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Do I Need Aeration In The Aquarium

August 19, 2019

In nature, plant leaves absorb carbon dioxide and produce O2 during photosynthesis. In reservoirs, plants produce oxygen for all creatures. But in a closed space, it is important to give the inhabitants enough oxygen with a large number of fish and a small number of underwater plants. In these cases, aeration is used in the aquarium.

What is aeration of water

Aeration of water in an aquarium is the process of moving fluid layers. Aeration of the aquarium fills the aquarium water with oxygen. The movement of fluid begins with the release of small bubbles of water from the aerating device. The larger the space of the device, the faster the gas will be saturated with liquid.

In lakes and rivers, the aeration process occurs because of the waves, currents, winds, and the abundance of plants. In an aquarium, plants do this, although they are an unreliable supplier of O2, because they consume oxygen when carbon dioxide is deficient or in the dark.

Do I need aeration in the aquarium

No species of fish that do not need oxygen in the aquarium. There are fish that breathe atmospheric air, they float to the top of the water and swallow it. But most inhabitants need O2.

The aquarium is a living world. It is inhabited not only by people inhabited by pets in the form of fish and other hydrobionts, but also by aerobic bacteria that live in the soil and in the thickets of plants. These bacteria are not dangerous. They support biological balance. In an aquarium without aeration, the balance is disturbed, and the inhabitants cannot exist normally.

In still water, the process of penetration of oxygen particles into the water column is very slow. Oxygen particles in a day go into the water only by 2 cm. For fish in an aquarium, this is very small. Therefore, water must be independently enriched with O2. This is done with the help of filters, water pumps, sprayers.

Do I Need Aeration In The Aquarium

Do I need with plants

The plants in the aquarium produce enough O2 to keep a small number of fish alive. But for the many plant populations there must be a lot. At night, the plants also consume oxygen, leaving living inhabitants without valuable gas. The best solution would be to purchase aerating devices.

Water aeration methods

There are two types of aeration of water.


This is growing plants or breeding snails. When plants are grown, oxygen is released during photosynthesis.

Snails – an indicator of the amount of gas. When the fluid is depleted of oxygen, they are placed on the leaves of plants or on the walls of the aquarium. If the oxygen level is normal, then the snails are placed on the bottom or stones.

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Do I Need Aeration In The Aquarium


This use of equipment for aeration. Used – water pumps and pumps.

water pump

Water pumps spray bubbles into the liquid that enrich the O2 liquid. They should work in the aquarium continuously.

Do I Need Aeration In The Aquarium

Is it possible to turn off the water pump

Devices for aeration of the aquarium can not be turned off. Many novice aquarists turn off water pumps to aerate water at night, because these devices create a lot of noise. This is absolutely impossible to do.

At night, fish especially need to be aerated, because underwater plants no longer produce O2 and absorb it themselves. Aerating devices must continuously and continuously work to saturate the water with oxygen.


Air sprayers are part of the water pumps. With the help of nozzles located in the soil of the aquarium, the air is distributed to the bubbles that the air pump has pumped outside the aquarium. Air is supplied to the aquarium. Bubbles move layers of water. It helps to saturate the liquid with oxygen.

Do I Need Aeration In The Aquarium

Soil filter

Aquarium soil filters perform a similar function with a water pump. Filters create currents. This contributes to the movement of water layers. The upper layer of water, in contact with air, is absorbed by oxygen and overflows to the bottom. When buying and installing a soil filter no water pump is needed.

Do I Need Aeration In The Aquarium

Specialized pumps

Water aeration pumps are equipped with a filtering device and channels for supplying oxygen to the aquarium. It is blown with air much better than a water pump. The capacity of the pump should not be less than a third of the volume of the aquarium.

Do I Need Aeration In The Aquarium

Hoses and connectors

Hoses and connectors are an additional attribute to the water pump or pump. They are needed to move and rearrange devices. The hose and sprayer are attached to distribute bubbles over a larger area throughout the volume of the aquarium.

Aeration without electricity

Suitable for the transport of fish in the absence of electricity.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a catalyst that, when released into water, decomposes into oxygen and water. It is completely harmless to underwater inhabitants. Peroxide is used for resuscitation of choked fish, for the destruction of harmful algae on plants.

Do I Need Aeration In The Aquarium

Oxygen tablets

Oxygen tablets are needed to quickly raise the level of oxygen in the water. Another purpose is the transportation of fish in a short time. As part of one oxygen tablet has 30 mg of oxygen.

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Do I Need Aeration In The Aquarium


Oxidizers work by adding hydrogen peroxide and a catalyst. A chemical reaction occurs, resulting in the release of O2. They are used when transporting fish in the absence of electricity and human intervention.

Manual water pump

Manual water pumps are used for transporting fish for sale. Such water pumps operate without power consumption by pressing hands. The simplest manual water pump can be made from a rubber camera from a bicycle or a ball. Air is forced into the chamber and adjusted by pressing.

Do I Need Aeration In The Aquarium


Ozonation is another type of aeration. Its peculiarity is that instead of air, ozone molecules enter the water. Ozone consists of O2, therefore, ozonation is effective. Ozonization disinfects aquariums, eliminates dregs. This is especially important before spawning fish. It is carried out only when there are no creatures in the water.

Do I Need Aeration In The Aquarium

What affects the oxygen content

The oxygen content in the aquarium is affected by:

  • Temperature. In a liquid with a high temperature, the amount of gas is always less than with a low temperature. Increased temperature is dangerous accelerated metabolism. With the accelerated metabolism, organisms of hydrobionts consume more O2 than usual at the moment when its deficiency is observed.
  • Flora of the aquarium. Plants emit O2 in the light, but consume it at night.
  • Bacteria. Aerobic bacteria living in the soil are useful for aquarium microflora. But with the remnants of food, a large amount of waste, the bacteria are activated and actively multiply. A large number of aerobic bacteria will only bring harm, since it will cause a lack of O2.

How to check the oxygen level in an aquarium

Do I Need Aeration In The Aquarium

Content rate

The optimal amount of oxygen in water is 5–6 mg per liter of liquid. A slight deviation from this indicator is allowed.


Excess oxygen will form air capsules in the vessels. Because of this, the fish may die.

DIY aeration

To make a water pump for an aquarium, you have to purchase a power unit, a motor.

  • Power Supply.
  • A small motor (for example, from the printer).
  • Plastic cover.
  • Candles.
  • Rubber tube.
  • Adapter.
  • Balloon.
  • Wooden stick (for example, from a candy).
  • Stick hot melt glue.
  • Several wooden bars.
  • Plywood.
  • Wire.
  • Eraser (for example, from a bicycle or ball chamber).

How to make your own water pump for aeration:

  1. Balloon cut with scissors half.
    Do I Need Aeration In The Aquarium
  2. Take a plastic cover and drill 2 holes (3 and 6 mm) in it at the same distance. Sand uneven edges.
    Do I Need Aeration In The Aquarium
  3. From the gum cut out the shape of a horseshoe. This will be a device valve. The valve is glued with feet to the inside of the drilled cover. The wide part of the valve should cover the 3 mm hole.
    Do I Need Aeration In The Aquarium
  4. Cut out the part of the ball on the cover. The surface should be elastic, like a small drum. Glue adhesive tape, trim the extra parts of the ball.
    Do I Need Aeration In The Aquarium
  5. Cut a small rectangle out of plywood. It must be commensurate with the motor. Glue the motor on the plywood.
  6. Now we make the basis of the water pump. We take a piece of plywood and 2 bars. Sticks glued to the plywood in the form of legs, supports. We prepare the prepared motor with plywood in the corner. At the bottom, place the connector for connecting the power supply.
    Do I Need Aeration In The Aquarium
  7. We shorten the wand, it should be no more than 8 mm wide. Using an awl, pierce the holes at the top and side. Insert a piece of wire into the hole on the side. The eccentric turned out. It is installed on the motor shaft.
    Do I Need Aeration In The Aquarium
  8. To shorten a stick from a candy by 4 cm. To glue it to a candlestick. To attach it to the eccentric, we drill a hole in the side of the wand and attach it. Attach the other end of the wand with glue to the center of the ball cap. Glue the cover to the plywood.
    Do I Need Aeration In The Aquarium
  9. In the cap with a ball cut a hole of 6 mm. In the hole to fix the adapter, attach the rubber tube.
    Do I Need Aeration In The Aquarium

Aerator is ready to use.

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Opinions aquarists

Devices for aeration in domestic water bodies are not decorations of the aquarium, but the necessary equipment to maintain good conditions for fish.

If the tank is not underwater plants that produce gas exchange, you should definitely equip it with devices for aeration.


  • O2 enters the liquid not from the bubbles that are produced by the pump. Oxygen is above water, on the surface. In still water, gas saturation is weak. The formation of bubbles leads to the movement of water, the formation of water currents and good gas exchange of liquid.
  • When the temperature rises, it is necessary to saturate the water more with gases or to always maintain a constant water temperature.
  • Many aquarists do not test for O2 in water.
  • It is important to equip tanks for rearing fry with aerating devices. In these aquariums, oxygen consumes a large number of individuals under cramped conditions.

Aeration maintains a stable gas exchange of water, destroys films on the surface of the liquid. Therefore, a reservoir equipped with an aeration system will be a safe and secure housing for underwater inhabitants.