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Aquael Aquarium Air Pump

August 9, 2019

Aerator Aquael OXYBOOST 100 Plus successfully combines its own compact size and high performance. The high-tech design of this energy-saving water pump blends harmoniously with the modern interior.

  • For aquarium – up to 100 liters
  • Power – 100 l / h

Air compressor Aquaël OXYBOOST 150 Plus is equipped with a power regulator that allows you to adjust the intensity of the flow of air into the aquarium. The advantages of the aerator are high performance, economical energy consumption and stylish design.

Aquael Aquarium Air Pump
  • For an aquarium – 100-150 l
  • Capacity – up to 150 l / h

The two-channel water pump Aquaël OXYBOOST 200 Plus performs aeration of the aquarium, creating two streams of air, for each of which the delivery volume is 100 l / h. The aerator unites in itself all advantages of the aquarian equipment from Aquael: laconicism, reliability and reasonableness of a design, and also an economical expense of the electric power.

  • For the aquarium – 150-200 l
  • Power – 200 l / h

The two-channel water pump Aquael OXYBOOST 300 Plus is equipped with the function of adjusting the intensity of the flow of air. In this case, the adjustment of the feed volume for each channel can be made independently. The aerator is characterized by traditional reliability and well-thought design of the Aquael, as well as modern energy efficiency.

Aquael Aquarium Air Pump
  • For aquarium – 200-300 l
  • Power – 300 l / h

The Aquael OXYPRO 150 is an efficient and practically silent water pump with a smoothly controlled capacity. It is able to deliver air to a depth of 2 m and is distinguished by an original futuristic design, perfectly fitting into the interior of modern premises.

  • For an aquarium – 20-150 l
  • Power – 150 l / h
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water pumps for aquarium – the actual component of this artificial coal of nature. Aeration, those. saturation of aquarium water with oxygen allows fish and plants in the aquarium to breathe freely. Although green plants produce oxygen in the dark, they are its main consumer. And the absence aquarium water pump can be fatal to your pets. As the classic said, "I breathe – it means I live!".

Aeration, among other things, it causes mixing of water layers with the help of air bubbles, helps to equalize the temperature in the aquarium at all its levels, and especially if the water is artificially heated, eliminates sudden changes in water temperature, both horizontally and vertically.
Besides, water circulation, created by a powerful air flow, imitates certain environmental conditions that are necessary for various types of aquarium fish.

Water aeration aquarium increases soil flowability, provides the necessary conditions for the normal functioning of soil bacteria, which prevents the accumulation and decay of organic residues and thus the formation of gases such harmful to fish as ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulfide.