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Choice Of Silent Water Pump For Aquarium

August 17, 2019

Selection of a silent water pump. Customization.

Many of the main negative emotions from the maintenance of the aquarium in the house associated with the noise of the air vodushnogo pump for aeration of water. Therefore, novice aquarists are trying to get rid of the water pump, choosing a rather dangerous option of aeration using an internal filter.

Let’s try to understand this problem.

Inside the water pump for the aquarium there are “membrane” chambers with a chain of “nipples”. The center of the membrane is driven in translational oscillations using a “transformer coil” and magnets.

There is only one membrane in low-cost, low-power aquarium water pumps, which causes significant vibrations and, therefore, low-frequency noise with a frequency of 50 hertz, which has the ability to “penetrate everywhere”.

In more productive models there are two membrane chambers located symmetrically to each other, and therefore low-frequency vibrations arise oppositely, extinguishing each other.

Also, manufacturers of many expensive "silent" models of water pumps achieve the result of using high-quality membranes and special designs that came as a result of research work.

Regulation of aeration intensity, which affects the noise.

Regulation of a water pump can be:

1. electronic, which limits the course of the membranes, is a good option, although the electronic part of the regulator is subject to heating.

2. blocking the discharge channel, this is the most common option, it includes a shut-off valve on the duct to the sprayer. As a result of overlapping, vibration and noise from the water pump are significantly reduced.

But there is one very big problem – the load on the membranes of the water pump increases significantly! Which greatly accelerate their damage.

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3. In some models, in particular in expensive ones, regulation is performed mechanically: either by limiting the amplitude of the oscillation of the membrane with the paw or by pushing the magnets away from the coil. Yes, in both cases, the regulation occurs without an increase in the load on the membrane and reduces vibration / noise. BUT over time, these legs or the seat of the regulators break up.

Tips for buying a water pump for an aquarium:

1. Do not choose a cheap water pump, it will be very noisy, or in case of a flow restriction it will quickly fail.

2. Choose a two-chamber or four-chamber air pump for an aquarium with a clear margin downstream.

And with the presence of an electronic controller, or expensive "specially quiet series."

Connect all the outputs together, and regulate it with a built-in electronic controller. This will significantly reduce vibration and noise from the water pump.

If you dilute the flow to several consumers – the regulator on the “tightly purged” sprayers should be as open as possible, this will significantly reduce the load on the membranes of the water pump.

3. When buying, ask for a few water pumps of the selected model, turn on to maximum, and take in hand that the vibrations created may differ from each other.

We hope our advice has helped you deal with the correct way of organizing aeration, as well as the cause of the noise of water pumps, and you can choose quiet equipment for your use.

Choice Of Silent Water Pump For Aquarium

P.S. The comments welcome the discussion of various models and brands, BUT WITH MANDATORY mention of the design and regulation options.

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September 17, 2014 Mihai

Choice Of Silent Water Pump For Aquarium