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Aquarium Inlet Pump – Give Oxygen To The Fish!

August 6, 2019

To create a comfortable living environment for fish, it is very important to use a water pump for a home aquarium. It helps maintain the ecosystem of the entire capacity and is necessary for a normal life for aquarium dwellers, even plants. How to choose water pumps for an aquarium, what they are, why you need an air pump in an aquarium – in our article.

Why do you need?

Aquarium Inlet Pump - Give Oxygen To The Fish!

What is this device for and how to choose it? Modern aquarium inlet pumps are designed for additional aeration of water in the aquarium. This process is necessary for both large and small containers. Without it, for the aquatic inhabitant life expectancy can be quite short.

Do I need a water pump and filter at once or can I do with some one? There is equipment that performs both of their functions. We recommend installing separate devices. In addition, there are water pumps with the function of mixing layers of water.

Separately, it is worth mentioning one option – a water pump for a round aquarium. It should be chosen taking into account the small size of such tanks. Answer the question whether you need a water pump and filter can be simply – of course needed.

There are different types of air pumps for aquariums. There are many species, but in the domestic aquariums there are only a few basic ones. To say which water pump is better is difficult – everyone has pros and cons.


A silent air pump for an aquarium is an excellent choice. Among all the options, the quietest is an air electric water pump.

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Often aquarists are trying to resolve the issue with the noise by closing the device into the cabinet. So take a long length of air tube. It is better to initially buy a silent aquarium inlet pump. If you buy silent water pumps 1 time, then the seller’s advice will be useful to you.

Air pump

Aquarium Inlet Pump - Give Oxygen To The Fish!

The second type is an air variant of the device – one that compresses the air for supply to the tank. There are others: oxygen, nitrogen, and so on. But with aquariums, it is the air pump that is used.

Battery powered

When there is no access to the mains supply, you can use the device on batteries. There may be 2 or more of them in the device. Such a device has less power.

A device with 2 or more batteries is also purchased in order to provide a backup option in case of a power outage. Equipment on only 2 batteries can save the life of small fish, if you have a handy owner. Faced with 1 time with the death of animals due to a power outage, you definitely do not want to repeat this. And the device and the battery to it can save them.


In industry, not 2, but a significantly larger number of devices by engine type are used. But the houses are electric. They are cheaper and take up 2 times less space than other options. You can meet others in aquariums only when you need a very powerful device.

Choose an electric motor with a power of about 50 watts, making about 900 revolutions per minute. Large performance can reduce the reliability of the entire system.

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Aquarium Inlet Pump - Give Oxygen To The Fish!

It may have 1, 2 or many degrees of compression, with a regulator for control. The air volume decreases when the piston moves in the cylinder.

How to choose a piston water pump and which one, with or without a filter, follow the advice of a consultant.

How to install

Aquarium Inlet Pump - Give Oxygen To The Fish!

With enough skill, it’s not difficult to do everything yourself and even connect two devices in just an hour.

Step-by-step instruction

Installation of the water pump is carried out in 2 main stages.

Here is a guide on how to install a water pump on your own in an aquarium.

  • Secure sprayer first. It is best to place right on the bottom, but you can also on the wall in its lower part. Then, oxygen hoses are connected to the sprayer and discharged through a hole in the tank lid. Do not forget to put a check valve.
  • At step 2 is the installation of the device. It is located outside the tank. At the same time, the water level in it should be lower than the device. If this is not possible, then you need to put a special check valve that will prevent water from getting into it.

Aquarium Inlet Pump - Give Oxygen To The Fish!

Usage tips

Despite the fact that this is a fairly simple device in fact, there are still subtleties and peculiarities in its use.

Here are some tips on how to use such a device.

How to carry out cooling?

If the device is used in compliance with the instructions, then it will not overheat and no time “for rest” will be required. If you notice that the temperature of the device exceeds normal values, it means that it needs repair. A check valve may not have been installed and water entered the system.

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Round-the-clock work or not?

Turning off at night is a common occurrence among fans. About 2 out of 10 aquarists turn off the water pump for the night. But at night, the plants in the tank stop producing oxygen, but continue to emit carbon dioxide. So, if you need to turn off the device, do it during the day, when the oxygen from the plants compensates for the loss, but not at night.

Duration of non-stop work

And how much should the device work without stopping at night or day? It is usually turned off only for maintenance, cleaning and so on. It can work without interruption for 2 days or 10 if it is in good condition. To increase the reliability of the device, put a check valve.

There is no consensus on how necessarily to turn off the device at all. We believe that if problems are not observed, you can not disable it at all. Especially if you have a good cleaning and prevention of possible problems.

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