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Can I Do An Air Pump For The Aquarium With My Own Hands

July 29, 2019

Everyone knows that fish, living in water, breathe oxygen dissolved in it. Their gills are the respiratory organ.

Do you need air aquarium inhabitants

In natural waters, water is saturated with oxygen molecules due to winds, waves and currents. In the aquarium, such processes are absent, therefore, to preserve this artificial world, they use forced air injection – aeration. It is clear that if there is no respiratory gas in the habitat, the fish will simply die.

The downside of artificial aeration is that when there is an excess of oxygen in the aquarium, its population also faces a separation from life. When the fish they swim on the surface and capture his mouth. When there is a lot of gas, all that is inside is covered with a large number of bubbles.

Functions of the water pump

Air is necessary not only for daphnia, gopashkam, catfish and their relatives. Plants emit during the day and consume oxygen at night along with the rest of the creatures living in this closed system.

Can I Do An Air Pump For The Aquarium With My Own Hands

How can you solve the problem of lack of air? Install a special air pump – air pump for the aquarium. The hands can make the simplest version of such a device for a small glass pond.

In addition to oxygenation, the pump performs another important function: the water layers are mixed with air bubbles and a homogeneous ambient temperature is created.

How to make an air pump for the aquarium do it yourself

To create the most primitive device from virtually nothing, you need the following:

  • air storage;
  • ordinary hand pump;
  • tap-tee;
  • soft hose with a clip from the dropper.
Can I Do An Air Pump For The Aquarium With My Own Hands

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The accumulator of air can be a camera from a ball or a car wheel. One output tee attached to the pump, the second – to the camera, the third – to the tube with a clip. This end is tightly capped. Pre-needle it pierced in several places to release air. air pump for aquarium do it yourself ready to go. In order for the bubbles to come out of the punctured holes under pressure, all connections must be made airtight. Air pump for the aquarium, self-assembled, run in the following sequence:

  • to start the camera is pumped with air;
  • then the tap on the “storage tank” line is closed;
  • include an exit direction;
  • clamp serves as a regulator of air flow into the aquatic environment.

The only drawback of this device is that it needs to be pumped up twice a day.

The whole structure is placed from the outside of the glass, with the exception of the supply hose. It is laid on the bottom and be sure to weight, so as not to pop up. You can attach the bubble with bubbles to the decorative lock or impose large stones. It all depends on what is on the bottom.

Another air pump for aquarium do it yourself

From the cooler for the air pump only take the engine. Its power is well suited for a round aquarium. You need to stock up a little pomp and eccentric. The motor is fixed on the stand, the handwheel is connected with screws to the eccentric, to which, in turn, the pump is fixed. And already further connect the outlet hose with a spraying tip of the bubbles. It is necessary for the best saturation of water with oxygen. Moreover, such a measure will reduce the rate of internal flow.

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Porous stones or a small piece of foam rubber are used as a spray. It is important to take into account the impact of the stone on the state of the composition of the water and make a reliable, tight attachment to the tube from the pump.

Air pump for aquarium do this design works with a minimum level of noise, which is very comfortable at night.