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Choosing A Silent Air Pump For The Aquarium

September 11, 2019

Everyone who kept the fish knows that in order to recreate an optimal environment in an aquarium, it is necessary to saturate the water with oxygen. This can be done with a standard water pump. Aquarium inlet pump is a necessary attribute for the establishment of fish. Without this device, the water in the aquarium will become "stagnant", it will turn green faster. Today, there are two types of devices that have their own design differences, pros and cons.

Types of water pumps

Air pump for the air tank is of two options: diaphragm and piston.


Diaphragm water pump allows save electricity. In addition, it can be connected to two or more aquariums. This type of water pump is different. high reliability, it rarely breaks down and does not require systematic maintenance. He has only one minus – it is quite noisy. However, in fairness it should be noted that there are no completely silent water pumps yet. In this case, it is necessary to seek a compromise between the noise level and the duration of the operating period.

Membrane type vodshnyh pump is best to operate in the daytime. This recommendation is not without reason, since during the daytime noises from the street will partly hide the operation of the device.

Choosing A Silent Air Pump For The Aquarium

In some cases, practiced removal of the water pump from the living room in the hallway or corridor. To do this, it will be necessary to lengthen the tube, moreover, the oxygen supply will be less intense, the greater the length of the tube. However, for such manipulations a rather powerful water pump is required, which is purchased under a large aquarium. In most cases, you can restrict a piece of foam.


If a silent aquarium air pump is needed, then this is definitely a piston type model.. If you plan to choose a large model of the aquarium, then you can use both types. In this case, the instruments compensate for the shortcomings of both types of joint work.

Another feature and advantage of a piston pump is the possibility of its long-term operation. For example, it can be left on all night.

Principle of operation

The air pump for the aquarium is equipped with special tubes through which oxygen is supplied to the water. You can adjust the level of air pressure. This is done with the help of special clamping clips and the corresponding valves. For effective aeration of the working space, one end of the tube is put on. porous nebulizer. Sprayers for aquarium vodushnyh pumps are made of abrasives or ordinary stone for turning. Submerging to the bottom of the aquarium, the nebulizer begins to release oxygen in the form of a multitude of bubbles rising to the surface of the water. Visually, it looks quite attractive, and if lighting is added to such aeration, the decorative effect will be much stronger.

It is worth mentioning that the bubbles rising up very much like gupyoshki, neons and other types of small fish. They float through them, trying to resist the pressure, and together with the bubbles rise up.

Bubble size also important: the smaller they are, the greater will be the area of ​​aeration. Small bubbles like small fish, but they do not contribute to the effective oxygenation of the entire space of the aquarium. In this regard, it is important to pay attention to the power of the pump purchased: the more powerful it is, the better. Small bubbles create more pressure. If the bubble bursts on the surface of the water, it breaks the bacterial film, which leads to an improvement in the microclimate of the entire ecosystem of the aquarium.

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Choosing A Silent Air Pump For The Aquarium

Another obvious plus aeration – mixing different layers of water. This is important for maintaining the average temperature in different parts of the aquarium. Stirring water is better saturated with oxygen.

Aquarium pump

Aquarium pump is an essential attribute to coordinate air flow in aquariums of different sizes. The pump also helps to supply water to the filtration system and acts as a moving element of the filtering system. The main functions of the pump are two:

  • water oxygenation;
  • water filtration.

It can be said that the pump combines the functions of a water pump and a water filter. Therefore, for large aquariums, you should choose the pump that is able to provide a powerful circulation of the flow. This will be useful for fish and other inhabitants of the aquarium. The advantage of this device is a low noise level, because it is immersed in water, therefore, part of the vibration is simply consumed.

Choosing A Silent Air Pump For The Aquarium

Some lovers practice making pumps and water pumps with their own hands. Such a "handmade" only takes place if the user has skills in electronics, soldering parts and has already done such things. Otherwise, the manufacture of the water pump with its own hands threatens to turn into a closure, which, in turn, can lead to the death of all the inhabitants of the aquarium. It is important to strictly adhere to the rules of waterproofing.

If necessary repair of the water pump can be done manually. One of the most frequent breakdowns is winding. It is important to keep the correct number of turns on the coil to avoid overheating from working in the 220V network. Self-made models can work from 12 volts AC, but in order to use the unit without undesirable consequences, you have to figure out how to make it work at a constant voltage. For a quality solution to the problems with the adjustment of the water pump operation in the power grid, it would be best to contact a qualified specialist.

Choosing A Silent Air Pump For The Aquarium

Parameters for selecting a water pump

The market offers many different models of water pumps, and getting lost in their diversity is quite easy. There are several points that are fundamental. That they should pay attention in the first place.

  1. Power aerator. The higher its power, the greater the volume of the aquarium device can enrich with oxygen. However, it is important to measure the size of the existing aquarium with the technical parameters of the device. You should not buy a powerful unit designed for use in a 400-liter aquarium, if you mean the operation in a small 50-liter instance. The optimal calculation parameter is 0.5 liters per hour per liter of liquid.
  2. Work with various types of sprayers. If the device is sufficiently productive, then it can work with ceramic nozzles that emit small bubbles. This option is extremely useful for aquatic inhabitants.
  3. Isolation level. Of course, any air pump for an aquarium is created for use near water and its vapors. But do not forget that the budget "nouneym" models can be deprived of even basic waterproofing wiring, which can lead to dire consequences. When choosing a model of a water pump, it is important to pay attention to this parameter.
  4. Dimensions, shape and appearance. For those who find it important that any appliance in the house looks stylish, you should take a closer look at the brands involved in the visual component of aerators. Dimensions and the possibility of mounting also serve as an important attribute of the water pump. In a small room, where every centimeter is literally important, positioning a bulky water pump is a real problem.
  5. Vertical and horizontal work. Most water pumps can work both lying on their side, and being suspended from a hook. But not everyone knows that every model has a requirement for operating the device. Ignoring this point, and hanging the device on the wall near the aquarium, you can save space. But such operation may cause damage to the unit. Before purchasing the device, you should consider in advance how and where it will be attached.
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Top 5 aerators

To date, you can purchase many different options for aerators: suspended, battery-powered, piston or membrane type. And if you want to completely assemble the device yourself. The main thing – to adhere to the above criteria, it will protect the owner from annoying errors and unsuccessful operating experience. To facilitate the selection of a suitable model, we present the five most popular air pump for the aquarium, with different performance and cost.

5. Barbus (two-channel, 5.5 liters per minute, 4.2 W)

A great solution for small aquariums from a famous brand. "Barbus" produces water pumps for aquariums for a long time, the company managed to gain the trust of users from Russia and many other countries. The unit is offered by record low price, only 449 rubles. The case design resembles a bright yellow plastic box, looks very stylish and cute. Body materials: metal, rubber plating, plastic. This model produces completely little noise in the range from 50 to 60 Hz. This is a good indicator, given the cost of the device. The recommended size of the aquarium in which the aerator can work is from 50 to 250 liters. A very large range, which makes the device almost universal. The weight of the device in the equipped state does not exceed 385 g.

Choosing A Silent Air Pump For The Aquarium

  • very affordable price;
  • quiet work;
  • good equipment;
  • small weight;
  • dimensions, convenient for placement;
  • high performance;
  • interesting appearance.
  • users have complaints about electronics;
  • requires periodic maintenance;
  • uninformative instruction.

4. Tetra APS 150

In the fourth place of the ranking is a model from the German manufacturer of aerators. This is a great solution for small aquariums from 80 to 150 liters. The cost of the unit is 990 rubles, while the manufacturer guarantees almost silent operation.

Silence is achieved through special noise reduction cameras. This technology is not unique, but is most often used in more expensive models.

The design of the device looks pretty modern. All walls of the body of the aerator are sealed for additional noise suppression. The device is on the rubber stops, providing a lower vibration. The manufacturer also guarantees long service life of the water pump itself due to the use of parts of high reliability and long operating cycle.

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Choosing A Silent Air Pump For The Aquarium

  • convenient operation;
  • optimal price;
  • high degree of reliability;
  • low noise level;
  • reliable membrane;
  • nice appearance;
  • tap with adjustable air in the kit.
  • noise level at night;
  • there is no hook for hanging the device;
  • adjustment of oxygen supply by overlapping tubes is not thought out.


The top three are opened by a model from Aqual, a manufacturer with a rich thirty-year industrial history. This membrane aerator type with a bright design and high build quality. The cost of the model on average is only 550 rubles. Considered the model is single channel, those. there is only one way out. Due to the unique shape in the form of a disk, the device is easy to clean from dust. With a fairly high performance unit manages to consume very little electricity, from about 2.2 to 2.5 watts.

The obvious advantage is the possibility of working around the clock. This model is designed for use in aquariums with a total volume of up to 100 liters. The manufacturer does not provide for adjusting the supply of oxygen, but the device works fine with various nozzles, allowing it to operate even in salt water aquariums. A wonderful solution for those who are looking for an inexpensive and stylish device.

Choosing A Silent Air Pump For The Aquarium

  • affordable price;
  • reliability;
  • bright design;
  • performance;
  • famous brand;
  • compact dimensions;
  • low electricity consumption.
  • noise;
  • no adjustment of the oxygen supply;
  • equipment.

2. "aPUMP", for aquariums up to 100 liters

Aerator from Ukraine, produced under the brand "ejump". A simple and unpretentious device that is created for one single purpose – aeration of the aquarium space. The device costs 1419 rubles. The body is made of high-quality, durable plastic. Today this model is the smallest in the world among other silent analogs.. The device is designed for aquariums from 10 to 100 liters. The water column is formed to a height of 80 cm. The maximum noise level emitted by the device is 35 dB. This is a very good indicator. The weight of the device does not exceed 210 grams. Power consumption of only 1.5 watts. Wonderful advanced device for aquariums of small and medium sizes.

Choosing A Silent Air Pump For The Aquarium

  • reliability;
  • build quality;
  • low current consumption;
  • small weight;
  • ABS body material;
  • productive motor;
  • guarantee period.
  • cost;
  • bubble intensity too high;
  • need to buy more materials.

1. COLLAR AquaLighter aPUMP MAXI for aquariums up to 200 liters

In the first place is an aerator from the Kollar brand. This is a quality device for aquariums up to 200 liters. The cost of the device is 1890 rubles. Power models as much as 3 watts. The noise level at maximum load does not exceed 40 dB. The water column rises to a height of 80 cm. The water pump itself has a diameter of 53 mm, which makes it one of the smallest devices in this class. The model is different high-quality assembly and long service life. The best solution for those who are not used to save on quality and are not ready to sacrifice performance because of the price. Suitable for aquariums of any shape.

Choosing A Silent Air Pump For The Aquarium

Important! Thanks to the hanging loop, the device can be hung on the wall near the aquarium.