, water pumps are adjustable and not adjustable.

Those. on the housing of the water pump A special regulator is provided which reduces the supplied voltage, as a result of which a smooth adjustment of the air supplied by the pump takes place.

It should also immediately be said that modern water pumps are divided into several groups, for an aquarist they can be divided as follows, first of all it:

– water pumping stations
– professional water pumps
– water pumps for general consumption
– autonomous water pumps

How To Make An Air Pump For An Aquarium

How to install a water pump in the aquarium?

Install a water pump in the aquarium is quite simple. First of all, it is necessary to determine the place where it will be located. This may be the aquarium itself, a cover or a table. The device is placed on top of the water, or below the water level, but then a non-return valve is always installed on the air duct. It is desirable that the aerator is located next to the heater. So the heating water will mix, and the conditions for the fish will be the best.

When the noise of a running water pump causes discomfort, it should be placed on foam or foam rubber. This will reduce the noise, but will not give 100% of the result. Some act cardinally: put the device away and stretch a long hose. Any water pump needs to be cleaned periodically. If this is not done, the performance will decrease and eventually the device will break. Also pollution increase the noise level.

Types of water pumps

The first type of pump delivers air through the movement of special membranes that allow air flow only in one direction. Such an aquarium inlet pump consumes very little power and works with low noise.

The main disadvantage of this device is low power. Aerator is not suitable for large containers. However, for example, for a 150-liter home aquarium, a small membrane silent water pump will fit perfectly.

Another type of aquarium aerators – piston vodushnye pumps. From their name it follows that air is pushed out with the help of a piston. These aerators are more expensive, but their advantage is high performance and durability.

True, the noise level of piston vodoshnyh pumps is slightly higher than in devices of the first type. Such aerators are usually installed in large aquariums or columns.

Home aerators of both types are both powered by household electrical network, and from batteries. Each aerator kit includes a flexible hose from which pumped air comes out.

What is the battery powered water pump used for?

There are situations when urgent transportation of fish is required. However, do not deprive the fish of such important oxygen for them. Otherwise, they may simply die. You can use the road device for a small aquarium. Such equipment operates on batteries, which are very easy to replace at the right time. A water-powered pump with batteries allows you to protect against the death of fish that are outside the stationary aquarium. Such equipment has small dimensions, so taking it with you on a trip is very convenient. A battery-powered device may also be necessary if the power is often cut off in the room. Such a device is recommended to keep in reserve absolutely all aquarists. This is due to the fact that even short-term oxygen deprivation is fraught with fish for death. The question of how to choose a water pump, even experienced aquarists ask. When choosing a water pump, it is necessary to focus not on its price category, but on the amount of water that it can drive in one hour. It is desirable to acquire powerful silent water pumps. You can use a homemade device.

How To Make An Air Pump For An Aquarium

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The required capacity of the water pump depending on the volume of the aquarium

Productivity of the installed water pump depends on the volume of the aquarium. Dependence is directly proportional – the larger the aquarium, the greater the performance of the water pump. The optimal performance of a water pump is 0.5-0.7 liters of air per hour per liter of water. But, this is the bottom bracket. As a rule, it is recommended to purchase high capacity water pumps. Why? For example, you decide to install a second nebulizer in the aquarium. This, as you understand, requires additional power from the water pump and additional capacity. More powerful water pumps need to be bought in those cases if the aquarium is high. Here the water pump will need to overcome the water pressure. In addition, the power of the water pump also depends on the diffuser. The smaller the holes, the greater the pressure necessary to create a water pump.

Disadvantages of water pumps

Main lack of water pump – this is noise. No matter how the manufacturers struggle for noiselessness, they have so far failed to win this fight. Yes, it was possible to reduce the performance of this parameter to 25-30 dB, but it is all the same, quite a lot. As a rule, aquariums are installed either in the bedroom or in the nursery, and since the water pump sometimes works around the clock, its noise in the silence of the night is very noticeable. The craftsmen are hiding water pumps in self-made soundproof boxes, which is a good way out of this situation.
The second drawback is the work of electricity. And how do you know electricity and water are incompatible concepts. Therefore, when installing and operating a water pump, it is necessary to exercise elementary caution.

Water pump care, preventive maintenance

To work flawlessly, a water pump needs care.. It consists in the following:
– regular replacement of air filters (if they are available at its entrance);
– control and replacement of rubber membranes (often because of the rupture of the membrane accounts for the entire water pump, as a repair kit is very difficult to find for a particular model);
– regular cleaning of the diffusers (pull out and rinse in clean water, thereby reducing the resistance of the diffuser);
– monitoring the condition of air hoses, and replacing them if necessary.

Alternative to the water pump in an aquarium

As an alternative to a water pump You can offer an oxidizer. It is extremely simple in design and operation of the device. It does not require the supply of electricity or the installation of batteries, and it is absolutely silent because only chemical reactions occur in it. The principle of operation of the oxidizer is the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into water (H2O) and active oxygen (O), under the action of a catalyst. As a catalyst, there are metals that, when oxidized, take a part of the active oxygen, and the excess oxygen is released into the water.

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read also mollies.

we create the air pump for an aquarium

Aeration is the process of saturation and enrichment of water with oxygen. Such a process is extremely necessary in aquariums, especially large ones. In order to create aeration, an air pump for the aquarium is necessary. It gives small bubbles, which, rising, top, saturate the water with oxygen. One of the necessary conditions for a water pump is that it should work as quietly as possible, if not silently. Since aquariums are often located in rooms where people sleep most of the time, it must work constantly, especially at night, when plants do not emit oxygen.

How To Make An Air Pump For An Aquarium

air pump for the aquarium, self-made – the best solution for those who do not want to put up with noise. But first you need to know what it consists of.

The eccentric gear mechanism, pump and motor are the main parts of the water pump. The engine must have a power of at least 50 W to ensure normal operation of the pump.

So, how to make an air pump for an aquarium and what is needed for that? To construct a pump, it is necessary to glue the tongues of valves in the inner part of the body.

Using a gasket and a nut, press and fasten the diaphragm to the body. Now take up the engine. On the side surfaces of the flywheel you need to attach the plate with 2 screws, having an axis. The transmission node is the axis.

This flywheel is put on the engine shaft. The magnitude of the eccentric transmission affects the plate with two slots that allow you to move the axis.

How To Make An Air Pump For An Aquarium

From duralumin need to turn on the lathe bushings, flywheel and pump parts. Using an anvil and a hammer, plate washers should be made of duralumin washers. From a sheet of rubber one millimeter thick, mount the diaphragm.

To make the aquarium air pump as silent as possible, you will need a box at the acoustic interchanges. This will help to neutralize vibration and sound transmission from the parts of the water pump to the floor, bedside table or table. Twenty millimeters thick boards should be made from the lid and box. Then fasten them with screws, and put foam on the bottom. Thick porous fabric is quite suitable for acoustic isolation, floor cleaning cloths are a great alternative to this. The cover needs to be glued with a cloth in order for it to close tightly, and make legs out of foamed polyurethane. In order for the water pump to have ventilation, the hose and the supply hole must be closed, but not tight.

How To Make An Air Pump For An Aquarium

You can construct a simpler air pump for an aquarium, for example, using a ball or a rubber chamber. A rubber bulb pumps air through PVC tubes or silicone, and air is supplied to the sprayer. Using such a water pump, air is injected 1-2 times a day.

And now our silent water pump is ready, now you need to remember to take precautions, do not lower it into the water, be sure to disconnect from the network if you want to open it or clean the aquarium. A water pump is essential for the inhabitants of the aquarium, including the plants in it. Creating such a necessary thing with your own hands will give you a lot of pleasure.