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How To Choose An Air Pump For The Aquarium – Tips For Beginners

July 15, 2019

Therefore, to begin with, we will try to figure out why a water pump is generally needed. The obvious answer, which suggests itself, is to enrich the aquarium water with oxygen. However, this is not the last role of this device in the aquarium life. The device is necessary for mixing layers of aquarium water and create water convection. Based on the information received, you can ask the question: “So why then internal and external filters, because they have a similar function?”.

Of course, you are right, but the work of the water pump is quieter, this is especially true at night, or in rooms where utter silence is required. In addition, filters cannot supply small air bubbles through the socket, and this directly affects the solubility of oxygen in water. Just do not forget that not every aquarium can be inserted into the filter, for example, in a spawning or nano-aquarium. In such banks, using airlift pump, they make airlifts, which can easily replace filters.

How To Choose An Air Pump For The Aquarium - Tips For Beginners

In addition, the aquarium inlet pump is a very mobile device, unlike external and internal filters. That is, you can install it in any place you like, but you can even take it out of the room. Only the main thing to stretch the necessary air tubes to the bank The most optimal version of the water pump is a battery-powered device. Older aquarists remember even the Soviet adapters made of rubber pear, in the “ass” of which they make a hole for the discharge of air when transporting aquarium fish. Now this thing you will not find anywhere. Oh, and I almost forgot. Aquarium water pumps for sale are single-channel (with one choke for air supply), two-channel and multichannel. In addition, the devices are adjustable and not adjustable.

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What is the salt? A special regulator is installed on the body of the device, thanks to which the aquarist can change the applied voltage, which allows smoothly adjusting the air supplied to the aquarium. In modern aquarism, there are several groups of water pumps:

  • stand-alone devices;
  • general consumption devices;
  • water pumping stations;
  • professional devices.

I would like to focus on two groups.

How To Choose An Air Pump For The Aquarium - Tips For Beginners

water pumping stations

Their main difference from other devices is high performance due to greater power consumption. Stations are installed, as a rule, if you need to blow huge volumes of water. They are piston and electromagnetic. Structurally, they are not so different. Inside the devices you can find vessels for the accumulation of air and receivers. Here I would also record professional water pumps in this subsection, which are also used when blowing large aquariums with a high water column. Their internal parts are made of high-quality materials, so such devices serve for a very long time.

Autonomous water pumps

These are devices of small size that work from alternative energy sources and are capable of supplying air to the aquarium, even if the electricity has been cut off. It happens that such devices are equipped with a complex of various devices that automatically recharge batteries and supply air when the main equipment is turned off. What to pay attention to a novice aquarist when choosing a water pump for the aquarium.

To begin with, you should know how much your aquarium has and what its net volume, taking into account the soil and decorative elements. You should also know how much water is needed for each adult fish that swims in your underwater garden. In addition, you should know the height of the water column. A small annotation is sent to all water pumps, on the basis of which you can make the right choice. There are now a huge number of manufacturers of aquarium equipment on the market, but the most reliable are atman, tetratec and aquael. Remember, you buy a water pump for at least 5 years, so you should not strive for cheapness, buy a normal unit better.

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And at the end of today’s demagogy, I would like to send a word of thanks to clever men. It is not necessary to pave cotton wool under the membrane to reduce noise. This directly affects the amplitude of the oscillation of the membrane, which leads to disruption of its work and increased wear. In addition, do not wrap devices with different materials, which greatly reduce air circulation. This can cause overheating of the internal mechanisms of the device and its failure. And about the removal of the check valve, I generally keep quiet, it is generally the finish.

That’s basically all for today. Thank you for giving me some of your precious time.