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Aquarium How To Make A Quiet Air Pump For An Aquarium

August 3, 2019
Aquarium How To Make A Quiet Air Pump For An Aquarium

If the noise of an aquarium vodushnogo pump still hinders you, one of the ways to calm this “lush aquarium machine” is described below, this is the practical experience of one aquarist.

I will talk about how to make a quiet water pump for aeration aquarium. Immediately I say – the result is amazing, so if this is a painful problem for you (especially at night), then this is what you need.

The bottom line is that really quiet water pumps, such that you can sleep, with normal hearing, simply do not exist. Do not believe any advertising. All this is a lie. Just no such. Point. Therefore, there is only one way – to calm what is. Pushing materials into the vibrating plate so that it vibrates less, passes. Yes, it becomes quieter for a while, but at the same time it heats up more and the power drops very significantly, and after a while it starts to buzz so much that nothing helps. Yes, and it is not fireproof.

Accordingly, we must look for other ways. I went through external sound insulation and reducing the shock wave from air impulses.

To compensate for the shock wave, I used a device from a film can for a long time, I made a check valve and a silencer out of it. (Note. You can use the filter from the drip system or simply extending the air hose to 3-5 m., Putting an additional non-return valve).

Aquarium How To Make A Quiet Air Pump For An Aquarium

One end goes to the water pump, the other to the check valve and then to the aquarium. Check valve is a useful thing. This “silencer” is also useful for fish, as it reduces the sound from bubbles inside the aquarium, makes them more uniform afterwards. With it, some inertia of the setting is really added, i.e. you make it stronger, and between the unscrewing of the regulator and the real increase in the flow of bubbles takes 3-5 seconds, at small settings – even more. So when setting up, you have to wait until you “settle down”. However, this of course will not bring us happiness and will not sleep more quietly when the water pump is 2 meters from the ear in a straight line.

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For the main sound barrier we make a box. The box should be all at acoustic interchanges so that sound (as well as vibration) is not transmitted from parts to parts and to the floor or to the nightstand. For acoustic isolation, I used thick porous fabric (in supermarkets, this is sold under the guise of a takni for cleaning floors and for wiping tables). As a result, I used foam polyurethane for the legs. At first there was foam rubber, but as it turned out, it pretty quickly (in a few days) under the mass of pump pumped out and the box is crookedly standing. The lid must be tightly closed, so it is glued inside with a cloth. In the closed state there are only two holes. One for the power cord, the second – for the output hose. Both are not tightly sealed with wire and hose (i.e., holes for the size) and serve as holes for ventilation of the air pump. The box is made of 20mm board, the bottom and the lid are 20mm chipboard. Fastened on screws (small holes are pre-drilled to make it easier to twist). A fabric is laid between all the walls, i.e. ANYWHERE there is no direct contact of the board with the board. Inside
the bottom is lined with foam, as there are not enough native legs of any water pump to dampen the vibration.

The effect is amazing! After closing the lid at full power, you can hear it only if you bend over it at 10-15 cm. Then you can’t catch the sound (you can only hear the bubbles burst in the aquarium). At the same time, the water pump is not heated, all its power is used, it is not necessary to be limited to small water pumps, i.e. This option is suitable for very large aquariums.

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It took about 6 hours for all the agony (with a trip to the market, stress of the mind and calculations).
For this theme of silent water pumps, you can close and open a topic how to make air pump for aquarium do it yourself.

In the preparation of the article used information and photos Artyom Kuchin,

Discuss and add your own options for de-humidifying the water pump on aquarist forum.