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Aquarium Inlet Pump How To Use

August 13, 2019

water pumps for Sonic aquarium (China)

Compact has a great design. Durable membrane ensures a uniform flow of aquarium water.
If you want to locate the water pump below the water level, you need to install a non-return valve between the water pump and the spray gun. This design will prevent the back flow of water from the aquarium to the water pump during a power outage.

Aquarium Inlet Pump How To Use
  • Designed to saturate the water in the aquarium with air.
  • The water pump has an adjustable air supply.
  • Uniform air supply due to durable membrane.
  • Compact has a great design.
  • Reliability and comfort in operation.

water pumps for aquarium TETRAtec (Germany-China)

– strong membrane;
– durable durable case materials;
– nozzle for air release;
– absolutely harmless to people and inhabitants of the aquarium;
– air intake port with air filter;
– anti-vibration rubber supports;
– smooth adjustment of air supply with the help of adjustment faucet, which is included.

water pumps for aquarium AQUAEL (Poland)

The diaphragm water pump is designed for aeration of water in aquariums, as well as for the operation of airlifts and bottom filters (counterfeit). Recommended for aquariums with a large number of fish and fish that do not tolerate oxygen starvation. Can work around the clock.

  • modern design
  • performance adjustment
  • one or two independent air channels
  • energy efficiency
  • easy to maintain
  • powerful
  • quiet and reliable

water pumps for aquarium EHEIM (Germany)

The EHEIM water pump is especially quiet and there is an adjustment on all models. In models with two outlets, you can adjust for both air streams for each outlet. All models are supplied in complete set: branded sprayers, suction cups for mounting these sprayers, hoses. Air spray has its own adjustment. The size and speed of movement of bubbles can be easily adjusted according to your requirements and taste.

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Despite the lack of design excesses (with the exception of perhaps a transparent case), this device will certainly appeal to fans of classical forms, who value equipment not with external gloss, but with reliability. Moreover, the OPTIMAL pump has a number of consumer qualities that distinguish it from others.
First of all, it should be noted almost silent operation, which is theoretically difficult to expect from a vibrating water pump with a maximum capacity of 250 l / h. It is also worth noting the quality regulator, which allows very finely control the intensity of the air flow. A powerful membrane creates pressure sufficient to “pierce” a 2-meter-high column of water or connect an extensive network of air ducts to a single available channel for simultaneously servicing several aquariums.
Existence of the dense filter will protect a spray from dust. There is an eyelet for fixing the water pump on a vertical surface.