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Aquarium Spray And Everything You Need To Know About It

July 12, 2019

A quality sprayer for an aquarium should be dense enough to produce small bubbles. And its pores should not be too quickly clogged. The most common sprays in the form of short cylinders, made of abrasive materials. But they have excessively large bubbles. Better-quality sprayer for an aquarium of white grinding stone. But both of them are suitable for equipping the absolute majority of even the most low-powered air pumps. They are easy to disguise, putting on the ground and pressing something heavy, for example, a piece of lead.

And the price they have is quite low. Much more efficient dense ceramic sprayers. But only pumps with a pressure of at least 1000–1500 mm of water column can cope with them.
Each self-respecting company in the instructions to the micro-air pump says what pressure it develops. If 1000 or more millimeters – feel free to take a ceramic spray. They cost a little more and are less common on the shelves, but they are able to give out fairly small bubbles.

Long tubular synthetic sprays (made by Hagen, Penn-Plax, and others) are very good. Coloring and form make it easy to disguise them in thickets of plants (they are attached to a smooth surface with suckers), and bubbles can be both small and large, thanks to the air regulator on the hose.
Tubular nebulizers are available in lengths from 20 to 60 centimeters, which means you can choose a nebulizer specifically for your aquarium. A long wall of bubbles creates an active movement of water, even in a very large domestic pond.

Aquarium Spray And Everything You Need To Know About It

Which aquarium sprayer is better?

There are two main types of air spray for an aquarium: from natural material and from artificial. The first ones are made of special porous rocks of stone, which pass a stream of air through themselves, crushing it into many small bubbles that go into the water. These dispensers are the most environmentally friendly, but their disadvantage is the noise that they produce when working. Therefore, most people with aquariums, and especially those with whom they are located in the bedroom, choose the second type of sprayers.

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They are made of soft rubber with holes through which air escapes. Such sprays are much quieter, while they often have the form of long strips that can be laid out along the bottom of the aquarium, ensuring uniform water saturation with gas. This version of the sprayer is also ideal for use in large aquariums designed for large volumes of water.

Although sufficiently powerful and large water pumps designed for large aquariums are produced, experienced breeders suggest using not one but several nozzles located in different parts of the bottom. Although it is not recommended to bury them in the ground, as this accelerates the clogging of the holes in the material, but many still do it to give their aquarium a more aesthetic vernal appearance.

Aquarium Sprayer Design

Sprayers for an aquarium can have the most various form: cylindrical, extended, square, rectangular. You should choose exactly the size and shape that best suits your water volume, and will also fit well into the bottom relief and underwater landscape created in the aquarium.

In addition to the simple, designed only for the performance of its main function, sprayers, there are also special complex in design decorative sprayers for the aquarium. They can be in the form of a variety of things or decor, made of baked clay: treasure chests, old vases, ships, fragments of wood. Inside each such shape, a spray gun is mounted, to which the hose of the water pump is attached.

When they work, it seems that air bubbles come precisely from these objects. When using decorative sprayers, the appearance of the aquarium not only does not suffer, but even acquires a certain identity and individuality, since the choice of a particular figure depends only on the buyer’s imagination.

Aquarium Spray And Everything You Need To Know About It

Another interesting option – sprayers for the backlit aquarium. They are mounted with special LEDs that create a uniform glow or periodic change of colors. They can look like standard versions of sprayers or as decorative ones with one more additional possibility to decorate the aquarium.

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Thanks to such sprays, even at night, your home pond will look unusual and beautiful, and the location of such sprays will give the aquarium individuality and special beauty. With the help of light, you can place accents in the “interior” of the aquarium, attract attention to plants or figures at the bottom, and the whole situation will only emphasize the beauty of the fish living in such an unusual aquarium.