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How To Make A Water Pump Do It Yourself For The Aquarium

August 3, 2019

aquarium inlet pump with their own hands

Most experienced aquarists sooner or later begin to look for new aspects of their hobby. Initially, it is interesting to buy new equipment, the excitement is gradually born to make it your own. This time we will touch on the topic of how to make an air pump for the aquarium with your own hands.

Mini air pump for aquarium do it yourself

Before you make your own air pump for an aquarium, we will prepare the following materials and tools: a plastic bottle cap, a piece of rubber, a wooden frame base, a plastic tube, a small motor and an old battery for it, as well as hot glue and the usual balloon, still need an old plastic card.

To make an aquarium inlet pump with our own hands, we remove the seal from the plastic cover and apply space under the holes with a marker. We make holes with scissors.

The plastic tube should fit there.

Next, we cut a piece of a horseshoe from a piece of rubber seal, which we glue to the inside of the cover.

The next stage in the manufacture of an aquarium vodshnogo pump with his own hands is to build a structure like a drum. This part will pump the air. We stretch a piece of the ball onto the lid, then fix it all with scotch tape.

With a plastic card with your own hands, you need to make a part of an aquarium water pump in the form of a circle, slightly smaller than the lid.

To one part of the plastic with a hot glue we fix a small stick from the candy, with the other side glue everything to the rubber part of the drum.

Cut off a small piece of glue for the gun. We make two holes with an awl: one in the center, the second closer to the edge.

In the central insert the motor in the side of a small piece of wire.

Next, we fix on the basis of the first motor. Then we try on the position of the second part, cut off the excess and combine everything into one.

It remains only to connect the tube and the motor, and the aquarium inlet pump is ready with your own hands.

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air pump for aquarium do it yourself

The maintenance of aquarium fish is not as simple as it seems at first glance. For full care of the fish will need to create conditions as close as possible to the natural. For example, to saturate water with air and its constant mixing it is necessary to install a water pump. And you can make it yourself and thus save a significant amount of funds.

It is possible to create all the conditions necessary for aquatic inhabitants without installing additional equipment. However, it is quite difficult for non-professional aquarists to take all the inhabitants and plants to create an ecological environment and take a considerable amount of time. Installing a water pump will solve these problems and can be done without the help of professionals.

To build an air pump for the aquarium with your own hands, you will need the following tools and accessories: – a small electric motor; – eccentric;


How To Make A Water Pump Do It Yourself For The Aquarium

Aquarium air pump is manufactured in several different ways. Consider the most simple and common. To create a water pump, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Take a small electric motor and connect it to the power supply. It is recommended to use an engine with a voltage of no more than 12 volts, so that in the event of a long shutdown, the power supply remains able to be powered from the battery for the car.
  2. Further, an eccentric is fixed on the surface of the electric motor, thanks to which a small pump is set in motion.
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The considered variant will be most appropriate in that situation if it is necessary to manufacture an air pump for an aquarium silent. If the presence of noise is not your main criterion, then you can use another method to create a water pump:

  1. As an additional equipment, it is necessary to find an electromagnet. For example, you can use a small magnetic starter that operates at a frequency of 50 Hz from a voltage of 220 volts.
  2. Then it is necessary to attach a small pump to the electromagnet, the membrane of which will start moving from side to side with a similar frequency of 50 Hz. It is through this movement that the pump pumps air, and thus aeration of the water is carried out. The extra noise is generated due to the operation of the electromagnet and for this reason this method is less common.

A self-made water pump will not only be cheaper than ready-made counterparts, but may also be much more efficient than other devices, and will also be easier to repair.

Tips and tricks

How To Make A Water Pump Do It Yourself For The Aquarium

In most cases, the aquarium is installed in those areas where people are constantly. First of all, it should be borne in mind that the water pump must function continuously and therefore do not neglect the quality of its manufacture. If you built a water pump using an electromagnet that creates excessive noise, then such an apparatus can be removed into a closed cabinet. For this purpose, a long duct is useful. In addition, the air pump for the aquarium air can be installed in the box from the old film, which will contribute to reducing the force of the shock wave. A wooden box will hide the structure from sight and affect the sound insulation.

You also need to know that the self-made air pump for the aquarium must exercise moderate control of the air flow. It is recommended to pre-calculate the power of the engine being built in from the formula of 0.5 l / h per liter of water. As mentioned earlier, it is advisable to put a low-voltage water pump in the aquarium (not more than 12 volts).

How To Make A Water Pump Do It Yourself For The Aquarium

It is important for owners of a round aquarium to remember that in this type of design, overly powerful equipment can adversely affect the life of the fish. Their health will be endangered by the rapid circulation of water. This is an important criterion by which a low-power device is best suited for a round aquarium.

It is important that in the presence of a large number of plants inside the aquarium and when oxygen is supplied, the use of a water pump is not necessary during the lighting period. Usually in such cases it is included only at night, when the plants stop producing oxygen and start consuming it on a par with the fish. In order to prevent the water from being poured into the water pump due to the return thrust when the device is turned off, it is necessary to install a non-return valve on the tube going towards the sprayer.

Placement of a water pump in an aquarium

How To Make A Water Pump Do It Yourself For The Aquarium

After making the water pump, it is necessary to properly fix it inside the aquarium. This procedure is quite easy and can also be done independently. Before direct installation, you should select in advance the place where the device will be located. The water pump can be placed either above the water surface or in a small enclosed space next to the aquarium.

Sprays and hoses are recommended to be fixed on the bottom with a heavy object (a shell or a large stone). In that case, if the sprayer can float upward, then the water will be poorly saturated with air. Hoses connected to the water pump should be selected from silicone or elastic rubber. If the part of the hose in the water hardens, then it must be replaced with a new one. It is very important that to ensure the normal life of the inhabitants of the aquarium should be used exclusively special hoses designed for aquarium.

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How To Make A Water Pump Do It Yourself For The Aquarium

Spray guns may only be needed to reduce the number of bubbles. This element can be personally built from special stones. The number of stones depends entirely on the depth of installation of the sprayer. Check whether the fish have enough oxygen in the water, you can observe their behavior. Most species of aquarium fish prefer to move near the bottom or in the middle of the water space. If all the inhabitants of the aquarium periodically float to the surface to swallow oxygen, then it is imperative to revise the design of the water pump.

How to make an air pump for the aquarium with your own hands?

The air pump for the aquarium, created with his own hands, simultaneously performs several functions. First of all, it provides optimal living conditions for the fish in the aquarium. After all, they require constant purification of water and supply it with oxygen. In addition, a homemade device significantly reduces the cost of caring for fish.

With certain knowledge, it is possible to create optimal living conditions for aquatic inhabitants without using a water pump. Good knowledge of the correct use of the necessary algae and calculations of the amount of water per inhabitant are required.

For a person who is engaged in aquariums unprofessional, this is rather complicated information that is practically impossible to apply in practice. That is why making a water pump for the aquarium with your own hands will be an ideal option that will prolong the life of the fish and will relieve you of unnecessary problems.

In order to build such a construction, you need a few elements:

  1. The motor is small in size, with a capacity of only 12 volts.
  2. Eccentric, which will provide rotational motion.
  3. Water pump.

Having prepared all the necessary materials, you can begin to manufacture the simplest design.

It is not recommended to use powerful engines, they will not give any advantages, but they will cause quite a lot of noise.

Manufacturing process

How to make a water pump? There is an answer to this question, which provides for a clear sequence of actions.

Following the step-by-step instructions, it will be easy to make a water pump.

It can be noted that there are a lot of ways to manufacture the device, but it is worth paying attention to the simplest ones.

Option one involves the following actions:

  1. Take a small electric motor and connect it to the power system. As already noted, it is recommended to use a device whose power will not exceed 12 volts. This is also relevant because with a long outage of electricity for its operation, you can use the most ordinary battery or battery.
  2. Further, an eccentric is attached to the engine surface. It will set in motion the pump, which will ensure the process of circulation of water and supply it with oxygen.

This option is silent, the functioning will not disturb the rest during a night’s sleep. If extraneous sounds absolutely do not bother the owner, then you can resort to using the second option:

  1. First you need to acquire additional equipment, an electromagnet will act as it. A magnetic starter with a frequency of 50 Hz will be quite enough at a voltage of 220 volts.
  2. A pump is connected to this electromagnet, the membrane of which begins to move under the action of the magnet with the same frequency. As a result of this process, air is pumped into the pump.

Because of the functioning of the magnet, sound effects are created that make the method less attractive.

Tips and tricks

An aquarium is an attribute that is installed in crowded places. The operation of the water pump to maintain an optimal microclimate in the aquarium should be constant. If manufacturing technology is used, which provides for the presence of an electromagnet, then the water pump must be hidden.

You can hide it in the cabinet under the aquarium, which will not allow the noise to spread. To make this system function properly, you need to get a duct. It is needed to supply air from the water pump to the aquarium.

To reduce the shock wave of the electric motor, you can provide it with an additional level of protection. Protection can be packaging from a film for a camera, it is ideally suited to size. The water pump itself can be hidden in a small wooden box that isolates all the noise.

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The air flow that directs the water pump to the aquarium should be moderate and correspond to the displacement. It is for this purpose that before starting manufacturing it is necessary to count the number of liters in a tank. Even for a large tank of a 12-volt engine will be enough.

It is important to remember that a powerful engine can extremely harm the inhabitants of a liquid medium. The constant circulation of water at high speed completely disrupts all processes in the life of the fish. In the end, after a few days they can all die.

It should be noted that with the proper amount of algae, during daylight hours, an air pump is optional. And in order to avoid an excess of oxygen, in the afternoon you need to turn off the water pump.

Placement of a water pump in an aquarium

The process of making a water pump is quite simple and takes several steps. Now you need to properly fix it in the aquarium. Before starting the procedure, it is worth determining where the device will be located. It should be placed either above the water surface or outside the aquarium in a special tank.

Placement of the hose and sprayer is carried out at the bottom. No need to complicate the process with fasteners, just hang up and squeeze it with a heavy shell or stone. If you place the sprayer on the surface of the water, the enrichment process will be bad enough.

It is recommended to use tubes made of silicone and elastic rubber. They should be soft and resist deformation. In the event of their hardening after the expiration of the time replacement is performed. The life of the inhabitants of the aquarium depends on the tubes and the sprayer.

The tube under the action of water should not release harmful substances. Special materials are sold, which are used specifically for aquariums, they are specially processed.

Air pump for the aquarium, made by hand, is an indispensable attribute that ensures the normal life of the fish. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to this issue.

How to do to how to make an air pump for an aquarium. air pump for aquarium do it yourself?

A water pump provides aeration, so necessary for the well-being of plants and fish. First of all, it is necessary in large aquariums; It is advisable to use it in aquariums with a large population. If we are talking about a “pond” in which literally a couple of fish live, then the question of a water pump can not be raised – for such aquariums the work of a water pump will not bring visible results.

The main claim that is made to the connected water pumps is their noisy work. Many craftsmen tend to take control of the problem in their own hands – a homemade air pump for an aquarium can be much quieter than its industrial counterpart.

It is possible to solve the problem of excessive decibels by acquiring a more expensive model, experimenting with power, if the design of a water pump provides such a function. But it is important to remember that there are no completely silent aquarium water pumps, such is the design of this device. And to sleep in one room with a working water pump for many, it soon becomes impossible.

How to make an air pump for an aquarium

For those who do not want to put up with sleepless nights, skillful aquarists create their own, virtually silent, homemade versions of water pumps.

For example, for vibrating vodushnyh pumps will need some spare parts. The water pump consists of an electric motor, a pump, and an eccentric transmission mechanism. Some of these parts (for the pump, flywheel and bushings mounted on it) are machined from the duralumin plate. The membrane is cut out of rubber, the engine for a homemade water pump should be at least 50 watts.

A simple air pump for the aquarium can be done using a rubber camera – even a soccer ball will do. Air pumps pump rubber bulb. Silicone or vinyl chloride tubes should be used to supply air to the sprayer. Air using such a water pump is forced once or twice a day.