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Aquarium Water Purification

August 26, 2019

Aquarium Water Purification
Aquarium Water Purification

Aquarium Water Purification
Aquarium Water Purification

The aquarium is a kind of small reservoir with its water inhabitants. In order not to disturb the biological balance, it is necessary to use various methods. One of the methods to clean the water in an aquarium is to clean the water in the aquarium. All about how to clean the water in the aquarium, will be discussed below.

Aquarium Filter Device

These filters work either with air flow or with electric pumps. Not many people know that the largest amount of waste is able to handle a filter that functions by means of an air stream.

But there are several "but": this filtering can not dispose of all solid waste and maintain absolute purity of water.

The parameters that need to be paid attention to when buying a filter are the speed and volume of pumped water. But you need to rely on the parameters of your aquarium, such as its volume, amount of waste.

Universal filter – one that allows you to adjust the rate of flow of water. Such filters are used in different aquariums, where fish of different species live.

How to clean the water in the aquarium

External suspension filter (waterfall) – plastic box, in some cases consisting of several sections, which is placed outside. The principle of operation of this filter is simple: water is pumped from the aquarium into the filter, processed there and drained back into the aquarium.

Air lift filter – is a small plastic container that can be in the shape of a cube, cylinder, or pyramid. Principle of action: water passes through a perforated cover into the filter, goes down through the filtering material from top to bottom, then rises along the airlift, going outside. They are convenient in small aquariums for additional filtration.

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The canister filter is usually in the form of a vertical cylinder, with an electric pump at the top. From the aquarium, water goes through plastic tubes and is pumped through the filtering material to the pumps. This filter is suitable for large aquariums.

Sponge filter – one of the most primitive and popular types of filters. Consists of a perforated tube on which cartridges with a sponge are attached. Dirty water is cleaned in the sponge filter and out through the tube.

Types of filter material

Calcium carbonate. It has the properties of increasing water hardness and buffering or increasing acidity. Looks like coral chips and sand or limestone rubble. Can be used as a biological or mechanical filter.

Activated carbon. Used for the disposal of heavy metals dissolved in water and medicines. Principle of operation: unnecessary substances are “fixed” on its surface.

Synthetic threads. It is a cheap and effective filtering material that performs both types of cleaning.

Sponge. It has the form of a cartridge that is attached to certain types of filters. With long use loses elasticity.

Gravel. Any type of gravel is suitable for filtration, with the exception of light, clogged sand. Such a filter can be used indefinitely.


Absolutely in all aquariums use pumps. With its help, the tank is filled with water. In other words, a pump is a pump that pumps water into an aquarium. Many pumps are designed for both freshwater and marine use. Pumps are external and immersed.

Caring for an aquarium depends on the type of filter material. Materials for mechanical water purification should be cleaned constantly. Materials for chemical cleaning need periodic updates. Materials biological filter, usually, only partly to be replaced.