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How To Install A Water Pump In The Aquarium

July 16, 2019
How To Install A Water Pump In The Aquarium

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  • Posted July 2, 2018
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    Why does the aquarium have a water pump if the filter also supplies air?
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Very useful video, thanks a lot. They told about all the nuances, for beginners in aquarism or for those people who deal with the installation of a water pump, it is just an awesome video. Everything is clearly and clearly explained. Thank you for such a video.

The valve is needed if you fill the aqua with a slide and that’s it.

a lot of superfluous chatter

How To Install A Water Pump In The Aquarium

Long. Video can fit in 3 min.

Great video! Just going to get an aquarium!

Thanks for the helpful review. As a child, there was once a water pump, but there was no filter. Now there are filters in aquariums, but no compressors.))

Standardly, the hose either flies off the check valve or from the cock) once a month.

With the installation of a check valve, the power of the water pump dropped significantly. but he is irreplaceable.

and what he gives. in the return line will go. For 3 years (the compressor on the lid) there have never been any problems. There is a loss due to the valve.

The non-return valve is installed not near the water pump channel but in the upper part of the aquarium or as close as possible to the sprayer, if you turn off the light, as you said, the water goes to the nozzle and when you turn on the light again, for example, if the 2-meter hose is filled with water, the water pump cannot be weaker than the Tetra squeeze back all the water. I don’t see the point of putting a non-return valve if the water pump will be on the aquarium cover. When using the valve, the efficiency of the water pump decreases by 30/50 percent.

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Vlad, how many years have you been doing aquarism? Like!)

Obzor na 1000 And which catfish? Thank you for your work, you have good videos. You have a lot of reviews on various fish on the channel, and you didn’t think to shoot about aquarium plants? I think it will be interesting. And how many aquariums do you have?

I want this))) with a dozen barbs, a pair of angelfish and three catfish.

Obzor na 1000 Why are there so few fish in your tank and what’s the population there? Thanks in advance!)

And really why do you need a water pump if your filter drives air. Is it an advertisement? And why in such cases do not put four pieces? I have flutes in such a way that the surface of the water sways 140l of water and that’s it. everybody feels great. Why should we stop brainwashing or take off so that it is ??

Basil probably you just did not meet with such a fish that dies without air supply for several hours

Obzor na 1000 maintenance filter 1-2-3 hours the fishermen will have nothing to do during this time. I do not have a flat oxygen supply to feed water partially to the surface and all this is enough aqua.140litrov. Therefore all this is nonsense even if there is no electricity for a day the fish will swim near the surface. The rest is your imagination or nothing to shoot so at least something

However, Hello! I need a water pump so that in case of a breakdown or untimely maintenance of the filter, the fish do not die from the lack of oxygen. ADVERTISING WHAT. Why put four when you can put one, but designed for a given volume of the aquarium. In case of breakdown of the pump filter, the flute will lie to you if it helps! I don’t sow my brains to anyone, but I advise you, as it is better for a novice aquarist, to avoid freezing fish! And I shot this video so that inexperienced aquarists know how to install a water pump in an aquarium!