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How To Choose A Powerful And Quiet Air Pump For The Aquarium

September 10, 2019

How To Choose A Powerful And Quiet Air Pump For The Aquarium

Only by ensuring the correct biochemical parameters of water can one successfully contain aquarium fish and grow aquatic plants. You will need to use an air pump for the aquarium, the main purpose of which is to saturate the water with oxygen, which is necessary for the vital activity of all aquatic organisms. It is necessary to choose the right and subsequently use a water pump, then it will be the key to maintaining a successful balance in the aquarium.

Purpose of the device

Oxygen, even when dissolved in water, is vital for the life of any aquatic animal. That is why you need to use special devices that forcibly aerate water, ensuring its saturation with oxygen molecules. This process prevents the death of fish, shellfish and shrimp and guarantees the creation of optimal conditions for their living.

Modern water pumps are economical in operation. These are completely silent and easy to use devices that have the ability to adjust power, which allows them to saturate with oxygen both small tanks and aquariums of 300–500 liters.

Principle of operation of the device

How To Choose A Powerful And Quiet Air Pump For The Aquarium

The principle of operation of the aquarium water pump is extremely simple. Tubes and special sprays that can be made of porous stone, various types of wood and other similar materials are immersed in water. Under pressure, the air pump for the aquarium supplies oxygen to the tubes, after which tiny bubbles emerge from the nozzles to dissolve in the water and create a movement of the surface layer.

Used aquarium inlet pumps can vary significantly in their capacity and performance, which is expressed in liters per hour. It is necessary to properly select the power of such air pumps, which will not only aerate the water properly, but also prevent the effect of the washing machine when, due to the high power of the pump, the water in the aquarium is constantly in motion, creating not very comfortable conditions for living organisms.

The use of such devices allows not only to saturate with oxygen, but also to mix water, preventing its damage and flowering. Today, the design of aquarium water pumps is simplified to the limit, which ensures their durability, reliability and ease of operation. Properly positioning the transparent tubes and spray in the aquarium, you can create a lot of air bubbles, which adds even more decorative to the underwater garden.

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In the recent past, it was thought that it was necessary to turn on the air pump to supply air to the aquarium all the time. However, with the advent of special devices for measuring the oxygen concentration in water, most experienced aquarists recommend turning on air pumps for oxygen supply only at night, when plants actively consume oxygen from water, which can lead to fish freezing.

How To Choose A Powerful And Quiet Air Pump For The Aquarium

To increase the intensity of oxygen supply should be in the hot season, when the activity of animals increases, respectively, it requires more oxygen. But in the winter, especially in aquariums, which are well lit and have a large number of living plants, the intensity of aeration is better to reduce.

Varieties of water pumps

On sale today you can find water pumps that differ in their type, power and a number of other parameters.. The most widely used today are two types of aquarium water pumps:

Most aquarists choose these or other water pumps taking into account various parameters. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the power of the device and its purpose for aquariums of various volumes. If you plan to place the air pump in the bedroom near the bed, then you should prefer silent devices that are both effective and do not cause any trouble in their operation.

Diaphragm Air Pumps

How To Choose A Powerful And Quiet Air Pump For The Aquarium

The main element of this type of water pump is a special rubberized membrane, which, according to the nipple principle, pumps air only in one direction. The advantage of membrane aquarium vodushnyh pumps is their minimum power consumption, and the leading manufacturers of such equipment produce almost completely silent models.

Disadvantages of membrane vodoshnyh pumps are also available. This is, first of all, their small capacity. Most models of membrane air pumps are designed for aquariums with a capacity of 150-200 liters. But if you want to provide aeration of an aquarium with a volume of 500 liters or more, you will have to purchase 2–3 of these devices by setting the regulator to the maximum possible air supply to the aquarium.

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Piston modifications

If in the recent past, piston vodushnye pumps made in the process of working the hum and vibration, today the best models are almost completely silent, while they have great power. The principle of operation of such devices is extremely simple. Air is forced by the movement of the piston, rod length and amplitude of movement of which can vary significantly.

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The main advantage of using piston aerators is their high power, as well as the possibility of lifting air to a great height. Due to the simplicity of the design of such equipment ensures its maximum possible durability, reliability and the absence of the need for any maintenance during operation.

Air water pumps

Oxygenation of the aquarium can also be carried out with a water pump, which has the function of supplying air and spraying it. In fact, these pumps are ordinary water pumps, on the outlet of which there is a small branch. A small tube is put on the existing tee, the other end of which is displayed on the surface of the water.

The simplicity of the design is combined with the efficiency of use, ensuring the provision of high-quality aeration even in large-sized aquariums. The only drawback of such air-water pumps is a small whistle from air suction, as well as the impossibility of using such methods of aeration in small-sized aquariums.

How to make the right choice

The aquarist will need to correctly select a specific modification of the water pump, which will ensure optimum conditions for the fish and other aquatic organisms in the aquarium. When choosing, consider the following indicators:

  • device price;
  • power;
  • durability;
  • noiselessness

When choosing a silent aquarium vodshnogo pump for a large-volume tank can be purchased as one powerful device, and several low-power models. The latter will be preferable, as powerful water pumps make more noise, and in the event of a failure of one of the two low-power devices, the second one will still work and properly aerate the aquarium, which will warn the sea of ​​fish.

Currently on sale are products of various manufacturers of aquarium aerators. The most popular technology today is from such brands as Tetra, HAGEN, Aquael, JBL and others.

Noise reduction features

It is a constant noise level that is a critical parameter for most people when choosing a water pump. If the purchased device hums, makes noise and vibrates, then it will be problematic to use it in aquariums located in living rooms. There are fairly simple ways to reduce the noise from an aquarium water pump.

For this work will require:

  • screwdriver set;
  • stationery knife;
  • foam rubber;
  • dish sponge;
  • Styrofoam.

It will be necessary to carefully open the aerator, examining the location of all the details. Most often, the vibration and unpleasant sounds are emitted by the membrane, which is in contact with the plastic elements of the case. In this case, you will need to carefully file the protruding parts of the case, cutting off the existing problem areas.

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It is possible to reduce the noise level and continuous vibration by placing a sponge under the water pump. Such a sponge will absorb vibrations and sound, making the device almost completely silent. You can also make a soundproof box, which is knocked out of plywood or wood, wrapped in foam rubber and lined with foam.

It is not uncommon that the cause of noise is weakening or clogging of the internal parts. This can be prevented by timely cleaning and fixing loose internal parts.

The simplest aerator do it yourself

Independently produce an external quiet air pump for the aquarium is not difficult. Such self-made air pumps in terms of performance and versatility of use will not yield to the purchased options.

For the manufacture of water pump, we need:

  • plastic tube with a clip from a medical dropper;
  • plastic tee;
  • pedal or hand pump;
  • rubber chamber.

Three tubes are diverted from the tee, the first of which is connected to the pedal hand pump, the second is responsible for the air supply to the aquarium, and the third tube is supplied to the rubber chamber. As a sprayer, you can use a cork or a dried branch of a mountain ash. All connections should be sealed, for which you can use glass sealant.

The principle of operation of such a self-made noiseless water pump is extremely simple. From the pedal pump air enters the rubber chamber, which is filled to capacity. Immediately after this, the air begins to flow into the outlet tube and slowly exits through the sprayer, supplying the aquarium water with the necessary oxygen.

A silent air pump for an aquarium is the simplest and at the same time necessary equipment that is responsible for aerating the water and supplying it with oxygen. Aquarist will only need to choose the right air pump for the aquarium, taking into account its type, power and a number of other characteristics. If necessary, you can also make an air pump for the aquarium with your own hands, using the simplest schemes from the Internet.

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