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Choosing Aquarium Spray

August 13, 2019

Spraying air ensures the normal functioning of the aquarium. With the help of aeration, water is enriched with oxygen, which is necessary for both plants and fish. Water is also mixed with aeration, which ensures a uniform temperature balance. This process is carried out using simple tools. You can buy a ready-made device or spray to make for the aquarium with your own hands. How to do this, find out right now.

What is an aquarium sprayer?

Air spray for aquarium – a device of simple design, which allows you to create a comfortable environment for the inhabitants and beautiful pictures of the underwater world. This device belongs to one of the most significant systems for the normal operation of the home water reservoir – oxygen supply.

Choosing Aquarium Spray

Small air bubbles are formed by means of a water pump, and through the aquarium spray they enter the water. Thus, the level of carbon dioxide decreases, and oxygenation occurs. It also simplifies the process of supplying oxygen to bacteria, which help clean the aquarium from waste and other contaminants.

Among all the varieties of aquarium sprayers are very popular:

  • plastic (flexible);
  • devices of solid (stone) rocks.

The flexible sprayer is used primarily for large volumes of aquarium. This is due to the fact that they can be made in the form of long tubes, which are able to normally accommodate only in spacious containers.

Choosing Aquarium Spray

Stone can be operated in a variety of volume tanks. However, in comparison with plastic, stone is quite noisy. This point should be considered if the aquarium is installed in the bedroom or it is very small with a small amount of soil. It should be noted that experts prefer the Triol sprayers, because they are reliable and convenient in operation. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the video review (PAR channel) of various types of these devices.

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Making yourself

Choosing Aquarium Spray

Tools and materials

To make a spray in an aquarium, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • rubber tube with a diameter of 10 mm. As for the length, it will be enough 6 cm;
  • a plug that fits on one end of the tube;
  • water pump with a hole for connecting the spray;
  • needle for forming holes in the tube.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Before you make a sprayer into your tank yourself, you need to take a small piece of rubber tube and form holes on all sides by means of a heated needle. Thus, a peculiar sieve should come out.
  2. Then one end of the tube should be plugged, while the other end should be connected to the hose of the water pump. The air entering this hose will be distributed to the tube. A small bubble, seeping through the tube, enters the aquarium. Thus, water is aerated.
  3. It should be noted that the hose used must have sufficient elasticity and rigidity so that in its deflections there are no places that impede the passage of air.

Choosing Aquarium Spray

It is important that all connections are secure and tight. Spraying air can be achieved through the use of a variety of porous materials. These can be abrasive stones, porous wood, or sandstone. Any of these sprayers will look spectacular and original. They not only perform the function of aeration, but also serve as a real decoration of the aquarium.

Video "Aeration in an aquarium: a homemade aerator"

In the video (by Vladimir Nikitin), an amateur hobbyist makes an original oxygen supply device that will become a real decoration of any aquarium. Do not miss the review.