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How To Choose An Air Pump For The Aquarium

August 5, 2019

All living organisms and fish in the aquarium, including, require oxygen for normal life. But the problem is that an aquarium is a closed system in contrast to natural water bodies, where natural water saturation with oxygen occurs. Partially this problem can be solved by aquarium plants, but they release oxygen only in the daytime, and at night they actively absorb it. To saturate the water with oxygen and were invented aquarium inlet air pumps (aerators). How to choose them will be written in this manual.


What you will need:

  • Money
  • Brain

1 step

Water pumps, in addition to saturating water with oxygen, perform another useful function — they mix layers of water. As a result, a stable temperature is maintained everywhere in the aquarium: on the surface, near the bottom and in other places. Water pumps are divided into two types: vibratory and piston. Vibrating water pumps have an affordable price and low power. They are used to maintain from one to ten aquariums. Piston devices are much more powerful, more expensive and are used mainly by professionals and fish farmers.

2 step

To connect the water pump, you need a hose and sprayer. Also, small taps, tees and check valves are sometimes used to prevent water from leaking out of the aquarium. Hoses preferably silicone or elastic rubber. If the hose in the water hardens – it must be replaced. Use only special hoses for aquarism, other hoses may be poisonous to the inhabitants of the aquarium.

How To Choose An Air Pump For The Aquarium

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To reduce air bubbles discharging from the water pump hose, sprayers are used. Do spray usually from special stones. Sprayers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The deeper in the aquarium sprayers are installed, the less they can be connected to the aquarium. On the packaging of a water pump, usually indicate the maximum number of nozzles that can be connected to it.

How To Choose An Air Pump For The Aquarium

4 step

To find out whether there is enough oxygen in the water, you can observe the behavior of the fish. For example, neons and botsie always float at the bottom. Barbs swim in the middle layers of water. Lineatus love to swim close to the surface of the water. However, if all your fish are near the surface and eagerly swallow air, then things are bad. Immediately turn on the water pump and blow water. But keep in mind that gourami, catfish, goldfish, etc., periodically rise to the surface to "breathe" air, for these fish it is quite normal. For your home, choose a vibration water pump from reputable companies, such as Tetra or Sera. Unfortunately, all water pumps make a lot of noise, and the longer they work, the greater the noise.

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