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How To Choose An Air Pump For The Aquarium

July 12, 2019

How To Choose An Air Pump For The Aquarium

For the inhabitants of your aquarium to be healthy and cheerful, the water must be sufficiently saturated with oxygen. This is especially true with a large number of aquarium fish.

Very much depends on the reliability and accuracy of this accessory. The most important thing is to buy equipment only from reliable manufacturers who have proven themselves on the market from the positive side.

Very often the aquarium is installed in the bedroom or in the office. This leads to the fact that silence is violated around the clock operating equipment. There is a way out – a silent water pump for a small aquarium. This device will perfectly cope with the task and will not disturb your rest.

Consider several well-proven models of water pumps:

All models of Silong water pumps are distinguished by reliability and comfort in operation.

SILON AP-001 water pump is designed for continuous supply of oxygen to the aquarium, with the ability to connect any air-operated device (filter, sprayer, siphon for cleaning the soil, etc.). Productivity: 90 l / hour. Price 160 rubles.

How To Choose An Air Pump For The Aquarium

water pump SILON AP-001

Tetra APS aquarium intake pumps are completely quiet and high-quality water pumps. Price from 600 rubles.

water pump for aquariums BOYU round silent mini-water pump, up to 80l. Price from 1300 rubles.

Super modern silent innovative technological piezo-water pump.
It is used for aeration of water in aquariums, bubble panels or other decorative water objects.
Reliable and high-quality water pump for your aquarium and its inhabitants.
Fastening – using a reliable suction cup to the side glass of the aquarium.
Complete with silicone hose and air spray.
Meets all modern requirements – international quality standards.
Very compact dimensions of the water pump.
Long service life.
Record low power consumption at high performance levels.
Original design and compact packaging.

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Water pumps are designed specifically for home aquariums and therefore should be used strictly for their intended purpose.

A few tips on how to use water pumps:

Never cover the device with a cloth, etc. The obstructed air exchange may interfere with the cooling of the water pump and cause the device body to heat up.
The water pump should be installed above the aquarium, otherwise be sure to use a non-return valve.
During use, ensure that no water gets on the device. The housing of the water pump heats up, therefore it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight and install the device in a well-ventilated place.