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How To Care For Aquarium

July 30, 2019

Recently, an aquarium has become a popular design element of a house or apartment. It is included in the interior in terms of decoration, but it often does not take into account the fact that the aquarium is not beautiful furniture, but a family member! Yes, that’s right; an aquarium is rightly regarded as a whole living organism, or rather a biocenosis – that is, a collection of living organisms inhabiting a certain space, including all types of interactions between them. In addition, it is wrong to assume that the inhabitants of your aquarium are fish and, perhaps, a beautiful sprig of algae. In addition to them, there are still a lot of inhabitants, which you do not see, but, nevertheless, very important. These are microalgae and bacteria. Of course, not all these inhabitants are useful, they often cause illness and death of fish, as well as contamination of the walls of the aquarium and stagnation of water.

How To Care For Aquarium

Thus, it becomes obvious the need for careful and systematic care of the aquarium. It implies not only the feeding of animals and the periodic change of water, but also the cleaning of aquariums, inspection, inspection of equipment and a lot of activities. With the awareness of such a need sometimes comes the question of how to properly care for an aquarium. Care depends on the type of reservoir, its inhabitants and your goals.

How to care for an aquarium where only fish live

Do not forget to feed the fish daily. Select food according to their individual needs. In addition, carefully dose it, because excess feed deposited on the bottom will not only mechanically pollute the water, but also contribute to the growth of undesirable flora. While feeding, carefully inspect the fish, analyzing their behavior: if a fish is passive, does not eat, behaves unnaturally, it should be removed from the general aquarium to avoid the spread of a possible disease.

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Also, do not forget to replace the water in time. In this case, you should not completely merge it – this is a common mistake for beginners. A useful microflora lives in the aquarium water, which should be preserved, and a complete replacement of water can lead to disruption of microflora and the development of pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, it will be correct to drain some of the water and top up fresh. The amount of water being replaced should not exceed 30%. At the same time try not to mix the soil covering the bottom. If a large amount of waste has accumulated in the ground, the amount of feed should be reduced, since this means that the bacteria cannot cope with the processing.

How to care for aquarium with sophisticated equipment

If your aquarium is equipped with a filter, a water pump and other equipment, it should be cleaned regularly (at least 1 time in 2 weeks). Mechanical filters need to be cleaned every 2-3 days. If you do not have such an opportunity or desire, purchase other types of aquarium filters. Chemicals also require regular washing and periodic replacement of the filler. With biological filters, you should be extremely careful: you should not wash all the filler at once – only a third of it. In no event it is impossible to wash such a filter with tap water. This can adversely affect the population of bacteria and significantly reduce the quality of filtration.

An important point – cleaning aquariums. It is convenient to clean the walls with special magnetic devices. However, be careful with scrapers that have blades – you can scratch the glass.

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How to care for an algae aquarium

Aquarium plants, as well as land, require nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide and light for their normal development. In addition, damaged (dried or rotting) leaves and twigs should be removed as soon as possible. If the concentration of nitrogen in the water is low, additional fertilizer should be applied. However, you should not do this at random, it is better to analyze the water, because otherwise you can permanently bring the aquarium out of order. Just like in terrestrial plants, in aquatic plants, it is necessary to form an escape, so that it has a decorative appearance, by cutting off excess parts.

How to care for an aquarium in summer

How To Care For Aquarium

In the hot season the care of the aquarium is somewhat different from the winter. Thus, the rate of evaporation of water increases, and therefore it becomes necessary to add it. Do not forget about the quality of the water that you pour into the aquarium.

In addition, there may be a problem of overheating. Many fish do not tolerate high temperature, so carefully follow the readings of the thermometer and, if necessary, conduct an extraordinary replacement of water with cooler. But at the same time avoid too drastic changes in temperature. Alternatively, you can drop a plastic bottle or plastic bag with ice into the aquarium. In addition, you can use special devices for cooling.

Systematic and high-quality care for the aquarium will ensure not only the decorativeness of the reservoir, but also the health of your pets.