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How To Fix The Air Pump For The Aquarium

July 26, 2019

The better you treat the snag, the less nasty things will remain in it, plus in a long stay in the water the tree is saturated with moisture and less time is required for the wood to become saturated with water and not pop up from the bottom of your aquarium. As a rule, such units are installed when it is necessary to ensure the blowing of a large volume of water in several separate aquariums or reservoirs. This device performs some other functions. Aga Discussing a new shrimp for a friend of the aquarist, the idea was born for this little article. Therefore, it is important to understand what you should pay attention to when choosing a water pump.

You are free to constantly pour into the aquarium some chemistry, which, according to the assurances of the manufacturer, softens the water.

After making the water pump, it is necessary to properly fix it inside the aquarium. It should have a smooth adjustment of the air flow. Neither in the classical rectangular, nor in the round, nor in the aquarium-tower can your pet live for a long time if enough oxygen for breathing is not dissolved in the water. However, if your aquarium is more than 70 cm deep, it is impossible to be guided by this data.

You can use tees, check valves, small taps to help prevent water from leaking out of the aquarium. Yes, even by noise you can find the location of the device.

Now you can come to the question of the required power and performance of aquarium water pump.

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Aquariums, where you do not need to make water changes. This is fraught with problems – since for aquarium fish air is life! The water pumping mechanism works normally and in the most severe frost, since the electric coil of the vibrator seems to be heating the box from the inside. If you are a beginner, then making the feeder yourself will be a rewarding experience for you. Thanks to this device, vibration effects are minimized, which will be reflected on the nearby furniture or floor. Some species of plants can be attached to the snags; they can serve as supports for underwater terraces.

Choosing an air pump for the aquarium

You can try the water pump Tetrotek or Eheim, Eheim is certainly better, but it costs more. Included are sprayers of very high quality and brand hose. But, at the same time, it consumes more electricity and is quite noisy at work.

In general, these panels are different in size. Home · Aquarium with your own hands; Oxygen, oxygen supply and. supply of oxygen / air to the aquarium, that is to say, a water pump / aerator. design of an aquarium of 30 liters · How to make a beautiful aquascape on the first attempt. The power of the water pump is calculated on the basis of the following parameters: 0.5 l / h per 1 l of water.

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How To Fix The Air Pump For The Aquarium

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How To Fix The Air Pump For The Aquarium

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