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How To Choose An Air Pump For The Aquarium

August 5, 2019

The principle of operation is as simple as the device device. Pumps for aquariums are equipped with special tubes through which air enters the tank. The oxygen supply is regulated by means of valves. At the end of the tubes are sprayers that emit air bubbles. They are made of abrasive substance. Sometimes they include a grinding stone.

Air bubbles are created using sprays. They are located at the bottom of the aquarium. During aeration, all layers of fluid in the tanks are mixed, and therefore the temperature becomes homogeneous. This process helps to eliminate the dust film located on the surface.

There are special water pumps that simultaneously have a filter – pump for the aquarium. We talk more about them in another article.

Water pumps may differ by the presence of a special regulator. He is responsible for managing the performance of the machine and adjusting the flow of bubbles in the aquarium. The water pump is equipped with a special device, thanks to which the adjustment is made. There are several types of regulation:

  • The mechanical type of regulation is based on the action of the legs or magnets. And their use regulates the oscillation of the membranes.
  • Electronic type limits membrane travel. Among the disadvantages of a high degree of heating element.
  • One of the common types is valve overlap. It is located on the tube, between the air duct and the sprayer. To adjust the air supply to the tank is required to overlap the element.

An unregulated water pump is not equipped with additional elements that regulate it. The device device is simple, but the performance remains unchanged. The disadvantage is the constant noise, which cannot be adjusted by reducing the power of the water pump. It consumes a lot of electricity.

By type of device emit:

The first look is more durable. The principle of its operation is based on the reciprocating movement of the piston, which pushes the air out. The water pump emits little noise, which is a plus of this model. It is well suited for aquariums located in bedrooms or children’s rooms. The model can be installed in tanks with a large volume, as it has a good capacity.

The diaphragm water pump is simpler to install. The principle of its work is different from the first type. This device passes the air flow from the chamber, which is connected to the membrane. Due to the magnet oscillations, a pressure drop is achieved, which leads to the process of supplying oxygen to the reservoir.

You can purchase aerators of two types. It is recommended to install the diaphragm pump in the aquarium during daylight hours. It is possible to attach it to several small aquariums at once. The second type is set at night.

There are aerators that are powered by alkaline batteries. They are thin and make a lot of noise when working. Action time is about 5 hours. Used when moving or lack of access to electricity.

The performance of the water pump plays an important role in the selection. It may depend on the population of the reservoir, as well as its volume. Under the performance refers to the amount of air that surpasses the aerator for a certain period of time. It is calculated by the value, which is 0.5–0.8 l / h per liter of liquid in the tank.

When choosing an aerator, the height of the aquarium is taken into account. The larger it is, the more powerful the apparatus must be, since the incoming air overcomes the pressure of water. Have a role on the power device holes in the sprayer. If they are small, the aerator will need more power to supply oxygen.

Working time depends on the population of the aquarium. Small tanks with a low content of plants and fish do not require round-the-clock aeration.

Work can be adjusted independently. This requires watching the behavior of the inhabitants. If the fish rise to the surface, it is necessary to turn on the device or increase the oxygen supply.

At night, the water pump must work. There are representatives who are nocturnal. Due to the lack of light, plants begin to emit carbon dioxide. Lack of oxygen will lead to the death of the inhabitants of the reservoir.

It is impossible to keep the device permanently on, as the vibration adversely affects the condition of the inhabitants. The exceptions are some species of fish that need round-the-clock aeration.

Each aquarist uses a water pump individually because there are personal requirements for a separate tank.

How does it work

The air pump for the aquarium is equipped with special tubes through which oxygen is supplied to the water. You can adjust the level of air pressure. This is done with the help of special clamping clips and the corresponding valves. For effective aeration of the working space, a porous nebulizer is put on one end of the tube.

Sprayers for aquarium vodushnyh pumps are made of abrasives or ordinary stone for turning. Submerging to the bottom of the aquarium, the nebulizer begins to release oxygen in the form of a multitude of bubbles rising to the surface of the water. Visually, it looks quite attractive, and if lighting is added to such aeration, the decorative effect will be much stronger.

The size of the bubbles is also important: the smaller they are, the more aeration will be. Small bubbles like small fish, but they do not contribute to the effective oxygenation of the entire space of the aquarium. In this regard, it is important to pay attention to the power of the pump purchased: the more powerful it is, the better.

Another obvious plus of aeration is the mixing of different layers of water. This is important for maintaining the average temperature in different parts of the aquarium. Stirring water is better saturated with oxygen.

Vibrating or piston air pump for the aquarium: how to choose?

How To Choose An Air Pump For The Aquarium

When choosing a water pump for an aquarium, several factors must be taken into account. Not every campaign produces quality products. With a constant supply of oxygen to the tank, aquarium inlet pumps should have good power. When choosing a device you need to pay attention to its performance and characteristics.

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Among the well-known brands of aerators are the following:

  1. Schego water pumps.
  2. Collar.
  3. Aquael

water pumps company Schego, which manufactures devices for any type of aquarium. Depending on the volume of the tank, you can purchase a device with different power. Portable Schego optimal aerators are manufactured that are powered by alkaline batteries. They are convenient when moving or lack of access to electricity.

  • The device works silently.
  • The device is equipped with a mechanism that allows adjustment of the oxygen level.
  • High power allows you to set the sprayer to a depth of 5 meters.
  • The model can serve several aquariums at the same time.
  • The dense filter allows to save a spray from hit of dirt and dust.

The Ukrainian company Collar produces good water pumps, distinguished by their reliability. Designed for a small aquarium up to one hundred liters. It can be installed to a depth of 1 meter. The use of a high-precision air chamber made it possible to achieve a low noise level when the device was operating. Quite powerful with compact dimensions.

The air water pump from the company Aquael is one of the most common devices. Takes the leading places in ratings of water pumps. Devices of various capacities are produced, which allows to choose a model for aquariums of any size. Suitable for freshwater and saltwater reservoirs. If necessary, you can replace the prefilter. Equipped with two air channels.

Possesses such positive qualities:

  • Compact size.
  • Low noise during operation.
  • Existence of the valve for adjustment of power.
  • There is an LED indicator that allows you to track work.
  • Low power consumption.

It is necessary to approach the choice of the aerator with care. Some models can not equip the tank with the necessary level of oxygen, because they do not have the necessary power. The noise level and dimensions of individual models are not suitable for some aquarists. Studying the positive aspects and characteristics of various devices, selects the best air pump for the aquarium, suitable for the parameters for your tank.

What is a panacea for a small aquarium or spawning, is not suitable for a huge glass tank or a whole network. Therefore, branded manufacturers offer several lines of water pump models at once, in order to reach as many consumers as possible according to their needs. Universality – exactly what distinguishes the leading suppliers of the market from the less well-known fellows

Any aquarium inlet pump is an air pump designed for aeration. There are two main approaches to the implementation of this idea:

  1. Vibration (membrane) models. The device works due to oscillations of the magnet transmitted to the elastic membrane (as a rule, rubber is used as a material for it). Due to this, pressure drops inside the small chamber, tightly connected to the membrane. From this "compartment" the air moves in the direction of the aquarium.
  2. Piston models. At the heart of the design is an electric motor that drives a piston pump. Rotational movements of the motor shaft turn into oscillatory, thereby achieving the desired power to supply air.

More widespread vibratory vodushnye pumps. The low cost allowed them to take a strong position in the niche of the hobby class, and the well-thought-out design provides high-quality water saturation with oxygen. But it should be understood – such devices function due to vibration, which always acts as a source of noise.

If you don’t want to overpay for a “quiet” vibrating water pump, you should try to solve the problem yourself. For example, you can put a piece of foam under the device, or you can put an aerator in another room where no one is resting.

Piston models are more often purchased by people who are seriously involved in aquarism and can allocate a significant amount to acquire a powerful device. Such devices are classified as professional and able to cope with any home aquarium.

Most often, air pumps (both piston and diaphragm) are powered from the network – this is a classic option. But what to do if the electricity often disappears for a long time? Or do you need to carry fish over a considerable distance?

Like almost any other device, the air pump for the aquarium has a mobile version designed to operate in the absence of electricity. Such a device works on batteries and can be both vibration and piston. The device has a relatively high cost and significant noise while maintaining low power.

Mobile vodushnye pumps on batteries – a good compact option for cases when you can not get to the network. For example, while trading fish at a non-electrified point. The use of such aerators at home is impractical: they "eat" a lot of energy, with the result that the battery pack lasts about 4-6 hours.

If there is no urgent need to disconnect the water pump from electricity, it is better to buy a network model.

Acquisition of a water pump requires careful study of the presented model range. Special attention should be paid to such characteristics:

  1. Performance. The main parameter describing the amount of air that a water pump is capable of overtaking for a certain time period. There are different opinions about the optimal value, first of all it depends on the type of fish bred and the density of the population of the aquarium. Traditionally, the minimum capacity is 0.5-0.8 l / h per liter of “can” volume. For example, for a 100-liter aquarium you will need an aerator for 50-80 l / h, for a 300-liter – for 150-240 l / h. But the presence of a biofilter in the "bank" increases the minimum requirements by 1.5-2 times.
  2. Noise level. It should be understood that this characteristic depends not only on the type of construction, but also on the manufacturer. Moreover, tempting descriptions (for example, “completely silent water pump”) do not guarantee that the device will actually work quietly. It is advisable to check the device yourself, preferably in a quiet room. It is necessary to take into account your own preferences: what seems too loud to one does not bother the other person at all.
  3. Power. It determines the degree of energy consumption and affects the performance, as well as the maximum possible depth of immersion of the sprayer. Mostly on the market are models for 2-11 watts. The deeper the sprayer, the more powerful the device should be purchased.
  4. The number of channels. The presence of two or more channels makes it possible to connect the water pump to several aquariums at once.
  5. The volume of the aquarium. Manufacturers, as a rule, designate the “banks” of what size is the water pump designed for. It is worth listening to this recommendation.
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The best aquarium inlet pumps: a budget of up to 2500 rubles.

How To Choose An Air Pump For The Aquarium

Aquarium pump is an essential attribute for coordinating air flow in aquariums of different sizes. The pump also helps to supply water to the filtration system and acts as a moving element of the filtering system. The main functions of the pump are two:

  • water oxygenation;
  • water filtration.

It can be said that the pump combines the functions of a water pump and a water filter. Therefore, for large aquariums, you should choose the pump that is able to provide a powerful circulation of the flow. This will be useful for fish and other inhabitants of the aquarium. The advantage of this device is a low noise level, because it is immersed in water, therefore, part of the vibration is simply consumed.

Some lovers practice making pumps and water pumps with their own hands. Such a "handmade" only takes place if the user has skills in electronics, soldering parts and has already done such things. Otherwise, the manufacture of the water pump with its own hands threatens to turn into a closure, which, in turn, can lead to the death of all the inhabitants of the aquarium. It is important to strictly adhere to the rules of waterproofing.

If necessary, repair the water pump can be done manually. One of the most frequent breakdowns is winding. It is important to keep the correct number of turns on the coil to avoid overheating from working in the 220V network. Self-made models can work from 12 volts AC, but in order to use the unit without undesirable consequences, you have to figure out how to make it work at a constant voltage. For a quality solution to the problems with the adjustment of the water pump operation in the power grid, it would be best to contact a qualified specialist.

How to install

Install the pump in the aquarium can be easily subject to the instructions. The mechanism must be put on the shelf near the tank. In case of its absence, attach the device directly to the wall of the aquarium using suction cups. The mechanism should be installed in such a way that the sprayer and non-return valve could touch the bottom of the container or be closer to it.

Some aerators operate on alkaline batteries, but the bulk is powered by a current source, so the device needs to be installed closer to the outlet.

The sprayer must be attached to the wall of the aquarium or to its bottom. This is done with the help of suckers. After that, attach the tube to the sprayer and water pump.

What to look for when choosing a water pump for an aquarium

  1. Type of. Membrane models practically do not wear out and do not require interruptions in work. They consume less energy, but they also develop power not as large as piston water pumps designed for aeration of large aquariums (conditionally from 150 liters).
  2. Power supply. Most devices are powered by mains. If such a device is not equipped with a check valve, then if the light is suddenly turned off, the water from the aquarium can flow through the water pump to the floor, not to mention that the fish remain without aeration. There are also variants of water-powered pumps on batteries: they are usually small, portable, have less power. In everyday life it is useful to have both options: the main electric water pump and the spare one on batteries.
  3. Power is measured in liters per hour and shows how much air will be fed to the aquarium per unit of time. The minimum power can be calculated by the formula: 0.5 l / h for each liter of water in the aquarium.
  4. The depth at which you can install a water pump also plays an important role. The harder the water column, which will have to overcome the unit during operation, the more energy will be spent on this work.
  5. The ability to adjust the voltage and, accordingly, the volume of air supplied is useful, but is not present in all models of air pumps.
  6. The presence of an air filter that will clean the air from dust and other impurities before being fed into the aquarium.
  7. Noise level All water pumps are noisy, but in varying degrees. If the aquarium is in the bedroom, then it makes sense to buy a relatively quiet model, spending a little more money, but be prepared for the fact that completely get rid of the noise does not work.

The market offers many different models of water pumps, and getting lost in their diversity is quite easy. There are several points that are fundamental. That they should pay attention in the first place.

  1. Power aerator. The higher its power, the greater the volume of the aquarium device can enrich with oxygen. However, it is important to measure the size of the existing aquarium with the technical parameters of the device. You should not buy a powerful unit designed for use in a 400-liter aquarium, if you mean the operation in a small 50-liter instance. The optimal calculation parameter is 0.5 liters per hour per liter of liquid.
  2. Work with various types of sprayers. If the device is sufficiently productive, then it can work with ceramic nozzles that emit small bubbles. This option is extremely useful for aquatic inhabitants.
  3. Isolation level Of course, any air pump for an aquarium is created for use near water and its vapors. But do not forget that the budget "nouneym" models can be deprived of even basic waterproofing wiring, which can lead to dire consequences. When choosing a model of a water pump, it is important to pay attention to this parameter.
  4. Dimensions, shape and appearance. For those who find it important that any appliance in the house looks stylish, you should take a closer look at the brands involved in the visual component of aerators. Dimensions and the possibility of mounting also serve as an important attribute of the water pump. In a small room, where every centimeter is literally important, positioning a bulky water pump is a real problem.
  5. Vertical and horizontal work. Most water pumps can work both lying on their side, and being suspended from a hook. But not everyone knows that every model has a requirement for operating the device. Ignoring this point, and hanging the device on the wall near the aquarium, you can save space. But such operation may cause damage to the unit. Before purchasing the device, you should consider in advance how and where it will be attached.
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The main disadvantage of water pumps is noise. Many tank owners install an aquarium pump in soundproof boxes. This partially helps to solve the problem. Some manufacturers make models that are installed directly in the tank. During the day, their work is almost inaudible.


How To Choose An Air Pump For The Aquarium

Noise during the operation of the aerator brings inconvenience. There is its alternative replacement – the oxidizer. This is a homemade filter aerator for aquarium. With its help, oxygen is supplied to the tank through a chemical reaction. The basis is the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into oxygen. A catalyst is required for continuous work.

Top 5 aerators

To date, you can purchase many different options for aerators: suspended, battery-powered, piston or membrane type. And if you want to completely assemble the device yourself. The main thing – to adhere to the above criteria, it will protect the owner from annoying errors and unsuccessful operating experience.

A great solution for small aquariums from a famous brand. "Barbus" produces water pumps for aquariums for a long time, the company managed to gain the trust of users from Russia and many other countries. The unit is offered at a record low price, only 449 rubles. The case design resembles a bright yellow plastic box, looks very stylish and cute.

Body materials: metal, rubber plating, plastic. This model produces very little noise in the range from 50 to 60 Hz. This is a good indicator, given the cost of the device. The recommended size of the aquarium in which the aerator can work is from 50 to 250 liters. A very large range, which makes the device almost universal. The weight of the device in the equipped state does not exceed 385 g.

4. Tetra APS 150

In the fourth place of the ranking is a model from the German manufacturer of aerators. This is a great solution for small aquariums from 80 to 150 liters. The cost of the unit is 990 rubles, while the manufacturer guarantees almost silent operation.

The design of the device looks pretty modern. All walls of the body of the aerator are sealed for additional noise suppression. The device is on the rubber stops, providing a lower vibration. The manufacturer also guarantees a long service life of the air pump itself, thanks to the use of parts with increased reliability and a long operating cycle.

The top three are opened by a model from Aqual, a manufacturer with a rich thirty-year industrial history. This membrane aerator type with a bright design and high build quality. The cost of the model on average is only 550 rubles. The considered model is single-channel, i.e. there is only one way out.

The obvious advantage is the ability to work around the clock. This model is designed for use in aquariums with a total volume of up to 100 liters. The manufacturer does not provide for adjusting the supply of oxygen, but the device works fine with various nozzles, allowing it to operate even in seawater aquariums. A wonderful solution for those who are looking for an inexpensive and stylish device.

Aerator from Ukraine, produced under the brand "ejump". A simple and unpretentious device that is created for one single purpose – aeration of the aquarium space. The device costs 1419 rubles. The body is made of high-quality, durable plastic. To date, this model is the smallest in the world among other silent counterparts.

The device is designed for aquariums from 10 to 100 liters. The water column is formed to a height of 80 cm. The maximum noise level emitted by the device is 35 dB. This is a very good indicator. The weight of the device does not exceed 210 grams. Power consumption of only 1.5 watts. Wonderful advanced device for aquariums of small and medium sizes.

In the first place is an aerator from the Kollar brand. This is a quality device for aquariums up to 200 liters. The cost of the device is 1890 rubles. Power models as much as 3 watts. The noise level at maximum load does not exceed 40 dB. The water column rises to a height of 80 cm. The water pump itself has a diameter of 53 mm, which makes it one of the smallest devices in this class.


For the smooth operation of the device care is needed.

  1. It is required to change air filters and rubber membranes in time.
  2. Prolonged use results in contaminated filter.
  3. Holes are clogged and oxygen is poorly supplied to the aquarium. It is necessary to periodically clean.
  4. Sometimes hoses become useless, as crustaceans can damage their claws.
  5. It is necessary to have one more device, in case of breakage of the main aerator.