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How To Care For Aquarium Fish

August 6, 2019

How To Care For Aquarium Fish

They say that you can look at the fire endlessly. No less fascinating is the sight of small fish gliding in water, they can be watched for hours, and this does not bother you. In addition, it is well known that, watching the unhurried movements of the fish in the aquarium, peace and tranquility descend on the person, to put it simply – the aquarium in the house is simply wonderful.

Settling Aquarium

Before you start home aquarium fish, you need to think about exactly which species of fish will live in the aquarium, how many they will be, which species are not considered to be predators, and which will be able to live together. The fact is that the settlement of fish in their new home, perhaps the most difficult event in the care of them. By itself, care for aquarium fish is simple. It is necessary to take into account all behaviors and behavioral reactions inherent in each species as a whole, and each individual separately. For example, fish, accustomed to live only in a flock of their own kind, quickly wither and die, living in an aquarium alone.

Small fish of different species quickly die, for which different habitats and water temperatures are necessary. An aquarium looks well-groomed and beautiful if the same ecological environment prevails in it, that is, both the fish and the plant, and the internal structure of the aquarium are kept in the same style. If some tenants are already living in the aquarium, and the owner has decided to add new fish, then they cannot be immediately placed with the old tenants. There are a few caveats to this. First of all, the fish may not get along with each other, even though the owner has studied all the literature and purchased the fish of the villa that he already has, or that may exist together.

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In the aquarium it is necessary to install a special aerator. Air is recommended to serve at least eight hours every day. And if you transfer the aeration system to work around the clock, or at least to the twelve-hour mode of operation, then a much larger number of residents can be populated in any aquarium. More than it is stipulated by the corresponding volume, according to norms.

How To Care For Aquarium Fish

Water in the aquarium

In addition to the details about the main inhabitants of the aquarium, the owner should know everything about the fish’s habitat itself. And these nuances are many – the composition of the water (its hardness and acidity), the conditions of aeration and filtration of the aquarium, the quality and types of food, how to light the aquarium, how often it is necessary to change the water and what the temperature should be.

The main thing, of course, is for the correct and comfortable living of the fish in the aquarium, the most important is the water and its composition. Even the water settled during the day does not always suit some species of fish, since during this time harmful components, especially chlorine, do not have time to go, and it is necessary to defend the water for at least 3 days. You can do it easier, and not wait so many days – just heat the water to 17 degrees and then cool. Thus, water is freed from excess oxygen, which is very harmful to fish.

It is necessary to change the water in the aquarium once in 7-8 days, each time updating the aquarium only more than one third. The fact is that for some species of fish, the change of water is a change in habitat, which can provoke stress in fish, for such species the water is changed only by one fifth of the total water in the aquarium.

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Daily care

How To Care For Aquarium Fish

Control of aquarium equipment

Aquarium fish require a certain daily care, it does not take much time, but it must be carried out every day. And it is good to understand what aquarium fish is, care for them, and in that case everything will be in order.

First of all, care is about supporting all the constant parameters of the environment to which the fish are accustomed. Every day you need to check the temperature of the water, do not forget to turn on the heater in time if the temperature has fallen below normal, and, conversely, turn it off if the water has overheated. The daily procedure also includes checking the condition of the filter, cleaning it if it is clogged. Checking the water pump is also included in the daily routine. If the room is dark, then you need to turn on the lights.

To maintain a constant level of water in the aquarium should also be every day, in case of its decrease, add defused (pre-cooked) water. Be sure to remember that categorically you can not put foreign objects in the aquarium, firstly, it can scare the fish, and, secondly, they can be bacteria that are harmful to the fish. In addition, aquarium fish poorly tolerate tobacco smoke, so in the room where the aquarium stands it is better not to smoke.

Feeding fish

How To Care For Aquarium Fish

Feed the fish need one or two times a day, if they are already adults, and the fry are fed at least four times a day. The amount of food that is given once varies depending on the species of fish. most often, the amount is determined empirically, simply by checking how much food the fish cope with so that large surpluses do not remain – they litter the water in the aquarium and the filters. However, care must be taken not to overfeed the fish, it is also harmful to their health.

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Useful tips

How To Care For Aquarium Fish

Mandatory procedures include daily checking of the condition of not only fish, but also water, habitat and plants. The slightest discrepancy between the color of the leaves of plants should immediately alert, such algae must be removed and discarded. Also come with suspicious growths (they are scrubbed from the walls with special tools). If the fish have any signs of disease – a change of color, dark spots, the swimming regime has changed, such fish will instantly be deposited in a separate aquarium – “into quarantine” so that other inhabitants will not get infected. It is impossible to determine by itself what the fish are sick of; it is necessary to immediately contact a specialist.

Clean the aquarium thoroughly, that is, to do the so-called general cleaning can be twice a month. To ensure that all the fish are transplanted into a spare aquarium, trying to provide them with the most similar conditions, and begin to clean the aquarium. During this, first of all, all the water is drained, the bottom is cleaned, the walls, they are cleaned of accumulated residues of food, dust and waste. After that, carefully wash the aquarium several times, clean and wash the filter. The situation is the same with cleaning, on the one hand one cannot often disturb fish, and on the other hand one cannot help cleaning the aquarium.

Here, perhaps, all the rules that need to be followed, having an aquarium at home, is difficult in how to care for aquarium fish, there is nothing, it takes a little time, and brings pleasure and joy into the lives of the owners – a lot.