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Aquarium Inlet Pump Secrets Of Choice And Installation

August 2, 2019

The aquarium inlet pump is a special device with which the water in the aquarium is saturated with oxygen. This device has another name – aerator. What features does an air pump have for an aquarium and what are the main rules for choosing this device? We will try to answer these questions in our article further.

So, what is the need for an aquarium inlet pump and is such a device needed in an aquarium? The air pump for the aquarium enables the fish to feel comfortable in the water column, to receive the required amount of oxygen, and also eliminates the risk of the appearance of a bacterial film on the surface of the water.

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Artificial pond, which is the aquarium, be sure to saturate with oxygen. For this purpose, aquarium plants are used, but often they can not give the fish the necessary amount of oxygen. Therefore, aquarium inlet pumps are used. an air pump for an aquarium releases small air bubbles into the water, which rise upwards and promote good mixing of the water in the aquarium. the aquarium inlet pump thus creates an air lift, providing not only effective saturation of the water column

Pump combined with filter and aerator

oxygen, but also contributing to the uniform temperature of the water throughout the aquarium. The air pump for the aquarium also ensures the optimal functioning of water airlift filters, which, in the absence of an air pump, will not work at all. the aquarium inlet pump is an indispensable and important device for ensuring the health and comfort of ornamental fish.

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Types of aquarium water pumps

water pumps for aquarium There are several types: piston or vibration structures, electrical or autonomous (battery-powered), internal (low power) or external (high noise, but high power).

Selection of aquarium water pump

It is necessary to choose an air pump for an aquarium according to the following criteria:

Aquarium Inlet Pump Secrets Of Choice And Installation

Adjustment of the air flow, the ability to change the force and flow rate of air from the water pump, the ability to customize the device according to the type of filter and sprayer.

Water pump capacity. It is determined in accordance with the volume of the aquarium, using the following formula: 0.5 l / h per 1 liter of water in the aquarium. If the capacity of the aquarium is large (100 or more liters), then it is recommended to purchase a water piston pump, low-voltage. It can be connected to the car battery when a power outage.

Quiet noise characteristics are very important when choosing a water pump. Often the aquarium is installed in the bedroom, so the noiselessness of the water pump in it should be maximized. The best option for an aquarium vodushnogo pump will be the air type of the device, whose noise during operation is minimal.

Installation of aquarium water pump

Installing a water pump in the aquarium is necessary according to certain rules. Need to mark

Aquarium Inlet Pump Secrets Of Choice And Installation

Scenic fountain of rising bubbles

the place where the water pump will be located. Perhaps it will be the aquarium itself or the area near it – a table, a lid. The location of the water pump is also different, it can be an area above the water or in the water column (here we are talking about centrifugal pumps capable of performing the function of an aerator (note editor)). Aerator better located near the heater. When heated, the water will immediately mix, thereby creating an optimal microclimate for fish habitat.

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If the air pump in the aquarium when working is very noisy, it should be installed on any soft surface, namely foam rubber or foam. This trick will reduce some noise. It must be remembered that the air pump for the aquarium tends to clog, therefore it requires regular cleaning. If not to carry out cleaning, then the water pump can fail, if the device is heavily polluted, the noise level increases.