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How To Make A Silent Air Pump For An Aquarium With Your Own Hands

August 1, 2019

How To Make A Silent Air Pump For An Aquarium With Your Own Hands

In the article I will look at how you can make a quiet air pump for an aquarium with your own hands. I will list the principles of his work, the necessary sizes and materials (I will specify how much, what is needed). I will consider the key rules for the installation and maintenance of equipment. Let me tell you how professional equipment differs from the usual and how to make it noiseless.

How to make an air pump for the aquarium do it yourself

Under natural conditions, air enters the water naturally. The process takes place by blowing the surface with the wind.

How To Make A Silent Air Pump For An Aquarium With Your Own Hands

Water pump from a motor

Bubbles are obtained through the operation of a water pump, which pumps air with a pump. Air mass is enough to create comfortable living conditions.

The principle of operation and purpose of the homemade device

At the first stage of the operation of the apparatus, it is necessary to achieve accumulation of a certain amount of air. Next, it is fed to the aquarium.

How To Make A Silent Air Pump For An Aquarium With Your Own Hands

Making a water pump with your own hands is simple

The required sizes

In a small or medium size aquarium, you can install any model of water pump you need. He will be able to supply the fluid with the necessary components and help to avoid green deposits in the aquarium.

How To Make A Silent Air Pump For An Aquarium With Your Own Hands

The principle of operation of the water pump

As a rule, such models do not make noise and do not spoil the aesthetic appearance.

Materials and tools for manufacturing

To create a device, you will need to purchase the following components in advance:

  • Chamber of rubber.
  • Hand pump with car or pedal type.
  • Kranik with three moves.
  • A tube from a medical dropper.
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Instructions for making of improvised means

To tee need to bring the tube. They will connect it to the hand pumps, the ball and the outlet of the hose. At the end of the dropper placed restrictive tube. However, before the tube will need to make a few holes. Through them in the future will go the air.

In the next step, you will need to open access from the camera to the outlet tube. Manipulation will allow to remove the accumulated part of the air into the aquarium. The diameter can be adjusted by means of a pre-set clamp. It should be in the outer part and connect to the tee. The feed rate is adjusted empirically.

The disadvantage of using this variant of the device is the need to inflate the camera.

How to install a water pump in the aquarium

Device Installation Diagram:

  • The sprayer will need to be fixed at the bottom of the vessel. It is also allowed its location on the wall. For this purpose, additional suction cups are used.
  • To the main unit attach the hose and spray. Removal of the required amount of air will be made through the tube. Technological holes are preliminarily formed in the water pump.
  • The water pump is installed outside the aquarium. The water level must be below the location of the device itself. If this condition is not possible, then you will need to include a check valve in the system. Due to this, the liquid will not be able to get inside the device and disrupt its functioning. This will prevent serious damage.
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Permanent water pump care and preventive maintenance

The device will last a long time if properly handled. To do this, you need to adhere to the following scheme:

  • Air filter will need to be changed regularly. The device is located at the output of each device.
  • Membranes also tend to break down quickly. If they are not replaced in time, the entire water pump may break. It is difficult to find a repair kit that will fit a particular model.
  • Diffuser needs constant cleaning. In this case, it is possible to significantly reduce the resistance that is formed in the system.
  • Air hoses tend to fail. Their replacement should also be carried out as needed.
How To Make A Silent Air Pump For An Aquarium With Your Own Hands

Ready air pump for aquarium

The main types of professional aquarium installations

To date, used several options for air pump. With their help, it is possible to create comfortable conditions for the life of the fish. When choosing to pay attention to the type of design:

  • Piston. Professional option, which is advisable to use when the volume of aquariums more than 200 liters. Their disadvantage is the high level of noise. The piston at the time of movement can not create discomfort to others.
  • Membrane. Does not create noise and works on the basis of a membrane made of rubber. It drives the air in the tube.

The device is also installed on the outer or inner side of the aquarium. The method should be considered separately.

How To Make A Silent Air Pump For An Aquarium With Your Own Hands

water pump aerator for aquarium

The price of the system depends on its capacity. It starts at 100 and ends at 20 thousand rubles. The water pump is improved by changing the design, power and other performance characteristics.

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There is a mistaken opinion that aquarium fish do not require care. In fact, this occupation is troublesome. Care can be simplified through the use of modern devices. For example, with filters, water will rarely need to be changed. Additionally, it will be necessary to arrange lighting, thermoregulation and a water pump for air supply. Aeration can be performed using an improvised device from improvised means. To collect enough of the minimum number of components. Thanks to the necessary technology, fish will be able to live a long and happy life.

In order for the life of aquarium fish to be normal, they need proper care.