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How To Make A Vacuum Pump Do-It-Yourself Master Class

September 5, 2019

How To Make A Vacuum Pump Do-It-Yourself Master Class

In industry, vacuum devices are needed to remove large volumes of air and gas.

Types and scope

Household vacuuming is used to remove excess air from plastic packaging designed to store clothing or food. When air intake decreases the volume of the container, polyethylene is tight to the product. Using this method helps to store food for a long time, it does not deteriorate even without freezing.

Things and household products (plaids, blankets, pillows) are significantly compacted in the package, as a result of which they take up much less space. It should be noted that the clothes during such storage is reliably protected from moths.

Thanks to vacuum aggregates, it is possible to process wooden products or building materials with a laminating film. Vacuum pumps are used to remove gas or steam in the home. This is necessary in order to restore the tightness of the devices. In addition, the devices have been used in split systems.

The main types of vacuum devices:

  • Water ring – their work is carried out by immersing a device in a liquid, which during rotation draws air from the center of the blade mechanism.
  • Rotor-lamellar units – often produced by two-chamber, act by the method of forcing gas from the first chamber into the second, ensuring the operation of the rotor.
  • Membrane-piston devices – a vacuum is created in them by a piston system. The compressed gas leaves the valve outside the chamber, providing a decrease in pressure and the flow of new portions. Such devices are considered one of the most versatile and silent.

Simple devices

If the device is needed urgently, you can quickly make a simple vacuum pump with your own hands. This will require two plastic bottles of different diameters that easily fit into each other. One of them will play the role of a piston, so you should select tanks that are approximate in diameter, otherwise a smaller sealing layer will have to be made on the smaller one. In addition, you will need a hose from the cycle pump.

How To Make A Vacuum Pump Do-It-Yourself Master Class

First you need to cut the neck at a higher capacity. Then, in the bottom of the smaller bottle, make a hole and insert the bottles into each other (it should be noted that seals may be needed on the inside, which can be made with adhesive tape). Then screw the hose into a large container, necessarily in the opposite direction. The device will deflate the air in the implementation of the movement of the piston from a smaller capacity.

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Lip pump upgrade

You can make a vacuum pump for air exhausting yourself from any cuff fixture. For these purposes, even suitable devices for bicycles. Of course, it is better to take a car pump, because with its improvement there will be much less trouble.

Step by step instructions for making:

  1. Unleash the car device.
  2. Remove the cuff and flip it the other way around.
  3. Assemble the instrument in reverse order. The difference is that the cuff is turned in the opposite direction.
  4. At the entrance to the pump, where the hose is located, by means of which the air is pumped out, screw the check valve. The latter should function by passing air from the vessel to the device. There should be no movement of air mass in the opposite direction. The check valve can be purchased separately or taken from an aquarium water pump. Immediately before installation, you need to blow into it. The one of the sides, which will not let the air through, is screwed to the pump, and the second – to the tube. It should be noted that the device is quite enough to meet the needs of home, but to create a deep vacuum, it is not suitable because of low power.

Vacuum device from water pump

A more powerful device can be obtained from a water pump that is present in air conditioners or refrigerators. Phased workshop on self-assembly of the unit:

With the help of this unit can not pump out air masses that contain a lot of water vapor. This may cause damage to the device. In this case, you need to make the receiver and sump. Such parts will work together as a drainage device.

The vacuum pump can be independently made from an aquarium water pump. To do this, disassemble it and remove the check valves. When the valves are turned, instead of forcing, the air pump will begin to evacuate the air. The procedure is similar to the manufacture of the device from the pump.

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Using a medical syringe

Such a device will certainly come in handy on the farm if you need to pump out liquid or gas in small volumes. The work requires the following details:

  • plastic tee;
  • flexible plastic pipe, its diameter should be identical to the holes of the tee and syringe;
  • 2 check valves for aquarium;
  • a syringe, the volume of which depends on the power of the device (the larger the syringe, the greater the power).

The plastic pipe is cut into pieces of 10 cm each, and then attached to the tee. The tubules should fit snugly against the tee nozzle. This is necessary so that they do not jump off under pressure during operation of the device.

Then the syringe tip is attached to the central tube. The whole structure is presented in the form of a tee, on the sides of which two pieces of hose are fixed, as well as a syringe located at right angles to the retracted ends.

The next step is to install the valves. Often they are marked with a marking arrow. One of them should be placed so that the arrow points from the tee, and the second with the arrow on it. In general, the system will be similar to an input / output pointer.

Manual device is ready. With it, you can pump water from one tank to another by placing one valve in the liquid and the other in the tank for pumping. The arrows act as guides. In the water you need to immerse the valve, the pointer which points to the tee. The system will work when the movement of the piston, which is located on the syringe, starts.

Low vacuum unit

It is quite difficult to do it yourself in the absence of a lathe, welding machine and without special skills. For the manufacture of the necessary cylindrical body. It should be placed shaft, equipped with a paddle wheel. During the water supply, the wheel rotates and under the action of centrifugal forces, a vacuum will be created in the device.

The mechanism operates with an electric motor. A paddle wheel should not be mounted directly in the center. This is necessary so that the gaseous mass is injected and pushed through the system. The downside of such a device is that the liquid, thanks to which the device works, is constantly heated and needs to be replaced.

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The device must be equipped with inlets. With their help, the liquid will flow inside. In addition, there must be outlets through which gas can escape. Such mechanisms are used in large enterprises, as well as in agricultural work for the discharge of gas mixed with sand or dust. For continuous operation, it is necessary to ensure the gas outlet, a constant flow of fluid and the cooling system of the motor.

How To Make A Vacuum Pump Do-It-Yourself Master Class

The mechanism operates with an electric motor. A paddle wheel should not be mounted directly in the center.

Remaking car pump

You can make a vacuum pump yourself with the help of a similar car device. The phased process is as follows:

  • you must first remove the stem with the cuff from the open cover located on the sleeve;
  • before unscrewing the screws, remove the cuff;
  • turn the latter in the opposite direction and put it in place and the stock.

As a result of the manipulations, the suction tube is obtained, to which it is necessary to connect a non-return valve. During installation, you must ensure that the air enters the sleeve. To check this, you need to blow into the valve. To the second end of the valve should be attached tube, which should be made of dense materials that are not amenable to atmospheric influence.

Such a device creates a vacuum in the vessels with food or covers for storing clothes. Breakdowns can be easily eliminated with your own hands. It is enough to study the materials on the device of the original unit. After reviewing the design, you can repair the device yourself, without the help of expensive craftsmen.

To make a vacuum pump with your own hands, you need the desire and the source material. The type of primary device depends on the scope and complexity of manufacturing devices. The great advantage of self-made devices can be considered significant cost savings.